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City combats mold in firehouse kitchen

September 26, 2013

The heavy rains from this past summer are gone and just a memory, but the city is still trying to repair the damage they left behin....

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Sep-27-13 11:00 AM

BeRight, that's certainly a possibility, but don't give up the ship yet. My experience with the City Administration is more like BOHICA.

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Sep-27-13 9:23 AM

How about FUBAR?

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Sep-26-13 8:28 PM

Sorry to disappoint you Devil's Advocate and BeRight. No hit and run here, I just have a life.

There were three separate jobs regarding repair work due to the negligence of Bruxton Roofing. Each job requires a separate bid. There needs to be more than one bid to ensure there is no favoritism.

You liken me to Jane Fonda ( assume Hanoi Jane), who's a wonderful actress, but I can't act. And then you liken me to President Obama and bill & Hilary Clinton. Thank you so much, but I'm humble enough to realize I can never hold a candle to them. Trying to insult me? I take the comparisons as a compliment.

Again SNAFU.

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Sep-26-13 8:03 PM

Attacking their military credentials. What are yours? You can have political dissent because of party differences, philosophies, upbringing, social issues, etc. but to attack character like that because you dislike them. I liken you to the wonderful Jane Fonda, Obama, Bill & Hillary. Absolute resentment for those military members that sacrifice because your ilk has no idea of the definition. You continue to claim lots of damage by these guys, yet my friends who have friends say this mayor & his 'whim' appointments are a breath of fresh air & actually do what they say they are doing. Integrity comes to mind. So does honor, principles & morals. Their Marine ethos, I'll accept that from them, b/c it's obvious you won't.

I need to go to the Townhouse now.

@BeRight is right about you.

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Sep-26-13 7:15 PM

I don't know anything about ethics, maybe you can share some with us. As to commitment the company has to the City.. If I were a business, I have all the commitment in the world to my client b/c they don't have to pay me, they can surrender my bond, ruin my reputation, take me to court, etc.etc. Again, your baseless and ignorant. Expertise, you tried that in another article about the roof company, so I went to their website. I cut/pasted their credentials back then. Newsflash, that out of town company can runs circles around many roofing firms. Educate yourself again: buxtonroofing . com Go there if you can read, but more importantly comprehend.

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Sep-26-13 7:14 PM

Devils: you won't hear back from Tess. Tess is hit and run.

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Sep-26-13 7:06 PM

Wow Tess! Where to start? In Marietta, council has everything to do with it! They approve/deny everything. Since you offered your ill informed opinion, I will offer mine. A project is approved by council. Bids go out, bids come in. Bids are evaluated by the law office and engineer with a recommendation to to council to approve or not approve. The rest is history. Where are the abuses by the Mayor, or his whim directors?

Next, you even say the rain was a problem. Tell us wise one which company could have done better? You mention being cheap. The Times reported that Promanco was the cheap bid. So what is your point again about the administration? Oh, you don't have one!

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Sep-26-13 5:59 PM

They need to turn the place into a mushroom farm turn it into a win

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Sep-26-13 9:12 AM

We've all heard the terms SNAFU and Cluster, and some of us know they're military terms. Who are the city officials making such poor decisions? They are former Marines who take take great pride in that, but they are a disgrace to their fellow Marines. They are an administration who are adversarial in their approach to challenges the city faces, declaring war on those they disagree with, instead of trying to work together for the good of the citizens of Marietta. Sadly for us, they can't "dazzle us with brilliance, so instead they try to baffle us with bullsh*t" Except we're much smarter than they give us credit for. People keep calling for the ouster of City Council when instead they should be using a critical eye to put the Mayor and his appointees under the microscope, to see exactly what damage they are causing the city. I refer to the safety/service director, development director, and a few other serving at the whim of the Mayor.

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Sep-26-13 8:59 AM

McCabe, what in the world does Council have to do with the mold problem? Did they make the rain? Did they cause the mold? Did they choose the winning bidder to complete the work? No, they did not.

Years ago small city governments made the decision to contract out maintenance, paving, construction, electrical etc. jobs, they lost the ability to control the process. Some jobs have to be contracted out, but maybe this will be a lesson to the City Administration, i.e. Safety Service Director and Mayor that bids should not only be considered for the bottom dollar, but also for the quality of work, professional ethics, and the commitment the company has to the city. Choosing a company that supposedly had the expertise to properly do the roof seems to have fallen on its face.


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Sep-26-13 8:29 AM

I hope some elected officials learn a hard lesson from this fiasco. The roofing company is a joke.

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Sep-26-13 7:17 AM

Give council some buckets, rubber gloves and sponges. the least they can do is learn from their mistakes .

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