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Frontier levy

School district faces big changes if issue fails

October 3, 2013

The specific effects on the Frontier Local school district if the five-year, 9.19-mill emergency levy on the Nov. 5 ballot is rejected by voters have not been determined....

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Oct-07-13 1:48 PM

The comments here sound like I am reading something in the Warren Local district. Go ahead, vote "NO". Elections do have consequences. Just wait until you try to sell your house. Younger people buy homes to live in, Older folks usually sell them so they will have cash to live somewhere else. You do the figuring.

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Oct-03-13 11:41 PM

I will NOT be VOTEING for the LEVY either. Our kid's are grown and grandkid is going to Marietta. My husband had to retire for medical reasons and I am 65 and have to work like a (HORSE). There's just not enough MONEY to live on let alone pay MORE TAXES so they all can keep living above THEIR MEANS. NO NEW TAXS you people think money grows on TREES. Time to CUT BACK or just CLOSE Frontier down like we did our GOVERNMENT***STOP OVER SPENDING NOW!

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Oct-03-13 5:59 PM

I don't live in Frontier District (thank goodness), but if I did, there is no way in he!! I'd vote for a levy of that size! Whew!!

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Oct-03-13 12:01 PM

Tired taxpayer is correct re: the unions and their raging sense of entitlement, but if this levy does not pass the blame should go to the current Borad of Education and not the unions.

4 years ago while sitting on the biggest cash reseve in history they lied and said they were broke. They said they couldnt afford art or music and could afford no better than 30 year old text books. They handed the unions a big raise, then insisted an elementary school be closed and lied over and over again about how expensive it was to operate.

Young familes bewildered with the ongoing mess and accepting their claim of poverty took their kids and left further reducing enrollment and damaging the finances.

Now after creating this crisis they ask the taxpayer to bail them all out ?!?!?!?!

A vote against this levy should probably not be intrepreted as a vote against Frontier but but rather a vote against the current BOE.

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Oct-03-13 9:31 AM

At the ballot box, what they should do is let each voter write in the amount of millage they support; from 0 to whatever maximum is being requested....when voting is over, average the results, and that's the millage amount they get....but this idea makes too much sense and could never be used in government.

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Oct-03-13 8:50 AM

Why do we never look at the unions in the district to save money? I want to see how much is spent just on substitutes because of the number of days off teachers get. You would be absolutely amazed at the amount. And, the benefits for non-teaching employees are ridiculous for working part-time. I will not vote for this levy or any levy until the unions are more in line with the working taxpayers that pay their wages!

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Oct-03-13 8:02 AM

9.19 mils... Seriously? Not very many property owners are going to go for this. When renters figure out that their rent will go up $50 a month or so if this passes,they won't be voting for this either. Frontier would be better off investing their general fund in lottery tickets.

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