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CLOSED: Blame the shutdown

October 4, 2013

When Williamstown resident Becky Gallaher looks across Waverly Road at the Ohio River Islands Wildlife Refuge, she can tell something is different....

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Oct-07-13 7:41 PM

Well said valveguy...

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Oct-07-13 6:31 PM

Funny thing about this shutdown, the 47% don’t even know it and if they do, it won’t affect them or their vote. They are still getting their checks and their Obama phones still work. All the gov’t worker affected will get their back pay. But others will remember that this president closed an Ocean, a boat ramp, open air war memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and other things that the Gov’t spent more money “closing” then they would normally spent having it open.


And these people are running your country.

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Oct-07-13 6:12 PM

Relax atlas2025, The Republicans passed a bill guaranteeing that all Gov’t workers will get all their back pay.

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Oct-07-13 5:47 PM

Atlas. You have it backwards. Obummer started bypassing the republicans to get his way. Check the facts of what he did his first few weeks in office. Now he blames republicans. I cannot believe you sheep are so gullible !!!

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Oct-07-13 2:11 PM

Really? What about the party that wants little government intervention in people's lives unless it has anything to do with laws that reflect Christian doctrine then they are all for it?

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Oct-07-13 10:27 AM

Try telling that to the people left without income until this over with. Thankfully the Pentagon is recalling 350.000 workers.

The right has made a hobby out of hating the government.

Thankfully this mess is looking to be upsetting Republican donors.

There may be some big big changes in store for the GOP next year.

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Oct-07-13 9:26 AM

Only 17% of the government is "shut down". Your dear leader is a farce.

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Oct-07-13 9:25 AM

Said a senior administration (White House) official: "We are winning...It doesn't really matter to us" how long the shutdown lasts "because what matters is the end result."

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Oct-07-13 8:51 AM

" We logical and intelligent citizens will continue standing up for what's right."

The manner in which you are standing up is making you guys look bad.

You are making yourselves unelectable.

Democrats share the blame for the current state of our government too. But the right is getting exactly what it has wanted for awhile now.

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Oct-07-13 8:47 AM

I have no idea why that site is running and the Amber Alert on isn't.

Weather dot gov is up and running though.

The Lets Move website has not had any activity on since 9/30.

Just because its still up doesn't mean anyone is running it.

The Amber Alert one should be up.

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Oct-07-13 8:41 AM

The problem with compromising with Republicans is that you give them an inch they'll take a mile.

As far as Nancy Pelosi. I just dont care about her one way or the other.

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Oct-07-13 8:39 AM

Obama ordered the Amber Alert website to be shut down, but leaves Mooch's "Let's Move" website up and running. If that doesn't prove that President Stompy-Foot is trying to "make it hurt", I don't know what does. He is an arrogant, petulant, narcissistic, and a disgrace to the office he holds. You sheep keep believing what you are told. We logical and intelligent citizens will continue standing up for what's right.

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Oct-07-13 8:32 AM

You are right. The Tea Party isn't listed on any ballot and isn't technically open to being voted for.

But what you fail to realise is that the Tea Party forced itself into the political system.

Those aligned with the movement set a precedent that if you did not do as the Tea Party said you would be voted out. Those who weren't aligned with the movement but did so later on and those who came into office because they from the start aligned themselves with the Tea Party by association are the elected officials of that movement.

For quite a few areas in this country. Being a card carrying member of the Tea Party became a qualification to be considered for voting for.

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Oct-07-13 7:33 AM

atlas2025: you must not vote: LTS pointed this out earlier: Tea Party is not listed on any bsllot ticket. Rebublicans, Democrate and mayber indendantss. You are watching to much MSNBC

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Oct-07-13 7:30 AM

atlas2025: why don't you do a google search find when the last time the Democrats lead by Pelosi compromised with the Republicans.

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Oct-07-13 7:15 AM

Yes Obama care is not that great. But there are far better ways of making your arguments than flailing around and making a fool of yourself and this nation.

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Oct-07-13 7:13 AM

The Tea Party/GOP wants very little to no government(unless it concerns forcing religious doctrine onto others).

Well they got what they wanted.

Now that it is making them look bad they are crying foul and trying to shift blame elsewhere.

Only a hypocrite would complain when someone takes up the same position you have been holding and gives you a taste of your own medicine.

And that would an uncompromising position to which I refer.

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Oct-07-13 7:08 AM

First and foremost. The Republican agenda since day one of Obama's presidency has been to not compromise on anything.

Secondly that policy can be seen in how they set about to make Obama a one term president. That worked out well didn't it.

And since that happened they have been acting like a bunch of little kids that have been denied a toy that their heart desires.

So why should Obama and Democrats negotiate with them.

They aren't coming to the table like a party that is willing to negotiate.

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Oct-07-13 1:07 AM

OK.... OK???

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Oct-07-13 1:07 AM

It would probably be nice living in a land of ignorant bliss where all you did was listen to the whining president get on TV and slam the Republicans for being obstructionists without checking the facts that the repubs are listening to their citizens and are trying to do what they think is right for the country like KEEPING THE DEBT DOWN. They also have only submitted countless alternate proposals and the dems are not even showing up for work to ponder them. No, just set back and listen to a bunch of stupid accusations and try to think how great it would be if everything was free and the debt limit was endless if only the dems could get all the people that supposedly are in aggreement with their party and stop those repubs cause they are out for the rich and themselves.Not one of the repubs voted for the ACA because the medical community was NOT for it, but that dont matter. They are anti liberals also.If only people would just agree with those liberals and hate repubs, all would be O

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Oct-06-13 4:47 PM

Oh yeah- lets raise the debt limit so we green light increased Gov't spending.

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Oct-06-13 4:44 PM

BTW: the only people getting affected by the shutdown are the people who the president and his administration decided would be affected. All the Gov’t employees are getting retroactive paychecks so they are not out any cash. But the Ocean, boat ramps and the WW2 open-air memorial are still closes. The biggest hole in the world, the Grand Canyon closed by the Gov’t. So thanks to the Obama administration, the people who rely on tourist dollars are suffering. Closing the Grand Canyon, how petty. BYW: how do you acutally close the Grand Canyon? Do you put up a big curtain so no one can see it? LOL

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Oct-06-13 4:36 PM

Well, there you go again. No one every paid attention to Bachmann but now she is quotable? LOL

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Oct-06-13 3:46 PM

Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R) Minnesota – referring to the Government shutdown…. “It’s exactly what we wanted and we got it.”

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Oct-06-13 1:08 PM

This is too much for me.although I am fed up by both parties here, it was the republicans who insisted on the government closing , having the slim down, or just plain ole shutdown. But now they are not happy, everyone does not see it their way, and they are also surprised that things have actually been shut down. I guess they thought it would be business as usual. The fact that it hasn't turned out like that has to be a revenge move by the president. Get over yourself, and earn your pay. It's just a big power play, like who's stronger. It is our country and our government, not a bunch of whiny school kids pouting because healthcare they don't like is actually the law. I can think of ten laws, I don't like, but just because I don't like them I still have to follow them.

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