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Chamber gets to Meet the Candidates

October 5, 2013

A 6- by 11-inch card of information was enough to arouse some discord at the Marietta Chamber of Commerce Meet the Candidates luncheon at the Marietta County Club Friday....

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Oct-06-13 12:25 PM

I do not know if this is accurate, but someone told me that the small pay raise had to do with insurance issues, i.e., that in order to be eligible for health insurance, there has to be a minimum pay rate, which is what council voted themselves (the minimum pay rate). As I said, this may not be accurate. However, if it is accurate, then this is not a big deal. If someone wants to have the discussion about whether or not we should be providing health insurance along with the job, that's another discussion entirely. But to increase the pay in order to do what has always been done for Democrats and Republicans alike over the years does not seem controversial or noteworthy to me.

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Oct-06-13 9:53 AM

Mr. Homer, early voting began Oct.1, and continues through Nov.4.

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Oct-06-13 9:46 AM

Golden Chambers? Give me a break! It's more like a multipurpose space that allows members of the public to witness and participate in council's work.

As for the salary of council members: If the councilman/woman is doing the job right, say averaging 25 hours a week, the pay comes to a little more than $5 an hour. There sure are lots of people willing to criticize the current council! If your ideas are so wonderful, then why don't you run for council? You will lose, because you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

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Oct-06-13 4:46 AM

seriously folks...this article says there are only 3 days of early that true????

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Oct-06-13 1:18 AM

We need people that care about Marietta . Not giving themselves raises , Golden chambers and things that benefit themselves and restricting property owners and growth . Even if newly elected council members were added to council they should try to over turn the raise and golden chambers but I bet it would'nt work because they would be out voted showing their true face but at least we would know the next time around and vote the rest out . Marietta wake up ! Council is supposed to work for you and you only instead they choose to tell us what is good for us with disregrad to majority the public of opinion which they have shown through out their last term. Wasteful spending , raises , golden chambers , two boats , intersection that isn't broke and poor management on constuction skills and on and on etc. Vote out who you can now and hope next round you can get rid of the rest. We need the room to grow not be suppressed .

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Oct-05-13 7:30 PM

There is never a dull moment in Marietta political races is there?

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Oct-05-13 4:54 PM

There are only 3 days of early voting ?????

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Oct-05-13 4:25 PM

The current School Board President and Karen Burton have absolute integrity, they appreciate and understand teachers and they care about a professional approach to the Board process. Lehman does not fit this mold.

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Oct-05-13 3:15 PM

It sounds to me like some of the candidates may have been infected by their respective "party boss". I know Vuk was infected many decades ago, but not totally sure about the others. Time will tell. There is no cure.

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Oct-05-13 10:12 AM

Tom, you already had decided to run for office before that vote came up even if you had not already filed because you told me so. And good stewards of our money? Oh puleeze!!!!

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