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Who gets blamed for Ormet?

Cera, Gentile finger Kasich; governor’s office says W.Va. failed to help Ohio

October 10, 2013

HANNIBAL — Legislators Lou Gentile and Jack Cera blame Ohio Gov....

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Oct-10-13 5:59 AM

Lets see, two democrats blaming one republican. Yep, that's the way of the day. Has anyone blamed and pointed fingers at lets How long have we been paying Ormet's and several other companies electric bills? Ormet has been getting reduced rate electric for quiet a while now, did that run out? Why hasn't Ormet's management come up with an alternate plan, one that doesn't milk money from tax payers. If a company can't stand on it's own, it does not deserve to be in business.

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Oct-10-13 7:14 AM

Come on man..your electric bill raising? Yea it was gonna raise $3-$5. I would pay twice that to keep people working.your bill will raise way more than that now...just watch and see

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Oct-10-13 7:22 AM

AEP customers have to pay a little extra to subsidize a lower electricity rate for Ormet and keep close to a thousand people working OR AEP raises the rates on their customers to make up for the loss of Ormet's business and a thousand people lose their jobs. Thank's alot PUCO...

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Oct-10-13 7:54 AM

For some reason people can't see that goodsense..can only think about their self

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Oct-10-13 8:07 AM

Come on man, who said anything about electric bills rising? This whole article is about who gets the blame and they are definitely trying to make it political. Seems kind of strange 2 democrats are blaming our republican governor.

All my comment said was why not blame management and if a company can not stand on it's own, it does not deserve to be in business. How many are employed does not matter. If you want to live in a communist society, fine. Then lets have all state owned business and none go out of business. Sounds good huh, but I'll bet you won't like what goes along with it!

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Oct-10-13 8:29 AM

Patriot, the mindset you speak of only cares about one thing...FREE STUFF. They don't realize that nothing is truly free.

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Oct-10-13 9:03 AM

It sounds to me like AEP is crying over an aditional $5 or so per MW (And I don't know how many MW they use, I'm assuming it is in the millions range) but because they wouldn't agree to that 1,000 people are out of work and a tax base is decimated and they will have to raise rates? Sounds like a solution could have been reached, like why not raise prices on consumers to make up the 5 bucks instead of losing 50? And so on. Sound like Kasich tried and I have seen him kill jobs and throw money out of the state, but this appeals to his sensibilities so it was ok. Good luck to an already economically depressed area.

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Oct-10-13 9:32 AM

look at the bigger picture...the ultimate reason for rising utilities is our numb nut President's war on fossil fuels.

Maybe the people who used to work at AMP, who used to work at Beverly, who will soon used to work at Ormet, who wouldve worked at the new coal fired electric plant in Vinton County, and who wouldve worked on the Keystone Pipeline will finally wise up.

STOP VOTING for these liberal fools!!!! They consider you no more than useful idiots and continually sacrifice your interests to the radical environmentalist !!

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Oct-10-13 9:57 AM

It seems pretty simple. Obama's war on coal is and will greatly increase power rates. Democrats are simply using misdirection again. How did we elect this person who is destroying our country?

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Oct-10-13 10:19 AM

This is a tragedy for the employees, but the whole electric subsidy thing is wacky. Every manufacturer complains about the high cost of power, water, sewer, etc. Why are we choosing to subsidize Ormet over others? I just don't understand the logic. If Solvay or Kraton has a bad year should we add fees to our electric bill to help them? Where does it end?

The price offered was only $5 more than they asked....this has a lot more to do with the glut of aluminum on the market than the price of electricity.

I sure hope there is a way to reopen the plant where they can stand on their own long term.

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Oct-10-13 10:40 AM

I have written about this before but here it is again: There have been numerous gas generation plants based on combined cycle technology recently built in this area. Think Beverly. Ormet management was running that company on short term plans and not thinking long term. If you operate a plant of that nature and do not have direct control of your largest costs what exactly, what exactly is management being paid for? Fracked Gas represents Ormet’s biggest opportunity to get their costs line and finally become competitive in the open market again. The State should be working with Ormet to find a long term solution, not shaking down the PUCO and AEP for give-away electric bills. I do not want to pay a higher electric bill to subsidize Ormet, I don’t care how many people they employ. What would be people reaction to higher bills if where Elchem/

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Oct-10-13 10:53 AM

before pointing fingers should we not have a better overall view of the business? money to invest in its own power plant by 2015 but cannt carry on daily prduction? would you buy shares in any company with a management story like ormets?

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Oct-10-13 12:28 PM

OK.. Here is who gets blamed for the FAILURE of ORMET. The price of Aluminum.... The market is in the dumpster. I would not buy shares in ANY aluminum stock right now because of that. YES Ohio AEP customers are all paying I think $2 more a month to subsidize Ormet. Tanckuck or whatever his name is needs to shut his big mouth and lay off AEP. Can someone like you or me get a subsidy if we cannot pay our elect bill. No we have to apply for the Neighbor to Neighbor program subsidized by AEP for assistance. No discounts for us. And yes. Where are the WV senators ??? When over half of the Ormet employees are from WV????? This whole article and Tamchuk is ridiculous. He is acting like Obama and blaming everyone but himself !!!

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Oct-10-13 12:29 PM


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Oct-10-13 12:34 PM

I got news for ya.. They aint gonna do any better producing their own electricity cause they still gonna have to buy the gas to run it and pay people to operate and maintain it. !!!Unless the price of aluminum goes up - a lot!!!Or unles Tanchuk can figger out a was to steal gas !!!Like he has electricity !!!

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Oct-10-13 12:35 PM

figger out way to steal gas

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Oct-10-13 1:25 PM

It's a war on pollution....not coal. Companies choose not to put in updated technology in order to burn coal. It's called greed. Maybe Baine Capital and ole Mitt can buy those companies who are struggling and move them overseas. War on coal??? Get a clue....

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Oct-10-13 1:39 PM

if you drive south on rt7 you will see gas wells that's ormets and the power plant was going to be bult their but why build a plant if you cant use it in till 2018 and aep will raise every ones electric bill you don't think they are going to lay any one off

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Oct-10-13 2:06 PM

I am all for cleaner air but honestly what good does it do to have a "war on coal" hurt people in the process due to higher utility bills in a sluggish economy when Germany and other countries around the world are opening up new coal powered electric plants because after the ***ishima disaster everyone is scared of nuclear power.

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Oct-10-13 5:21 PM

How many power plants has AEP had to shut down do to new federal regulations? How many companies cannot meet their bills now? Ormet consumes mounds of electricity daily. AEP Ohio residential customer rates have gone up 62% in the last 5 years because we are always having to pay for them subsidizing companies and the new federal regulations. I don't like that people are out of work but residential customers can only take so much. Companies need to consider looking into alternative sources long before it becomes a problem - like back when aluminum rates were up, the company was stable and profitable and they were still asking the electric company to lower their rates.

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Oct-10-13 9:15 PM

ea333555 and Briam - Prez Obama said you could build a new coal plant but it would break the company that built it. You need to do some research. 1000 AEP, 1000 Duke, 10000 First Energy people are losing their jobs due to closing old plants that it no longer makes sense to update with newer pollution control equipment. Those jobs will be GONE.!! Not laid off.... GONE...ALL of the power companies have installed NEW equipment on their newer plants in the last 10 years, Duke, First Energy etc. The US EPA keeps raising the bar on coal plant emissions and they will soon be raised so far no companies will be able to burn coal. Only gas, hydro and nukes. But don't take my word for it, look it up...

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Oct-10-13 9:25 PM

ea you wanna slam Mitt, why don't you ask yourself why messiahObama aint bailing the out ???

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Oct-11-13 2:47 AM

It's simple who gets blamed. Sensible folks know it'll never be the upper or middle redundant management positions who are overpaid. If you weed those out of many corporations, companies, business and etc. it's surprising how much money would be saved and how many workers would still be able to pay their taxes and contribute to the overall welfare of our country because they are actually producing something. DUH!

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Oct-11-13 6:41 AM

So, has the Obama crowd finally realized that it was not George Bush's fault? My money says they still want to do that.

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Oct-11-13 9:43 AM

@thegreek- LOL...Like the bailout helped anything. It put more money in the CEO's pockets. AND, companies can burn coal and make a profit.....just not big enough profit to cover their grossly embellished CEO salaries. It's all about greed in this country whether you can admit it or not. I'm certainly not defending everything Obama has or is doing but to say he is the cause of companies closing is a fraudulent statement. It is a good excuse for companies to go elsewhere and make more profit. It is a way bigger picture than for someone to blame one person. I've done my research but obviously there are some who still believe the all the propaganda.

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