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Guidelines will curb drug abuse

October 17, 2013

Those who prescribe medication are being urged to use a new set of guidelines adopted in Ohio last week in order to help curb prescription drug abuse in the state....

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Oct-20-13 12:44 PM

dragon50 - sorry to hear about your chronic pain. I have a person in my family who also suffers from chronic pain. So I know what you are going through.

And your right, these people will find other ways to destroy their lives or kill themselves with other drugs.

I think the govt. needs to say the H out of the doctors offices. These govt. numbskulls interfering with a doctors right to practice medicine is ridiculous! Their silly little laws only make it harder for people who need these pain killers to get them.

Like Lizard said, "Get the govt. out of our lives"

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Oct-18-13 3:23 PM

Sorry...I just looked it up. It is Suboxone.

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Oct-18-13 3:21 PM

@NAABTOrg: Is that anything to do with Suboxone? I know a few people that it has done wonders for.

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Oct-18-13 11:07 AM

Get help for ****** and painkiller addictions in a doctor’s office with the prescription medication buprenorphine. Go to TreatmentMatch, a nonprofit organization providing a free and confidential way to find certified doctors who can help. Learn more about bupe at naabt

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Oct-18-13 10:49 AM

This is what upsets me, just because there are people overdosing on pills, its just not pills, they also already have an addiction on heroion,or meth. For people in my situation I have severe chronic pain and other health problems where I need stronger medication. Now the government steps in and makes it harder for me to get medicine. I wish there was some way to prove how much pain I have. There is but I can not put it on here. So now when I call to get my medication they treat me like a dope addict, excuse me I am not I just can't hardly do anything because of the pain. Stop making everybody that really needs the medication feel like they are doing something wrong.This is so disrespectful to people like me who need these meds to at least be able to get out of bed and be able to do something in the house that needs to be done. If I get one thing accomplished in a day, then I have done something.

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Oct-18-13 10:32 AM

I'm not sure if you are right or not. The tool is already in place to be used by doctors and pharmacists. It could cut down on people doctor shopping and maybe eliminate some addiction. But you are correct on one thing; they aren't going to stop it. It becomes a larger problem each day.

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Oct-18-13 7:05 AM

It seems like the more tax payer money spent and programs that are developed to cut down on drug use and drug abuse, the greater the problem becomes. Has anyone ever thought that maybe we should just stop all of it and see what happens? There may actually be a decrease in drug use and abuse. Get the govt out of it. It should be up to the families and churches to deal with these things. The Constitution never said we should be telling people what they should and shouldn't put into their bodies. How many people are there on govt welfare and disability who shouldn't be on it who get FREE drugs all the time? This is a BIG part of the problem. Get the govt out of our lives and the problems will go down a lot.

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