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Revitalization district debate

October 19, 2013

Business was booming at The Original Pizza Place Wednesday as lunchtime patrons lined up for a salad, sandwich or slice of pepperoni pizza....

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Oct-22-13 4:51 PM

Tess's kind of a grouch ain't she!? So, do you just hate kids mostly Tess or is it they just bug you when your eating? As for knowing how a place will beat the system, well just keep showing how little you know about the revitalization thing and how to run business in general. I see you know very little about it and disliking kids to boot. Shame on you.

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Oct-21-13 1:21 PM

Buy a cheap liquor license for your new restaurant. Serve "complimentary" beer, wine, etc to patrons who eat food. Of course the price of the alcohol (owners cost) will inflate the price of the food (customers cost). It's easy to meet the requirements of at least 75% of the income from the sales of food.

There are some very good restaurants. The Buckley House & Austyn's are Marietta's examples of "fine dining", at least as fine as one can get in the Valley. I wish people would leave their children at home when they visit these restaurants or at the very least, teach them manners. If you must take them to these restaurants, how about taking them for lunch?

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Oct-21-13 8:37 AM

I don't know what's worse, Chen thinking his liquor license will be "devalued" or that Austyn's food is the best in town. Stupid quotes of the day.

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Oct-19-13 8:15 PM

Let everyone sell a drink or two. Maybe some of the empty building will have a chance.

We need more restaurants, more liquor, more antique shops; more used clothing shops; let them all sell booze.

Bring in a shoe shop, serve a beer. Sip a glass of wine while getting your hair done. How about shots as they trim your nails? Buy a bead get a buzz. How about a hat shop with a nice foamy head?

How about permitting the hot dig wagon to do a beer. Dogs steamed in beer...grrreat.

But no alcohol sales at Mickey D's, please.


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Oct-19-13 7:20 PM

DevAd - spot on 100%. Chen paid more than the state sells them for making the licenses like purchasing stock. The State never intended that and the business decision at that time should be no excuse to inhibit competition. FWIW - The Buckley House has the best food in town. And Ms. Damron should know that the facts are being skewed if she thinks this is about "bar traffic". Just not true.

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Oct-19-13 11:52 AM

So is saying "no" to today's opportunity. Vote "yes" & enable this town to expand in choice by individuals willing to lay their money on the line.

Don't stifle competition by picking winners & losers.

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Oct-19-13 11:51 AM

We know HN & MM are picking winners. Will TV, ST, RK, MMc, & DA pick winner/losers, or will they capitalism & business savvy take root?

Other thoughts: Mr. Chen says he paid $50G for his license. So what that means if you recall that he wasn't able to obtain one of the original 8 or 9 licenses available to Marietta, OH. Mr. Noland, Anderson, & Lehman also bought theirs off the open market. Their choice!!! Some group of individuals at some time voted to allow out of town licenses to be purchased & brought into Marietta. Members of council remember that. Also, to all those men who brought in a license, imagine if you couldn't. You would be bust or not even in existence.

IMO, if you gents don't want these, & council votes this down, then they need to pass an ordinance that only allows the original 8/9 licenses in town. Force anyone that brought one to town to sell or close.

Foolish sounding isn't it? Con't.....

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Oct-19-13 11:44 AM

Damron said: "The city doesn't need more liquor licenses. We have enough liquor establishments here. What restaurant up & down Front Street doesn't already have a liquor license?" Bingo! WTG genius, TOPP is located on 2nd. Twenty-five years ago TOPP sold drafts in the mall before the big renovation. He wants to do the same here.

Damron also said, "When I open up in the mornings I have to clean up all kinds of trash & broken bottles from in front & all around my store." Well guess what, first & foremost these licenses will require the eatery to be a restaurant, not a bar. They will be selling draft & a select few bottles. To qualify for a liquor permit state law requires eateries to obtain at least 75% through food sales. Myself, I like to frequent eateries where I can have a beer/wine with my meal.

Next, council how dare you be the judge by picking winners & losers. We know HN & MM are picking winners. Will TV, ST, RK, MMc, & DA p

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Oct-19-13 9:55 AM

I also do not know one person who comes out of a restaurant after a fine meal and raves about the alcohol that they had with their food. I know many people who would not go to a restaurant if they could not have glass of wine or a beer before dinner. If the food and service are bad it does not matter about the alcohol. If we had more choices in town the dogs of the restaurant business in town would have to step it up. We all know who they are. People are confusion this revitalization with opening up more bars. I see it as opening up more restaurants. God knows we don’t need another Locker Room or Four Seasons. I would not drive to Parkersburg for a bar but I would for a good place to eat.

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Oct-19-13 8:35 AM

Why do you think alot of people in Marietta go to Parkersburg or Veinna to eat .

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Oct-19-13 8:31 AM

Here we go again some on council wants to pick and choose there competition. Not good for business or growth more sales more tax revenew. Council need to look at this way Rich has it right everyone has differrent taste buds when it comes to food and will eat where they think the (food is best) with or with out a beer wine etc. I don't know anyone that says hey lets go to Original pizza and get pizza and then change their mind and say well maybe not they don't sell beer. The only way I can see that happening is if the food is equally as good. If I like good pizza and a beer thats where I will go. Not bad pizza and a beer to wash the bad pizza taste out of my mouth and that goes for most people they go where (they like the food best ). Defferent taste for defferent people. The more selection you have more the more atractive it becomes as a place to go eat.

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Oct-19-13 6:48 AM

The Times should have checked with Lehman on this one...oops. Maybe he was away planning his School Board effort. Somehow the humor stops when considering him into our schools.

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