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Zombies walk amongst us

The ‘undead’ invade Harmar Village Sunday

October 21, 2013

Crowds of the “undead” invaded Marietta’s historic Harmar Village Sunday evening during the Harmar Bridge Company’s fifth annual Zombie Walk....

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Oct-21-13 6:05 AM

What happened? Did Walmart have to close down?

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Oct-21-13 6:50 AM

I thought they were going to put on costumes.

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Oct-21-13 11:24 AM

I want to thank the organizers who decided that the music in Harmar had to be loud enough to keep the kids in other neighborhoods in town awake on a school night. I guess the Zombies lack common sense………….and don’t get on me about being a spoil sport. I called the police last night to find out where the loud music was coming from and they said that their phones was ringing of the hook with people complaining and trying to go to bed early on a school and work night.

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Oct-21-13 11:53 AM

OMG..I think some people on here would B***h if they were handed a million dollars!

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Oct-21-13 12:35 PM

Music: Yes it did, promptly at 10:00.

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Oct-21-13 12:37 PM

watchdog1: let me repeat, when I called the police they said their phones were ringing off the hook.

This was from people all over town. It was Sunday night don't forget.

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Oct-21-13 1:15 PM

People all over town? So it's an entire town of whiners?

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Oct-21-13 1:45 PM

I hardly think the music could be heard "all over town"..maybe all over Harmar and downtown Mtta. And music keeping kids awake?? Kids are accustomed to music all the time. BTW...Marietta Dance Academy's annual "Thriller" routine really topped off the evening. Awesome!

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Oct-21-13 2:11 PM

8th street and Washington. Call the police and check it out. Yeah, we are whiners when an inconsiderate group is disturbing the peace on a Sunday night.

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Oct-21-13 2:42 PM

Who is complaining about the hard work by people bringing something downtown?

I am complaining about loud music on a Sunday Night.

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Oct-21-13 5:40 PM

I suppose we will cancel Halloween if it rains also.

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Oct-21-13 5:49 PM

I have to appologize for my last post. I couldn't help myself.

I hope everyone had a good time last night.

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Oct-21-13 11:08 PM

The noise ordinance needs to include fireworks too. I'm so sick of my dogs being scared to death because the city and fair board wants to fire off fireworks every year.

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Oct-21-13 11:18 PM

it's truly a shame that some would complain. we have young people that are causing NO damage. are involved in good clean fun, and stopped at a decent hour. I remember when the Maple Café was there and the noise was much louder (fights, screaming, puking, etc.) I applaud those that participated in the whole thing. It took a lot of hard work, sweat, and energy. Great job all!!

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Oct-22-13 9:24 AM

Hey, people are doing something harmless but it's something I don't personally want to do. Therefore they're stupid, their activity is stupid, and the police and city should shut it down, because everybody has to do the things that I do!!

Get a grip, people.

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Oct-22-13 9:29 AM

Never heard loud music from the Maple Café on a Sunday night on Washington street.

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Oct-22-13 9:53 AM

guess you just missed the point I was trying to make beright. The point being that those that participated in, and worked for, the Zombie walk were doing clean honest activities. with the Maple it was Monday thru Saturday and it was abhorrent behavior. Guess trying to show there is a huge difference between the two goes right over some folks heads. Oh, and the Zombie walk is ONE day out of the year. The noises associated with some of the former establishments were throughout the year. If this is all that some have to complain about, then life in Marietta is good, just some would complain if the didn't have something to complain about...

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Oct-22-13 10:46 AM

I know during Sternwheel you can here the caliope in the 8th and washington area. They should shut down that too.

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Oct-22-13 1:12 PM

ace, pay attention: There is a huge difference between what goes happens on a Sunday school night and Strenwheel Saturday or Saturday night.

The could have had a pub crawl on Saturday and have Aerosmith provide the music as long as they did it on a Saturday night.

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Oct-22-13 2:26 PM

BeRight, the event was advertised to occur on Saturday night. And it should have gone on as advertised since a number of people traveled to Marietta to participate. It was called off at the last minute by Mr. Swaney, a professional & experienced event planner. My question is why the organizers (Mr. Swaney) didn't plan for inclement weather? There are event tents available where the band could have played and where those attending could have had their fun. Doesn't the city have a bunch of tents for such events that are stored at the armory?

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Oct-22-13 5:33 PM

When I read this story saw the pictures and thought now here's an interesting thing that is done in marietta that. No one can complain about. Was I wrong -watchdog was so right. I have a feeling some people will complain about anything . It was a once a year thing that had to be postponed til Sunday , it was over at ten and phones rang off the hook? That so many people are upset over such a minor problem is amazing.if it ended at 9 pm would that have been better? Do you all turn off your light so trick or treaters can't get a treat too?

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Oct-25-13 12:13 AM

Most US cities and some countries main cities celebrate Zombie walk as a fun during Halloween week. People wear Zombie costumes and speak in a zombie voice playing the dead people role who have returned back to earth. We do not understand how can a dead person , or a monster, blooded part of body be fun? Also many organizations have fund raising and charity events during such negative events? How can that be? Does it mean that cutting body or looking at the real body in blood is fun? Or instead of being sad we should be happy and have fun when someone dies? Not to mention a very severe negative energy effect on the persons participating in zombie walk and the negative effect on entire society. Please see the below video and things will be clearer why we should not even think to participate zombie walk and Halloween. ***********youtube****/watch?v=cF8vNatydX8

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