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Downtown facelift

113-year-old St. Clair Building gets $1.5 mill makeover

October 22, 2013

Marietta’s 113-year-old St. Clair Building is receiving a $1.5 million makeover that will include upscale loft apartments as well as some commercial space, courtesy of Triad Hunter, LLC....

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Oct-22-13 11:16 AM


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Oct-22-13 11:21 AM

This is just BS nothing but kick backs and bribes.Frist bank paid $250k for the building in 1995 before it was falling apart and now its worth $345k? There buildind offices to use while their here and rooms so they don't have to pay to stay in a motel.They will write the whole thing off and laugh their butts off at the hicks.

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Oct-22-13 11:30 AM

This is great news for downtown Marietta. I follow shale gas developments in Harrison, Belmont and Jefferson counties having lived near the center of the action in Harrison County while I attended grade school in the small village of Jewett. In Scio, Harrison County, a village slightly larger than Waterford, the construction of that gas holding facility will bring over a hundred jobs to a small place which saw a large oil boom at the beginning of the 20Th Century. JoshBrown; the 18 year difference between 1995 and now; interest by companies with deep pockets, willing to spend money. Who cares when they leave, the buildings will remain.

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Oct-22-13 11:37 AM

@Sounder you sound like an ad for the gas&oil companies .I would rather have high tec companies come town to stay than rape and pillage oil/gas drillers.

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Oct-22-13 11:50 AM

This sounds great for Marietta, restore a beautiful downtown building and bring jobs to the area! Sounds like a win win.

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Oct-22-13 11:53 AM

These loft apartments will most likely be for office personnel...the actual oil rig workers brought here will still need housing...

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Oct-22-13 12:11 PM

Wonderful!! This not only imptoves the appearance of diwntown, but is bound to help more downtown businesses that will be patronized by those living and working there. Great job, Triad! Hope this catches on with other empty eyesores being restored and utilized!

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Oct-22-13 12:14 PM

I will be the first to call the IRS when the building is done and the workers are staying there. To make sure their taxed for housing computation wouldn't want them to get away with not payinh taxes on anything.

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Oct-22-13 12:34 PM

@rollingrock Play nice or someone will put an oil well on your property and you will have a 66% greater chance of getting cancer

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Oct-22-13 1:17 PM

If they stay at hotels they wave tax after 30 days, from MT article dated Oct can one complain about tax revenue being down when at the same time give tax breaks??...Knowlton attributed the tax revenue decrease to the number of extended stays by oil and gas industry employees at local lodging facilities. "After a continuous stay of more than 30 days you don't have to pay the city lodging tax," she said. "So that's a tax exemption for many oil and gas employees."

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Oct-22-13 1:22 PM

I bet the tax break given to those who stay in hotels was some of the pork thrown in with purchase of this building...we all know what Pork is right?...and I bet we'll find out there's more pork to be cooked on the horizon ;)

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Oct-22-13 1:29 PM

Fantastic news!! All the more reason for revitalization council members. Bless it, and they will come. These folks are travelling in from some very large Texas communities. They want to have diversity to pick from when dining clients. Let them do so by approving the much needed revitalization district.

If you don't, then you definitely are sending a clear message to the citizenry that you don't give a about this city, but only the benefactors of good health insurance & another retirement source.

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Oct-22-13 1:38 PM

DevilsAdvocate I'm sure that being ftom Tx that they think Applebees is a upscale restaurant and wear their best clothing when they go a wife beater and unwashed jeans.

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Oct-22-13 1:40 PM

The theater across from the Colony could use a little bit of touching up on it's out brick wall.

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Oct-22-13 3:11 PM

Keep drinking the kool-aid Marietta! Does the story of hansel and gretel resonate here? Unbelievable!!

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Oct-22-13 4:19 PM

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Oct-22-13 4:20 PM

I want to move in there sounds like it will be very impressive when finished

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Oct-22-13 4:44 PM

sounds like ol' Josh ain't getting his fair share of the coming wealth and he's hoppin' mad!

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Oct-22-13 5:38 PM

@stonedparrotdude Yes if I'm against the oil/gas drillers I didn't make any money on it ............. Just another commercial by the oil/gas drillers promising everything and giving nothing in return

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Oct-22-13 6:44 PM

The chances of a high technolgy company or one with a serious resume of R.& D. coming into small communities anywhere, well unless your talking small in Connecticut; slim to less than none. Washington County, Ohio in 2013 is no different than Harrison County in 1913. Except that there are environmental safe guards in place, something that would have kept those small communities like Scio, Hopedale, Jewett and Cadiz with a better opportunity for growth out of extractive industries. For what those coal companies did to those counties where shale gas is a big item--the land was ripped up, some of it by my coal mining relatives, others in the late 19Th Century. Be glad that someone is bringing money and as for Texas--Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio; some of the most sophisticated places in the U.S.

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Oct-22-13 7:13 PM

I sure hope the oil company checked with John Lehman because he runs the town and will soon be running the schools.

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Oct-22-13 7:52 PM

JoshBrown; Marietta dropped the ball many, many years ago by clinging to the past, not that aware or even willing to look beyond the horizon, no DNA left in the old money crowd which remained--not the people who would have packed up the wagon and headed West, certainly not those who braved the Atlantic in a small wooden sailing ship. Marietta College; a wasted resource in your cities front yard. So much like those small Liberal Arts Colleges in Northern Ohio or Northern New England but so unconnected to the life of the community beyond "Homecoming". What a waste. All those alumnus, some very prominent names scattered across the U.S. and in Ohio. No such luck or not much when the political system which manages Marietta heard the air going out of the tires, the water entering the lifeboat. The access to the right people, not that far away who might have been able to bring a new era of prosperity to the city--not even contacted for: Got any ideas?.

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Oct-22-13 10:59 PM

MURphy77 don't you ever have anything good to say about people? The ole saying is if you don't have something GOOD to SAY then DON"T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. JOHN has done LOT'S for MARIETTA,has PEOPLE WORKING that's a big cross your fingers.Redid the HACKETT HOTEL plus the pizza shop next door. The 3 story TIBERWAY BUILDING with SHOP's on the 1st floor.Keeping people working. The large (PARKING LOT) across the street he cleaned up after the FIRE & everyone who sneaks in and does not pay the $2.00 charge,disgraceful.John does not supply parking free for the bars on front st.&the Pizza &Steak on front.You all discuss me.STOP PARKING in the (Tiberway & Galleys LOT)it's for their customers. Not the WineShop &Mexican Restarent.If you get a warning TICKET it's your fault.

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Oct-22-13 11:12 PM

Yes, Kendall78, the theater wall needs work. The former mayor gazed at it from his office window for years and did nothing about it. Looks like today’s mayor, also, is oblivious. That mural started out as a shining testament to Marietta’s history and beauty. But because of spalling bricks and no guardian, this orphan is now downtown’s worst black eye.

The brick faces will, no doubt, continue to fall off. So until some artistic person devises a method of reconditioning the mural, our fireman mayor, once a month, can leave his office and grab his can of flat black paint, a brush, and a tall ladder. Once across the street, he can set the ladder, paint the holes left by any bricks which have just fallen apart, clean up the debris at the bottom of the wall, and then go back to his office. The first time he does this, he will need a lot of help. From then on, it will just be about a two-hour job.

Or sandblast the whole wall. The Wakefield Wall needs a fix.

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Oct-22-13 11:15 PM

No, the city doesn't own the wall. The mayor doesn't own the wall.

But the mayor can lead. He's the one who has to look at it day after day. So he should get something done about it.

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