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Mental health levies on ballot in Morgan, Noble

October 26, 2013

While Washington County ballots will be void of any county-wide issues this November, neighboring residents in both Morgan and Noble counties will be deciding whether or not to renew a longstanding......

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Oct-26-13 10:11 AM

My problem with mental healt levys is that, no matter how much money they get, very little of that actually goes to help the community. The majority of the money goes to staff saleries, which includes their perks, like vacations, sick days and medical insurance. Therefore, once the taxpayrs get done "feathering the nest" of the professionals that get hired very little money really goes to help the needy.

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Oct-26-13 2:21 PM

Without paid staff, how can the community be helped Janeey?

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Oct-26-13 11:45 PM

Yes, Ron Reese does well enough on the taxpayer's wouldn't you like to have a job where there's absolutely no yardstick for performance? How was society doing so well for oh, 200 years or so, before all this "mental health" dogma came into vogue?....oh, that's right, crazy folks were sent to the funny we leave 'em on the loose to maim & kill other folks....and then get off from prosecution because of mental illness....surrender to stupid here...

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Oct-27-13 4:18 AM

Simple, back in the infacy people with mental health were burned alive, demons were exercised by reverends, some chained in the basement of their parents cabins, and others ostracized and left to starve on the streets. Then we started to lock them in Asylums where their were neglected, some living in their own filth, some starving while we lobotomized them and basically turned them into zombies. Afterwards they went from physical lobotomy, to chemical and treating mental illness with pharmaceuticals.

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Oct-28-13 9:25 AM

OHIOANKEV-Today mental health professionals do something just as bad as burning people at the stake. They turn them into zomibes by pumping them full of experimental drugs most of which they have no idea what the side effects will be. And they keep them coming back for MORE to keep business booming. If Ron Rees had his way everyone in Ohio from infants to seniors would be taking meds!

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Oct-28-13 1:24 PM

I don't disagree with that Jane even though I couldn't say it's worse than death. I was used as one of those guinea pigs since kindergarden. The mental health system in Marietta is a joke and has been a joke since "Horizons"

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Oct-28-13 3:27 PM

Marietta has a "Mental Wealth" system alright! We used to call that agency "Lost Horizions." They'll give you all kind of pills to give yu all kind of thrills!

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Oct-28-13 6:29 PM

I'm seeing complaints but no solutions being offered. How can mental health agencies better serve you?

Mr. Rees hasn't been involved in local mental health issues for years so dissing him is foolish. Stay in the moment and say what you need

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Oct-29-13 9:59 AM

I have a solution. Bring back state run mental institutions. Once the millions of freeloaders discover that, if they have a mental illness then they need to be supervised 24/7 and they will no onger be handed food stamps, medical cards and SSI-I have a feeling the majority of these people will get "better" really quick. Problem solved.

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Oct-30-13 12:38 AM

Euthanization of the mentally ill would be a better solution. Less cost to the taxpayer than housing them.

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Oct-30-13 11:20 AM

The perfect place to start would be by redefining what mental illness is and who should really go back to work, support yourself and who needs to be locked away. If you only problem is you get depressed now and then-which is a normal part of life-or boo hoo you have self esteme issues you need to support yourself. If you can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy and you're a danger to yourself and others you need to be locked away. In every school shooting the killers have been seriously mentally ill people who were kept out of the streets by mental health professionals?

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