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Armored vehicle

Sheriff’s office purchase sparks reactions

October 30, 2013

Some people question why the Washington County Sheriff's Office is spending nearly $190,000 to acquire a pair of armored vehicles, while others say that in an era when unthinkable violence seems to......

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Nov-03-13 9:23 AM

Yo Atlas,

Those multiple cars in a row is called a fuel saving convoy. Very smart regardless of the lane. There are two that you can use. Were you smart enough to follow?

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Nov-02-13 6:43 AM

Oh my goodness............ those look like the Peacekeepers we used back in the 80's in Air Force.

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Oct-31-13 3:06 PM

The last time was 2011. When was the time before that? Mincks also has impeccable timing. When all of the other county agencies have their hands out for their annual allocation and are being told to tighten their belts even more because there isn't enough to go around, Mincks is swallowing the money on toys.

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Oct-31-13 1:58 PM

"The last time Warden recalls the Peacekeeper being deployed to a barricade or hostage situation was in 2011, when an Athens County man held a woman at knifepoint in her Little Hocking home for about an hour." Good thing they had that vehicle. He could have thrown that knife!!!!!!

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Oct-31-13 1:03 PM

Sorry " I don't think all of us think law enforcement should take all necessary precautions"

I meant to say all of us think law enforcement should take all necessary precautions

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Oct-31-13 1:00 PM

See Ohio House Bill 207(H.B. 207), Sec. 4561.50 (A

This bill was introduced to limit the use of drone technology by law enforcement in Ohio. Some complain about the ACLU, but they have your back in this situation, i.e. your right to privacy. Boys and their toys.

Anjahlena,you've told us in the past of your connection to a member of law enforcement. I don't think all of us think law enforcement should take all necessary precautions to protect themselves. But any responible human being realizes that a line has to be drawn somewhere. Washington County does not need two armored vehicles. It doesn't even need one. And don't you live in WV? So what's your dog in this fight?

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Oct-31-13 12:37 PM

Displayname---You are right on!Common sense and proper alloction of funds!Commissioners are afraid of Minks and rubber stamp everything he wants.

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Oct-31-13 9:08 AM bet the local conspiracy minded nuts just started shaking with anticipation at the potential this story afforded them in reading into it and weaving a convoluted web of tale about it.

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Oct-31-13 9:06 AM

"Maybe we can park one at each bridge and keep the West Virginians out of our great state."

Hey I am all for this as long as it is mutual.

Then maybe I could actually pass in the left lane on I-77 like I am supposed to instead of passing on the right because of all the buckeyes cruising in the left lane and refusing to get over once they have passed!

I once seen ten buckeyes in the left lane in a row with nothing in the right lane as far as I could see. And of course as I approached them...then they decided to get over with me almost right up on them.

Freaking ridiculous.

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Oct-31-13 4:26 AM

One might expect that a county sheriff, especially one with a larger than average budget (thanks to the 1/2 cent sales tax) would first make sure that deputies are riding in safe cars with fewer than 150,000 miles on them before buying TWO combat vehicles. But that's not the case.

Nobody, including the county commissioners, ever really questions what Mincks does. There's a reason for that.

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Oct-30-13 8:40 PM

How many of you caught the "troop transport" part of this article? Starting a civil war over there?

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Oct-30-13 8:24 PM

I'll tell you what! I know a certain EX-Captain of the WCSO that was seriously into MP-5 submachine guns and helicopters.

He returned to Marietta to run for the top slot at the WCSO and I'm certain he would have wanted a howitzer mounted on each of his armored vehicles. Maybe we should be glad he was 'discouraged' to see his campaign all the way through to election day.

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Oct-30-13 7:32 PM

This is that smaller govt. our parents warned us about. Please remember this when you get that warm fuzzy safe feeling...........hey was that a robin hovering outside my window?

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Oct-30-13 6:30 PM

Well, now there is a real use for the armory...

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Oct-30-13 6:19 PM

Junkies,Pot Growers,Walking Drunks...BEWARE !!!! LOL

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Oct-30-13 6:04 PM


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Oct-30-13 5:45 PM

Park them over at the new emergency response center which cost half a million dollars. Let's build them a new garage too. Why not, it's mostly just grant (free) money anyway, right? But hey, IF there is ever a disaster, terrorist attack (SERIOUSLY?) we are ready!

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Oct-30-13 5:33 PM

Maybe we can park one at each bridge and keep the West Virginians out of our great state.

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Oct-30-13 12:57 PM

I'd just like to ask 2 things, 1. How many times in the last.....say 15 years has the old one been used, 2. What did the old one cost?

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Oct-30-13 12:49 PM

Anjahlena , I agree that there is no price that can be placed on one’s safety. I think the debate here is how best to spend the money. Given your rationale then we should not stop with an armored vehicle but go right to the tanks that other poster here have joked about. If we are to add names to one of these little boxes then let’s add the 5,000 plus school children attending school in this county to the box. Let’s look at an example! A very popular walk through metal detector is the Garret Magnascanner CS 5000. This unit has an average cost of $ 3595.00 if bought singularly, multiple unit discounts are available. Divide $ 3595.00 into $190.000 equates 52 units. SO, do we protect a few men from a situation that may or may not arise once a year or do we protect over 5000 of our children and teachers every day?? I would give my life to protect a child, the WCSO and the county commissioners won’t give up a toy.

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Oct-30-13 12:38 PM

Police State. You will need your id at all times and travel papers when walking on public streets. Your rights are gone.

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Oct-30-13 12:28 PM

Now is NOT a different time. You had the Mansons and Son-of-Sams in older days. The issue is that the military cannot police the streets without declaring martial law. So the federal government has decided to make the police a quasi-military group to "keep the peace" or "quell the masses". We saw the most recent use of these types of vehicles in Boston when 4th amendment rights of terrified residents and children were violated in the name of "public safety". As it turns out, when the bomber was actually caught, he wasn't even IN one of the houses searched. This is a gradual progression that started long before this administration but certainly hasn't slowed down since.

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Oct-30-13 12:08 PM

If you don't like the state of the city, change it!

Vote Boersma!

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Oct-30-13 11:56 AM

Before you get all ready to jump on the mighty critical wagon and ride sally ride, 1st take a simple second to type the names of your family members in THIS little box as though they would be the men and women responding in THAT box on wheels and then attach the $ sign to their lives. Should make us all agree its worth every penny.

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Oct-30-13 11:47 AM

Why not get a couple M-1 tanks and some flame throwers too.I can't wait till they start building reeducation camps and calling them family fun camps.

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