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Belpre man charged with 29 counts of rape

November 23, 2013

A Belpre man was arrested Friday and charged with 29 felony counts of rape, attempted rape and sexual battery of a young girl. Kenneth Thompson, 41, of 700 Barclay St....

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Nov-27-13 7:59 AM

freerange the sad part is I do know, but it was nice of you to assume I was speaking out of ignorance! As for how many are around me, I am a mother I have family, I know full well how much trash like the man in the article n lester is in this town! no one said looking young is a crime I just find it disgusting that this older man who molested a young boy, guilty verdict, jail and all also proves he did it, is now dating a boy who looks extremely young, i'm sure he is of age, but don't you find it a little disturbing? if you don't you also have some issues that need worked out!!! What is with the people defending grown adults that are ruining our childrens childhood, young adult like, and more cases than not their adult life? why are you sticking up for them and defending them. This article proves the probability of one reoffending and you want to bash me! Your morals need some work!!

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Nov-26-13 8:59 AM

warrenmom... u think u speak for the majority?.... U know nothing about the facts of his case... his boyfriend might look 12 but is he? Is looking young a crime?... I am sure there are many offenders around u... you just don't know it.

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Nov-25-13 3:31 PM

because you attended you supported that trash you are just as bad, would you be so supportive if it was your child/grandchild that was ruined by one of these monsters? would you have been so supportive? we as a community should feel better because he served his time? how many people go to prison get out n reoffend? the monster in this article "served his time" also and it didn't stop him!!! Yes you are just as bad because you supported him. He never walked away from the place, his boyfriend (who looks like a 16 year old) was still working there and made clear on his facebook that lester the molester was very much still involved but after a few comments he removed it so there is no proof. You think it's ok to ruin these childrens life? you are disgusting!!! as I stated if you are supporting them you are just as bad!!! Don't like my opinion then by all means skip my comments but I speak for a majority of the parents in this town.

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Nov-25-13 12:23 PM

Loved the warehouse warrenmother...Because I attended... I am compared to a sex offender? Now that is small town stupidity. The warehouse guy stepped down, and by the way.. he did his time.

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Nov-25-13 10:48 AM

I am close to the girl offended. I do NOT want him given the death sentence. I want him to rot in prison for the rest of his life so he can constantly think about what he has done. He ruined more then one life. Things will never be them same. I pray he never gets away.

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Nov-25-13 10:44 AM

warrenmother of 2,I agree. Hopefully the warehouse has made it's first and last appearance.

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Nov-25-13 10:41 AM

Life without parole in the general public,not segregated.

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Nov-25-13 7:32 AM

Give me 1 hour alone in a soundproof room with people like this and I'll guarantee they never do it again. There's a special place in he ll for these perverts.

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Nov-25-13 7:15 AM

trailsmen, you must be one or be close to one to have that wishy-washy sentiment. True child molesters (more than 10 year age difference, with children 12 or under) should receive the DEATH PENALTY!! END THE CYCLE!! If they "can't help it" society needs to help them on out of this world.

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Nov-24-13 8:13 PM

We can either castrate them or jail them. They can't help what they do, and we don't have the resources to get them the years of psychological help they need.

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Nov-24-13 7:54 AM

This is why everyone was quick to complain about Lester running the "attraction" here in town!!! This is why concerned parents and residents "threw a fit" about a child molester! You never know when they are going to lash out and ruin another childs life. I agree castration I also agree put them on an island somewhere! I'm tired of seeing this sh*t in the news every other day. This is a small town and there is no small town security feeling like there was when I was growing up. Instead there is fear of trash like this man and all the rest on "the list". If you are supporting a child molester or rapist you are just as bad as they are, that includes all of you who went to the haunted warehouse. You knowingly and willingly put money in a child molesters pocket! You supported a man just like the one in this article. I am normally all about live and let live, but when it comes to our children, my children, friends kids, family members, I don't want trash like

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Nov-23-13 11:27 AM

Another stupid criminal!

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Nov-23-13 11:08 AM

This thing should have never been aloud out of jail. Even after he served his time he should be sent to an island like they do in Oregon for the rest of his life.

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Nov-23-13 9:19 AM

Even in a photo, this man's cold-hearted, emotionless eyes are visible. Sociopath.

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Nov-23-13 5:48 AM

castration then execution

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