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Common Core standards prompt concerns

Views voiced to city BOE

November 26, 2013

A Marietta Middle School teacher expressed his concerns about the Common Core curriculum standards to the Marietta City Board of Education Monday....

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Dec-12-13 10:02 AM

O'Neill you and folks like you have populated the ranks of educators over the last 30 years. Has education gotten better? You know the answer. So we're trusting the people who brought us failure to get it right this time? We need real reform, but the wrong people are in charge.

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Nov-30-13 12:39 PM

To clarify I was asking for proof that Common Core will lead to socialism being taught yada yada.

I don't actually believe that at all..its just more rightwing fear mongering in my opinion.

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Nov-27-13 5:49 PM

" Common Core is the indoctrination of Socialism into our schools. It will turn kids into mindless robots."

I'd like to see some irrefutable proof of that!

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Nov-27-13 2:18 PM

oneill I'll make it real simple for you what these so-called standards are. Common Core is the indoctrination of Socialism into our schools. It will turn kids into mindless robots.

Parents you better start paying attention to these schools and common core. Has your child came home with a D grade when they normally are an "A student"? That is a pretty good sign they are under the influence of obamacore, aka common core.

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Nov-26-13 9:18 PM

Which one of you nuts is the guy who destroys papers at McDonalds every morning.

The teachers are not the problem here.

If you dislike a school move out. Especially if you hate it and are first in line to get a pay check and the benefits.

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Nov-26-13 6:40 PM

I support teachers for all of the work they do- it is not an easy gig. I do disagree with the notion that there is anything developmentally inappropriate in the core. We have been implementing the core for several years and have a very high poverty rate.

Teachers initially said no way.... We adopted rigorous materials that went along with the core and to a teacher they have all told me they were surprised that kids could do the work. Several of them told me they were actually ashamed they did not demand more of their students before.

Think about it. These standards are based upon international standards (very similar). Are American students less capable genetically- no we just need toast them to rise to the standards we adults set. So simple but I have seen it firsthand...

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Nov-26-13 6:37 PM

Every industrialized country in the world has standards they teach to. Yes, the ones who outperform us. Creativity can be nurtured while teaching to the common core and the standards actually encourage inquiry based learning which is all about creatively solving problems. This makes me think few have a good grasp on these standards.

Teachers have been beat up by the public for so long they are naturally defensive and this is understandable. I do not fault Steve or any other teacher for feeling this way. It is a product of the politics-education mix.

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Nov-26-13 5:00 PM

In the past those who were home schooled never ever had the social skills needed to survive in real life.

Their helicopter parents never permitted them to mix with the so-called normal folk.

I see them in church. I see them in stores. One can pick them out.

No there are no stats; but you all know what I mean.

I agree that Mr. Thompson needs to spend more time fixing school funding; and stop figuring out ways for schools to skirt the standards.

Again I say; if Mr. Thompson is so against teacher unions; let him be the first to have his wife return her benefits; give up planning time; dental insurance; vision insurance, athletic pass; sick and personal leave days.

Mr. Thompson; please do the job for the majority of us.

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Nov-26-13 4:56 PM

oneill, you show your ignorance once again. Much of the left is against this as well, just for different reasons. You have to be the most closed minded individual on the planet. Do a little research and quit towing the party line. Start with following the money. Here is a hint, Gates Foundation.

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Nov-26-13 4:49 PM

oneill, no statistical proof exists for your point of view. Keep drinking your kook-aid

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Nov-26-13 4:41 PM

Hey Tess, you missed another meeting disussing Texting today at 3:15: Discuss Penalty Portion of Electronic Wireless Communication Devices

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Nov-26-13 3:56 PM

The worst thing that people don't understand about CC is that billions are to be made on the material. I would suggest that people follow the money and then they will see CC for what it is, a huge money grab at the expense of our kids.

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Nov-26-13 3:55 PM

The initiatives were supposed to be common standards in K-12 math and English, but are becoming national standards in all subjects, along with national tests, forced curricula and a creepy national data system on children and families. They’ve taken over the country, in preschools, K-12, colleges, public schools, charter schools, private schools, Christian schools, curricular materials, state and college testing, and public and private daycares. There is zero proof of their efficacy; this is a national experiment on children. Many CC-aligned curricular materials are already proving to be academically weak, with insufficient grammar, no cursive writing, heavy (and extreme) political bias, questionable literary content, and the same fuzzy math that devastated the last 30 years of K-12 math instruction.

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Nov-26-13 3:54 PM

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's entire college education appears to consist of a bachelor’s degree in sociology. It’s bizarre that someone with a bachelor’s degree in sociology is the Secretary of Education, entrusted with 700 billion taxpayer dollars annually and now dictating education policy to all of us.

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Nov-26-13 3:34 PM

Tessie, you miss the point, I am not surprised. Keep voting for the dumbing down of our youth if you wish. All one needs to do as look at how far we have slipped. I suggest you watch October Sky, and then come back and tell us all how CC will contribute to that kind of creativity from a backwoods coal town in WV.

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Nov-26-13 3:15 PM

Harley, Charles Babbage invented the first computer, and the first to write a computer program/mathematical analysis was Ada Byron Lovelace, both of England.

The US space program developed not because of American science but because of German scientists brought to the US leading up to, during, and after World War II. And of course they also brought the atomic bomb technology with them which allowed the US to win against the Japanese.

Common core is the minimum standard teachers are expected to teach to. That doesn't mean that education should stop there. That's where parents and "extra" teachers (music, art, sports) come in. I personally do not think common core does enough. The public school system has been failing for many years which is why my son went to private school (and I worked two jobs to enable him to go there). If I had it to do over again, I would work one job and home school him. Home schooling is really only as good as the home teacher.

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Nov-26-13 2:41 PM

Consider this, in the 1950's the United States was one of the top countries for education. Since that time we have had several things come into play. Teachers became unionized, we have set standardized tests, we have created the Dept. of Education, and now we are on to common core. If all of this "progress" is so great, why has the US consistently slipped well below other nations? Do people honestly believe that today’s schools will lead to the same students who brought us the space race, computers, and numerous other creative technological advancements?

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Nov-26-13 2:40 PM

IAMALWAYSRIGHT, I never said one word about teachers but you do shed some light on why we rank so poorly in education!

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Nov-26-13 2:35 PM

My response is to newworld

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Nov-26-13 2:33 PM

The reason for them rankings is because we now live in a time where welfare is prevalent and all parents do is teach their kids how to stay on or in the system. That is why I feel you get some form of assistance. You blame it all on the teachers when it really starts at home.

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Nov-26-13 2:25 PM

Ohio had no standards of any kind until 1983. Are we better off since then, or worse off? We need to look before we leap into the latest education fad. The unions hated teaching to the tesst under No Child Left is this different?

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Nov-26-13 2:08 PM

IAMALWAYSRIGHT, The U.S.A. ranks 25th in the world in math, 23rd in reading and 27th in science. Not a real smart country with what we are using now.Try doing some homework and you might learn something!

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Nov-26-13 1:57 PM

And many that show public school students from the same economic background as comparable homeschoolers do just as well if not higher.

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Nov-26-13 1:40 PM

Asknot - "Guess what, home schooled children in general score higher than public school kids in testing and do better in college! "

Any statistical data to back that up that does not come from a homeschooling website?

When I was researching educational choices when my children were school age, I did not find that to be true.

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Nov-26-13 1:00 PM

I read all 14 of these and it is clear to me that 3 of you are off your rockers!! If I was a betting girl I would say newword gets some kind of help from Obama.

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