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Fly-overs result in drug sentencings

December 11, 2013

Two area men caught growing marijuana on their respective properties were given identical sentences during their separate sentencing hearings Tuesday in Washington County Common Pleas Court....

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Dec-12-13 9:40 AM

Lol, Blow and Snyder should of visited the website of former DEA officer Barry Cooper and watched his videos on Youtube that tell people how to "Never get busted" before they started growing.

One video of Coopers I found particularly disturbing shows how unscrupulous police officers cause drug dogs to initiate "false positives" on cars so they can search the vehicle without a warrant. Everyone should watch that one.

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Dec-12-13 7:36 AM

It's embarrassing to live in an area where people are so blatantly ignorant. I'm referring to the some of the people commenting here, and to law enforcement officials who insist on devoting many taxpayer dollars to foolish things such as this.

Once marijuana is legal here, and it will be before you know it, what will occupy 75% of our law enforcement and court's time? Oh, that's right! Busting people for using cell phones while driving! Let's throw them in the slammer! lol

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Dec-12-13 6:40 AM

More stupid criminals!!

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Dec-11-13 11:00 PM

Riverrat alcohol is the most abused drug and is perfectly legal for recreational use. That's your gateway. That is most peoples first experience of being under the influence of a substance.

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Dec-11-13 7:54 PM

asknot, How many signatures have you collected for ORG?

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Dec-11-13 7:31 PM

So, when it comes to weed, nature got it wrong, it is used in many cultures for pain relief, it does stop some epileptic seizures, when nothing else works....but corrupt politicos, bought and paid for with William Hearst dollars, got it right in 1937..... Ummhumm

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Dec-11-13 7:26 PM

This is about getting more federal dollars next year, I wonder how many thousands two senior citizen pot farmers are worth, enough too keep a three hundred dollar an hour chopper in the air next September...ummm, wouldn't home confinement be cheaper also....

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Dec-11-13 2:50 PM

I agree watchdog / sounds like the jail is a motel and they are scheduling a vacation . I am surprised though at the sentence for a such a small amount of plants. I have seen ****** dealers get about the same sentence and they are dealing in a very dangerous addictive drug. This was not a mass grow house. Should the sentence fir both be so similar?

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Dec-11-13 12:49 PM

WAY TO GO WCSO!!!!!! Drugs are a huge problem in our county schools, it is a fight worth fighting!!!!!

If they don't start with the recreational kind of drugs, they often don't get to ****** and other types.

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Dec-11-13 12:24 PM

If law enforcement does a flyover to spot marijuana cultivation then when found, they are obligated to "do something" about it. If they don't do flyovers, then they don't have to do anything. Yes, it's still illegal watchdog, but the WCSO has some choice in how serious they want to be about this kind of thing.

Neither of these two senior citizens needed to be arrested. Neither of them are threat to anyone.

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Dec-11-13 11:52 AM is currently illegal! Why don't we give them a menu and allow the to select their meals too as long as we are allowing them to decide everything else about their sentencing! WTH?

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Dec-11-13 9:48 AM

I will be so happy when they legalize pot it's such a waste of money to enforce theses laws .

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