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Officials looking into second ATM robbery with same M.O.

December 28, 2013

Wielding a knife and wearing a ski mask, Marietta Police say an armed robber struck for the second time in less than a day in downtown Marietta Friday morning, stealing money from an ATM customer......

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Dec-30-13 5:33 PM

Took the comments down on the other story..........think fat boys mamma, bogusmamma or some usernamelike that might have called the times complaining everybody is picking on her dirtball of a son.........dont worry hopefully he will get a long sentance and get some man loving in the prison.....i'm sure he's down with that dating that other thing that looks like a man

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Dec-30-13 7:35 AM

They say a person's eyes are the window to their soul. I see cold, dead, soulless eyes. She's a sociopath.

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Dec-30-13 1:24 AM

Three weeks later, the guy died. She tried to cash one of his checks but a family member caught it before she could. She has physically abused several people, she has neglected her daughters in so many ways, and uses them as excuses to get her out of situations. She's seriously a psycho and definitely someone who needs to be avoided at all costs. If you ever find yourself face to face with her, never turn your back on her, and if her lips are moving, she's lying!!! Beware!

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Dec-30-13 1:18 AM

I actually know the female who is in custody for this. And I'm not surprised. When I first read the article in the paper Saturday, my partner and I both said, " I bet it's Mindy." Half-heartedly joking, but not putting it passed her. She's a convicted pill head. She has been involved in a lot of things here in town but always managed to slide just under the radar, or would narc to save her own skin. But this time, Karma has finally caught up to her. She's wronged so many people in her path and now she's gonna get what she deserves hopefully. But knowing Mindy, she will throw that guy under the bus, and make it sound like he put her up to it or threatened her in some manner. She's a LIAR! She can manipulate people without them even realizing what's happening. She nearly killed one of her ex's. We know she was switching meds that belonged to an HIV patient and taking his narcotics. She convinced him to put her on his checking acct so she could help take "care" of him

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Dec-30-13 12:04 AM

The two have been captured as reported on WTAP..........figuring shes going to get some time...him he will get away with it cause the court system is a joke it will be a community control for the coward who drives her away...if i were the construction guy i would go down knock on his door then reconstruct his face.......they won't do anything to you for's washington county.........

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Dec-29-13 9:08 PM

Ask not : the paper made it clear the perp was a woman. Had she not been caught and confessed, I think I might have been looking for her at my next trip to the ATM . I m no longer young but feel pretty sure I could take her down . Who is to say : if you were not vigilant (and until this who expected to be confronted there in sleepy meth town) could you have gotten to your weapon? If so then good for you/ the situation might have been a little different if you were not holding yr weapo in your hand.

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Dec-29-13 6:46 PM

The little girl needs to be stood up to when she is causing people problems. Knife or not, I would do my best to teach her not to act like an idiot.

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Dec-29-13 3:14 PM

Angie and April are right on this one. It is very easy to say what you would do in a situation, talk is cheap. If you have a gun or knife held on you then ,it is not easy at all.i also think Rodney is right, it won't be long until the perps blame it all on a drug habit. Hopefully I am wrong and they go to jail and stay there.

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Dec-29-13 9:35 AM

Confessed or did the gutter trash losers blame it on the drugs already.

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Dec-28-13 11:39 PM

April you are correct. They apparently confessed. Guess it's not so fishy after all huh!

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Dec-28-13 11:38 PM

bwc511 I feel that is a pretty terrible thing to say. As a family member of one of the victims this is offensive to see you are trying to say that it was all made up. Try being held up with a knife or gun then well see how fishy you think that is. This is just down right traumatizing for the people involved and for you to make a public comment like this is just ignorant.

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Dec-28-13 11:37 PM

I don't see anything "fishy". I personally know the 2nd victim. But I also just heard they caught the male and female after a "tip". Guess the morning paper will tell if there is truth to that.

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Dec-28-13 9:28 PM

All of this is fishy.... Just like the guy who said someone stabbed him and he did it himself.

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Dec-28-13 2:51 PM

Are there no pictures or video? Be nice if we could see their outline at the very least. Doesn't seem like the police are in a hurry to find these folks.

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Dec-28-13 2:40 PM

Hopefully she does try it on a carry conceal person...then it's shoot to kill...and you will get your payday belong in a body bag

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Dec-28-13 12:03 PM

With one hand

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Dec-28-13 9:37 AM

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