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Welfare cheater glad to get probation

Man ordered to pay $17,217 to Ohio

January 10, 2014

A Parkersburg man who created a fake Ohio address and received thousands of dollars in Ohio public assistance was sentenced Thursday in Washington County Common Pleas Court to three years of......

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Jan-10-14 5:02 AM

He cannot pay restitution with his own hard earned money. He's taking welfare money from West Virginia, which he probably doesn't deserve, and paying it back to Ohio. Why didn't the judge make him get a job and pay the money back with EARNINGS?

This crook should be in jail. It also shows how Obama's expansion of entitlements is screwing us all.

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Jan-10-14 5:45 AM

Doubt this is the first person to steal from all of us, after all it's all of us working that supply the money! He is one of the few they actually catch up with.

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Jan-10-14 5:49 AM

My earlier post should have said they actually "caught" up with. I cannot find a place to edit the original posting.

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Jan-10-14 7:53 AM

These scum are the lowest of the low. Not only is this guy capable of some hard manual labor somewhere, he's suckin' off the tax payer t*t and the judge let him slide. Just gonna do it some more. This is what chain gangs are for. There's no excuse and he's only sorry he got caught.

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Jan-10-14 8:38 AM

Wouldn't he have gotten mail from the welfare office at the belpre address, if so who was giving it to him if they say they never heard of him??...someone is covering for him and they should standing in front of the judge also...

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Jan-10-14 11:33 AM

How about a lot of jail time "after" he makes restitution? I suppose that would just be too much.

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Jan-10-14 12:13 PM

This probation sentence is a joke! The taxpayers will never see any of this money again. With no skills or training how will this guy never be able to make restitution? What's he going to do-get a job at McDonalds or Burger King? And what genius never thought to verify his address during his welfare application process? That public employee needs to be fired and fined as well! Next they'll be a major crack down and rechecking program to try and catch other cheaters who have gotten away with the same crime-this will cost the taxpayers millions! Either way we're the ones who really loose in this fiasco.

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Jan-10-14 12:17 PM

Next the taxpayers will have to pay for him to get mental health counciling and for him to go back to college too! And this is a punishment how? I think the entire welfare system needs to be shut down.

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Jan-10-14 12:41 PM

It would appear that the majority has chosen to take from the hard working and give to those who won't work even if it takes the dead, multi voting, and illegal immigrants voting to do it.

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Jan-10-14 2:31 PM

He could be a CEO of an Investment Bank. Sorry for the pun!

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Jan-10-14 2:47 PM

Scum.If he was receiving benefits in both states shouldn't he be prosecuted in WV also? Wouldn't he owe them some restitution?

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Jan-10-14 4:04 PM

It is awesome to see how one person takes advantage of the system then everyone who is on it should be kicked off the program? So because one person uses a gun illegally then everyone with a gun is a criminal? Amazing that these same people are against birth control or abortions but God help me if they will give any help for the kid after they are born. Honestly you hard werkin, truck driving, gun toting morons make me sick. Hopefully none of you never need help in the future. One crook does not make the whole system wrong or invalid.

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Jan-10-14 7:18 PM

Want to bet none of the money will ever be paid back?

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Jan-10-14 7:29 PM

Pocket change compared to what the politicians manage to get away with... But, I agree. Let him work it off with some hard labor. And, not everyone on welfare is a crook.

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Jan-10-14 7:40 PM

There are more like him than there are those that truly need it.

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Jan-10-14 7:48 PM

174,000 for 114 days of ' scheduled' work, billy can't get no ice cream 'cause he is on da welfare. That said, this only gives ammo to those that think they will never be in a needy person' s shoes, ....if you agree with shipping jobs overseas, stop b?tcin ' bout da welfare....think replacing workers with a touch screen is a good b?tchin' bout da welfare....

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Jan-10-14 8:14 PM

Elderly and veterans likely are in the population I was referring to that deserve it. My reference, which is more accurate than "stupid" is to lazy people that don't have any intention of working, cheating the system and YES....those "women" who pop out baby after baby and expect us to pay for it. So before you call any statement "stupid" , don't insinuate I was referring to elderly , veterans or those women who actually have fallen on hard times. I will still up hold the fact that there are more out there taking advantage of the system than there are those that actually need it and I for one am tired of it!

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Jan-10-14 10:56 PM

Does this mean that if I walk into Walmart and steal 17,000, that I can get off with NO jail time? He knew he was stealing. He should get the same punishment as someone who knowingly goes into an establishment and robs them.

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Jan-11-14 7:18 AM

I am guessing asknot is a recipient?

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Jan-11-14 11:05 AM

oneill just can't get over himself. At least I see his comments do not take an entire page this time. Profit is a dirty word to him, obviously. Working to earn wages is also foreign to him.

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Jan-12-14 8:58 AM

oneill, I am not a businessman, nor a recipient of any kind of welfare. I worked my 32 years in local government service for the "politicians", and now receive my earned pension from OPERS. I am sure that I had been around many years when you were teaching. I am surprised that you, as a teacher, will inject such words into comments that you cannot prove.

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Jan-12-14 11:06 PM

Brutus, the article states the man and his wife at the time were receiving welfare in two states. They had a bogus address in Ohio. Many people have three children to care for, and they don't try snd obtain welfare in two states. I think it is doubtful that anymore money will ever be paid back. Hopefully it will. This is stealing , from the states and ultimately the taxpayers. Several people wrote in to complain they did not think his was a fair punishment. This has nothing to do with political views. It's not that the man needed welfare that people object to, it's that he was getting it from two states.

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Jan-13-14 3:20 PM

Ah, oneill. He loves to call names. He also loves (in his own words) "guess" about others. The fraudster in this article needs to pay a price. Why is that so wrong, oneill?

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