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Mall shooting victim identified

January 15, 2014

West Virginia State Police on Wednesday identified the person killed Tuesday by a police officer after an incident at the Grand Central Mall....

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Jan-16-14 4:03 AM

I want the name of the purse snatching victim to be released to assure us that a crime really did spark the incident.

Also, 676girlie - I remember sometime back when members of the group "Anonymous" were supposed to be functioning out of New Mat. You said that you didn't know the two people that were supposedly involved at the mall, having lived in New Mat all your life. Please keep your nose to the ground about who these people could be and any political affiliations (if any) THANK YOU

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Jan-15-14 10:43 PM

And I'm not sure if they've recently moved to New Mat or where that came from but they are NOT from New Mat & didn't grow up there. I too grew up there, have never heard of them & so far, don't know anyone else that knows them either. Although I'm not surprised it ended up in the paper that way...anyone within a 20 mi radius that ends up in the paper is supposedly from there!

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Jan-15-14 10:26 PM

Brutus is a Lubeck Wv. troll that had the PN&S comments section shut down. Ignore that one.

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Jan-15-14 10:24 PM

BTW - Are there security cameras outside at that exit from the mall?

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Jan-15-14 10:19 PM

brutus and exofDevola - "DOTS" isn't saying ANYTHING other than what an attorney MAY take up as an argument against the "clean shooting" claim.

Rumors are already spreading that the deceased understood that he was dropping the other two off to go into the mall to retrieve job applications.

I don't KNOW, I wasn't there...and NEITHER WERE YOU. I can see how confused the driver may have been in the seconds it took for a plain-clothed officer to descended upon him, for a reason unknown to him, with his acquaintances diving into his car yelling "Get outa here!" I guess it would all depend upon how emphatic eye-witnesses would be to testify that the driver HAD TO know they were police officers...and even then??? ARE YOU ALREADY AWARE OF ANY PREVIOUS CRIMINAL RECORD ON THE PART OF THE DRIVER?

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Jan-15-14 9:45 PM

Dots, a wrongful death suit? I think that is crazy. You must have missed the part where several witnesses said the police identified themselves, then one got dragged by the car, the other officer had the getaway car attempt to run over him, as this nutty would be Bonnie and Clydes tried to flee. I think about if this did not play out the way it did, and the crazy trio went gunning out into the street ,hit some others, and escaped. How many of you then would be indignant that all those police were there and criminals got away? In I think some of you would be in a down right frenzy over the hapless police. you don't get to have it both ways. The thieves made poor choices and one was killed because he wanted easy money, and thought he d running was cool. Crime sometimes has dire consequences, but you want to somehow make the robbers poor little innocents. Get over it, they weren't.

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Jan-15-14 4:36 PM

I am from New Mat and have never heard of these people before and I have lived here my whole life.

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Jan-15-14 4:31 PM

I can already imagine the formulation of the lawyer's logic, representing the deceased's survivors, in a Wrongful Death suit (maybe Rightfully so). "He was patiently waiting in his car, for his buddies to run some errand in the mall. He saw his friends being chased out of the building, for some reason unknown to him, by two people that appeared angry and, in no way, were dressed as police officers. Panic ensued and he was only trying to vacate the area, for his safety and that of his friends, when he was wrongfully wounded by an assailant, unknown to him, from which the innocent man later died". "Your witness, counselor."

I would imagine that the pressure was adequately supplied against the two codefendants to 'confess' that the driver knew, fully, what was going on.

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Jan-15-14 2:44 PM

victim? I wouldn't call the driver a victim...WallyinWV...we shouldn't generalize, there are many good people in New Matamoras and just like all places there are good and bad.

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Jan-15-14 2:35 PM

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Jan-15-14 2:07 PM

If your accomplice gets killed during a crime can't you be charged with 2nd degree murder?

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Jan-15-14 1:38 PM

Why am I not surprised that two of them are from New Mat???

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Jan-15-14 1:32 PM

Though I doubt this experience will change them but I really hope that knowing a person died doing something stupid will keep those two from going back and stealing again.

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