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Woman grateful for drug arrest

January 17, 2014

A Parkersburg woman caught leaving an area motel room with bath salts was sentenced Thursday in Washington County Common Pleas Court to 120 days in jail. Ashley D. True, 25, of 3850 Central Ave. Apt....

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Jan-17-14 8:07 AM

Lane seems to be very unpredictable lately, maybe even slightly erratic. Isn't it about time to retire?

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Jan-17-14 10:08 AM

Of course she's grateful. Why shouldn't she be? While she's in prison she'll get free room an board-and a GED if she hasn't already got one. When she gets out she can go into a tax payer funded halfway house or rehab where she can sing up for food stamps, SSI and start to get her life back together by going to college-again on the taxpayers dime. Even better, if she grabs the first guy she sees and gets pregnant she'll have a financial gravy train rolling in till that kid is 18. And guess what else? If she relapses or drops out of school-so what? She is not responsible for paying one dime of that money back! Her conviction just got her a one way ticket to easy street.

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Jan-17-14 12:55 PM

As long as we continue to have a legal system that rewards people for bad decisions and choices the drug problem in our country will never get better. Firing Squad? No. I say send her a Reality Rehab where clients are required to have and keep a job, pay their own way through college if they should choose to go, give up their civil rights and rights to food stamps, wefare, SSI ECT.

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Jan-17-14 1:09 PM

If this girl truly is grateful and seriously wants to run her life around and get clean, I say "More Power To Her." But, let her get clean and sober ON HER OWN DIME. If she wants to go to rehab and get help, or go to college,great! But I don't see why the taxpayers should have to pick up the tab for her-or anyone's-mistakes. Maybe if we as a society would start taking things away from offenders instead of giving them things this problem could change for the better?

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Jan-17-14 1:16 PM

Maybe Ms. True got the 120 days because Judge Lane knew that she had been arrested in Parkersburg in Oct 2013 during a motel raid where they were making meth. Just a thought.

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Jan-17-14 4:35 PM

Tessie: Lane is purely a politician; his grasp of the law is questionable at best. Ethical? I think not. Yes, well past time to go.

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Jan-17-14 4:37 PM

I for one think that pot should be legalized it's no worse than alcohol.But we need to keep fighting against all the other drugs out there. The Marietta Police do a great job busting the drug dealers when they come to town to sell.But it's not to hard of a job everyone in town knows who the druggies are and where they live.The drug dealer can't be to smart they come to town and they stand out like sore thumbs. The police just wait till they have a lot of drugs and money and then raid them.You know the cheap motels in the area have hidden cameras watching them and cameras on all the roads coming into town. Kind of like shooting fish in a barrel it's all about the money and doing the raid.

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Jan-17-14 7:14 PM

I'm liking the new judge Lane. He seems to be sick of the repeat performers and these two picked bath salts. Only time will tell if Ms True is sincere, and will get her life together. I would tend to give her a lesser sentence , based on her demeanor, and contrite attitude. At least she figured out how to act sincere and behave in court. I'd throw the book at ms Skidmore who apparently has no plans to stop using, and still thinks she is in charge. She thinks her sentence is unfair! Oh dear, she still does not realize that she isn't the decider.

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