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Accused mall purse snatcher in court

January 22, 2014

PARKERSBURG — The man whose purse-snatching set off a chain of events that led to the death of his alleged accomplice last week was arrested on misdemeanor charges Tuesday....

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Jan-23-14 12:42 PM

I still think it was an overreaction by the police to put themselves into a situation where deadly force was needed. I think they just made a mistake. The thieves would have been caught eventually. The public’s safety was put in danger while shots were fired in a public parking lot......for a purse theft??? That doesn't mean I'm a cop hater or think the cops should be in trouble for this. Many decisions are made in a split second. I for one would not want to make those decisions. Being a police officer is a thankless job sometimes. Cops are human and make mistakes too though. That's all I'm saying. It's unfortunate that the thief put himself in that position also. He won't get to learn from his mistakes. I know in my heart that I would not want someone shot for stealing from me....some would want them executed.

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Jan-23-14 12:17 PM

Yes, yes, yes....we all know how important you are and how much you know brutus. LOL

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Jan-22-14 7:29 PM

I went to look back at the posts so I could see who said what but of course they are all gone. I also went through the comment section to look for some others , same thing. Really I can undertand why some of the topics got pulled off, foul language ,racial comments , and so on , but some of the things that got pulled are ridiculous - they were so tame and within the site's guidelines. What is it about things that are not in the least controversial? Why would the paper pull those?

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Jan-22-14 6:19 PM

Harley, lets say the wife had no clue wgphat was happening. She thought she waiting for the her husband and the now deceased Steven Pfalgraf to return to the car. But they are running out with the purse,jump into car, Pfalsgraf takes off dragging one officer. Then the now deceased man tries to rundown second officer. Car finally stops, she does not come out with her hands up because after all she's clueless, but she's still alive. So she runs? You think if she knew nothing , she s not going to make things worse by running. I think there should have been something to charge her with.

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Jan-22-14 6:09 PM

I don't think people realize that when there is an officer involved incident that requires one to shoot, there is an immediate investigation. The investigation is confidential. They don't release everything you want to know about what happened. They release little bits at a time, over the next weeks and months . I think that bring all conspiracy theorists out. I think what happens sometimes is you get preliminary reports by the press that are later proved to be incorrect. Also the rumor starts up when details are slim. I do remember several posters who could not wait to blame the police that are very quiet now.

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Jan-22-14 5:54 PM

HarleyRider, I thought after the car stopped in Toys R Us, the husband and wife fled the scene and then turned themselves into the police later that night.

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Jan-22-14 3:32 PM

richardcranium, she did not avoid the police anymore than you would be avoiding the police if you were riding in a car that was stopped and the driver sped off.

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Jan-22-14 2:38 PM

asknot, if you are labeling this particular person who questioned the tactics of police a "cop hater", you are sorely mistaken...of course with your penchant for name calling over generalizations you probably won't get it.

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Jan-22-14 2:32 PM

Brutus, so she wasn't in the car when the officer shot at the car? To me, that is not a normal day at the mall. Anyways, I am not so worried about her being charged. I am more worried about the WV State Police giving out false information about the law to the public. This is going to give the defense that you can evade the police without being charged. Please look up Mistake of Law and tell me you would not use it as a defense for evading police.

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Jan-22-14 2:11 PM

asknot, I remember a lot of posters hating on the deceased and a few posters who had reservations and questions about the tactics and amount of force used, but I don't recall any cop haters.

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Jan-22-14 2:07 PM

Still a bad situation all around however since he was an accomplice and not just some guy giving a friend a ride, he had to know that getting shot was a possibility. It's the risk you take when you chose to be a criminal.

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Jan-22-14 2:04 PM

brutus.....I believe that I remember something in a previous article that was released right after the shooting incident that stated that the girl had an assault charge on her record. How she gets off scot free after running from the police is strange in the least.

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Jan-22-14 1:56 PM

Yea right!! The girls are always innocent. Get a life!

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Jan-22-14 12:33 PM

So the female is not getting charged with anything even though she was in the car when the man was shot and she then fled the scene and police officers when the car stopped? So now we are saying that you can flee the police and not get charged? WV police need to look up the mistake of law defense.

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Jan-22-14 8:22 AM

The whole situation and how it all went down just amazes me. Such a wast.

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Jan-22-14 8:16 AM

So the deceased was inside the mall and knew exactly what was going on...not so innocent after all...

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Jan-22-14 7:09 AM

So did he get the job?

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