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Council hears more about fracking

January 22, 2014

Members of Marietta City Council's lands, buildings and parks committee on Tuesday heard a presentation on the horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process that would be used to extract natura......

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Jan-23-14 11:00 AM

(cont.) The natural underground movement of the Earth is not static. So even though the remaining fracking solution in the deep wells, or that in the injection wells is controlled today, it likely will not be over time. So is it worth it for a few dollars today, to potentially ruin the Earth our children and their children inherit? I think not. Compare this situation to the above ground atomic testing in Nevada. People were thrilled because of the economic boon, the potential of nuclear power. And we are now left with a highly contaminated area. We are left with documented genetic damage to people, animals, and plants. And that my friends is the tip of the iceberg of the damage that "safe" nuclear experiments left. We don't need another dangerous energy experiment where a few get rich and the rest don't benefit and in fact become casualties of the experiment.

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Jan-23-14 10:50 AM

I agree with Mr. Kephart about contamination of the well fields and protection of same from possible contamination from Route 60 in the case of an accident. Go to the park during ball season and you will find ample parking lot spaces sitting empty, while those attending the games park on the grassy off limits area so they're a few feet closer to the ball diamonds. Tennis players do the same. I also think that the two (or is it more) wells that are already contaminated need to be addressed and the toxins removed if possible.

But..I also think that it's in the best interest of the public to take a thorough look at the dangers of fracking under our town. Not all of the fracking solution is extracted. Remaining fracking solution takes the path of least resistance, and sometimes the path is upward toward the aquifer that supplies our people, plants, and animals. We can't afford to be short-sighted about this. (cont.)

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Jan-23-14 9:18 AM

RANDOM21 You need to stop one of the waste water trucks and fill up some gallon jugs with cancer causing waste water and take it home and make some Kool-Aid with it .

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Jan-22-14 9:14 PM

Lucky he has open access to those sealed settlements. Although quakes in Youngstown were tied to an injection waste well on an unknown fault, no one has tied any quakes to hydraulic fracturing directly.

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Jan-22-14 6:14 PM

Re: Josh Brown "I hope they are the first to get cancer and die a slow painful death."

Hey man, get a grip! What a thing to wish for council or anyone else for that matter. You need to rein it in a little.

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Jan-22-14 2:27 PM

Technology is great it has proven for a FACT that all the new earthquakes in Ohio are caused by Fractal drilling and storage.Technology was used to prove that millions of acres of land in OK,CO,WY have been destroyed by gas/oil drilling and then all the claims settled out of court & all the documents sealed.

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Jan-22-14 2:24 PM

rollingstone So what your saying is that it's okay to make people sick and kill them as long as people are making money and it's okay with most of the people ?

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Jan-22-14 9:50 AM

NasCarNut Yes Kind of like drilling through the middle of your house and to the basement and not going through your first floor. It's a Magic drill !

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Jan-22-14 9:49 AM

Whatdifferencedoesitmake We all know why they did it then to keep people from going and objecting. Now they can sit back and say they had a couple of meeting on it. I hope they are the first to get cancer and die a slow painful death.

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Jan-22-14 8:40 AM

There's no way fracking nearly a mile and a half beneath the surface could affect your water table."

How does he come to this conclusion, how can he be so sure??..

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