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Schools’ calamity days mounting

January 30, 2014

Local students have spent many days out of school through weeks of bad weather, a situation that has caused concern about making up for lost days, both from an educational and a scheduling standpoint....

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Jan-31-14 11:28 PM

Agreed that parents are the worst enemy for students. But if anybody knows anything about how teachers are hired and fired, there are quite a few that shouldn't be leading a classroom. Parents never change(your child is the best student right?), the people teaching can. If there was change in the process of evaluating the staff of public schools there would be much improvement in education. That could be a whole different article. Get that story Marietta Times.

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Jan-30-14 8:24 PM

River Rat, please add to your list politicians. Combined with your list of parents and advocates, politicians become the enablers of systemic failure. Politicians from every perspective; left, right, and middle push their agendas for what they believe to be best for the public schools. The end result of which is that no one is happy. The public education system, always under attack, still teaches willing students to add, subtract, multiply and divide, to read and comprehend, to communicate and socially interact with others in an acceptable and responsible manner. For proof, look no further than this paragraph. You read it. You comprehended it. What’s more, you will use critical thinking skills to decide whether you should agree or disagree with what was written. Most of you weren’t educated in a private school setting, therefore there is something to be said for public education!

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Jan-30-14 7:53 PM

Any excuse to bash a teacher. The US educational system has fallen behind because we now have to more concerned about how a kid feels and what affects it might have on their self esteem than their education.

That comes from b!^$hy parents, "You hurt my kids feeling with that bad grade." "You can't hold my student back, it might make him feel bad about himself." Like flunking year after year doesn't do the same.

Look at the number of kids getting text messages from their parents during class time. What message does that send the kids about "instructional time."

Parents and advocate groups are the problem, period!!

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Jan-30-14 7:17 PM

Just forget about it and buy them a good english to chinese translation book. Problem solved.

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Jan-30-14 6:50 PM

180 days required? There were at least 20 of those days being "free days" or "study day" when school was in session when i was a student. Mostly being when a sub was called in. Seems like actual work may have to happen for the teachers like everybody else with a job.

This isn't for every teacher, mom and sister are teachers and appreciate their patience with the children they educate and parents they have to put up with.

The only teachers that would complain about making up days are the ones that shouldnt be in the profession. Gotta love that seniority. It's why the schools never improve.

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Jan-30-14 12:37 PM

sorry for typos...iPhone! One more thing- after reading this article it appears that teachers and administrators are concerned that they may make up days that are later forgiven and they would have worked when they didn't have to!What dediction1

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Jan-30-14 12:32 PM

I agree EttaRocks...the number of actual instructional days for students are not enough as it is without giving additional "pardoned" days. Do the kids really need 2 week off a Christmas? Do they really need a week for Spring Break? These breaks are more for the parent than for hte good of the students. If I'm not mistaken, there are 178 actual instruction days in a normal calendar....take away 5 "given" calamity das, now 4 more" pardoned" days, less days wasted on special events such as field days, holiday parties, etc. and no wonder the USA falls behind in education!

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Jan-30-14 12:11 PM

Make-up days at the end of the year are wasteful also. Not a lot being done.

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Jan-30-14 11:22 AM

Ask any teacher, a 2-hour delay might as well be a full day off because absolutely nothing gets done in class. When you shorten each period to allow for the 2-hours, there isn't enough time left in a period to be productive. Adding a half hour on to each day would be a waste of time for the same reason.

If education is the goal, school should either be open at the normal time and have a regular school day or the entire day should be cancelled. If days have to be made up, so be it.

Just another reason our education system is lacking.

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Jan-30-14 7:41 AM

I am really frustrated with Marietta's call off days. Using a calamity day due to teacher's not reporting to work for one of their training days only (students were scheduled to go to school) was ridiculous. Everyone else goes to work when the weather is bad. Instead of adding days on to the end of the year, I would rather see the spring break reduced or add a 1/2 hour on each day.

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