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Life in prison for sex with pre-teen girl

February 7, 2014

A Marietta man accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with a pre-teen girl pleaded guilty to rape Thursday in Washington County Common Pleas Court and will receive a life sentence....

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Feb-08-14 11:01 AM

Yeh, easy to say he has mental problems. His real problem is he cannot keep it in his pants.

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Feb-07-14 8:09 PM

I agree with all the posters . One thing I would like to see in these many cases where a so called adult rapist ( man or woman ) violates a young child , is for a judge prosecutor, lawyer anyone says to the accused , " is what the*****were you thinking?" I want to hear it , and I don't give a rats ass how terrible a time or childhood this awful excuse for a human being has had. I just want to know what makes him think to do something this terrible to a young child, ruin this poor child's life , and make the poor soul feel worthless. I just want to know how they can justify this ? There is so much of this in theMOV. I d would like the rapist to stand up in court and try to explain exactly why they thought the had the right to ruin a child . I want to know what make these deviates this sick. Then I 'd like to hear the judge go ballistic on them before sentencing them life or worse. then id like to see the kids parents get ten minutes with the pervert .Life is not long eno

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Feb-07-14 2:49 PM

Yes our courts are seemingly getting it right. For years they always hammered drug offenders and let these dirt bags off with a slap on the wrist. Now first time drug offenders are getting lighter sentences and these scum are being put away like the dogs they are.

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Feb-07-14 10:33 AM

By the way Marietta Times, get someone else to write you headlines. Too often they are crouched in such a manner as to downplay the seriousness of the story, be politically correct or just downright misleading. It should have been 'Life in prison for RAPE of pre-teen' or 'Life in prison for sexual predator' or 'Life in prison for repeat sexaul offender'. It wasn't 'sex'. It was the brutal invasion of a 10 year old's mind, body and soul by an adult male. If you don't have the stomach or the ethics to call it what it is, then close up shop and allow someone more capable to come in and cover the news.

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Feb-07-14 10:12 AM

Some restitution might have been a good way to constantly remind him of why he's in there.

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Feb-07-14 10:03 AM

All I can say is whoever disagreed with Tessie's comments must be a pedophile and thinks rape of children is not a bad thing. I don't know who you are obviously but I hope any young children that might be around you are well watched.

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Feb-07-14 9:51 AM

This man is obviously a pedophile and the only course of action is to lock him up for the rest of his life. These types of sentences needed to be handed out more often for these individuals, because they will not change. They are attracted to children, and that attraction won't change.

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Feb-07-14 8:55 AM

For once Tessie i agree with you 1000%

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Feb-07-14 8:51 AM

Also the heading for this article minimizes this man's acts. Life in prison for sex.... How about life in prison for rape. Call it what it is.

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Feb-07-14 8:30 AM

Why not simply call this man's acts what they are? The acts aren't a "relationship" as Ms. Rogers refers to them, not once, but twice, in the article. This man several times, raped a child under the age of 10. He did not have a sexual relationship with her. Using the word relationship infers it was a mutually willing act. It was rape of a child.

The second time (with the 15 yr old), it's clearly statutory rape. Since her parents knew this was happening they need to be punished as well.

I hope this man gets the mental health treatment he needs while in prison. Many do not. I hope both young women can heal emotionally and spiritually from the trauma.

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Feb-07-14 8:13 AM

Two of these monsters sentenced to life in the past month, good job...

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