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Suicide at I-77 rest stop probed

February 7, 2014

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a suspected self-inflicted fatal shooting at the Interstate 77 rest area north of Marietta....

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Feb-08-14 12:56 AM

There's nothing illegal about having a gun at the rest area, if you have a concealed carry permit, or not. Open carry is legal in Ohio.

This guy, and his family are in my prayers. I know well the pain from a loved one taking their own life. I went through years (still do), of wondering if there was anything I could have done to prevent my relative from taking his life.

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Feb-07-14 8:35 PM

Tessie I am very sorry about your situation, how terrible for your family. I do think there are many people who can be helped, but I also think they are just as many who refuse any help offered and are not receptive to any helping hand thrown their way. I do think there are people who have had their life not turn out the way the wanted and that is mainly because they have made no attempt to try and work to make it so. Now they are having a hard time and they don't like it, so instead of taking responsibility and trying to change, they blame others/ it's their mothers fault ,or their dad's or their girlfriends, never their own. They try to find someone else to blame . Then in the end , they do commit suicide blaming of course not themselves but all these other people, the relatives feels the guilt has been projected onto them by this selfish person who continually passed the buck. This becomes their cross to bear/ and they are ones left to deal for life.

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Feb-07-14 1:16 PM

It seems there are many who think suicide is a cowardly way out and that it's a selfish act. It's neither of those. It's very often an impulsive act of desperation. It's often the only way a person can see to end their pain. IF there had been an interruption, for example someone entering the restroom, this man might not have died. It might have been that just a few seconds interruption would have been enough for him to change his mind.

If you have a friend or family member showing signs they may be thinking about suicide, please talk to them. Please help them get the help they need.

My mother suicided several years ago. I can't begin to know the pain she was in, the depths of despair she felt. After my anger and grief subsided, I can talk about it, understand it. I wish she was still here. It shook all of her children, grandchildren, friends, sisters to our core. She had no idea

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Feb-07-14 10:54 AM

I can see that some of you have lived such a sheltered life that you have never faced a real crises.

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Feb-07-14 10:22 AM

It's a good thing that he died in the incident or he would have been arrested for having a gun at a rest stop.

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Feb-07-14 10:18 AM

I agree with reality. It is cowardly and selfish.

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Feb-07-14 9:16 AM

NasCarNut, thanks for your partial agreement. i do not know anything about this particular person outside of the article. however, i do know about the effects of suicide on children that find the deceased body of a parent from suicide. i also, see the damage done to innocent citizens when jumpers, those that die by train or walking into traffic, and the shear devastation from self-inflicted gunshots. it is a terrible scene to witness and leaves a very indelible impression upon all those that are made to view the aftermath. that is why i wrestle with the subject. is it better to allow those the opportunity to have a private controlled demise verses one that traumatizes the innocent?

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Feb-07-14 8:44 AM

I don't see anything wrong with suicide if someone wants to end their life let them.

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Feb-07-14 8:09 AM

I can agree with LTS to a point...if someone has a disease that is not curable and is suffering in their last months or days but not if they are just depressed, mentally ill etc...I'm wondering, does LTS know something that wasn't in the article??...

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Feb-07-14 8:05 AM

No. Suicide is the absolute most selfish thing any person can do. We need to do everything we can to help those contemplating suicide. However, I have no compassion for anyone that takes the easy way out. I'll save mine for the ones these cowards leave behind.

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Feb-07-14 6:58 AM

much of the collateral trauma and mental anguish left in their wake could be averted. Jack Kevorkian may have just been ahead of the curve on this subject.

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Feb-07-14 6:58 AM

i am sad for this mans family but this may allow us to open the respectful discussion for doctor assisted end of life decisions. while as a christian i wrestle with many of the societal woes we humans not only find ourselves in but also the ones we create and try to reconcile between my compassion and the sanctity of life. the individual that has reached the point in which they contmplate the taking of their life is creating an initial victim..namely themselves. those folks that take their lives have an affect other people that may happen upon them, or the relative,adult and child both, that have to find the remnants of their actions, and the victims of the collateral damage by the physical ramifications left by those that choose this route in which to say good-bye is tragic. perhaps it is time to consider allowing there to be a viable medically supervised alternative for those that have the desire, dtermination and will to end their personal suffering. if that were to be allowed so

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