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Concern over injection wells in Coolville

February 8, 2014

Back to back semi trucks—the word “brine” stenciled on the tanks they hauled—crossed the narrow bridge right below Coolville resident Dorothy Radar’s house Friday afternoon....

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Feb-10-14 11:50 PM

ODNR---What a joke---They could'nt regulate Girl Scout Troop!!!

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Feb-10-14 8:09 AM

Brine water is so safe that both PA & NY won't let it be dumped in they're states but because Ohio is ran by a bunch of monster that don't mind killing people for a buck it's dumped here.

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Feb-10-14 7:55 AM

Radium in one sample of Marcellus shale wastewater, also called brine, that Pennsylvania officials collected in 2009 was 3,609 times more radioactive than a federal safety limit for drinking water. It was 300 times higher than a Nuclear Regulatory Commission limit for industrial discharges to water.

The December 2011 study, compiled by the U.S. Geological Survey, also found that the median levels of radium in brine from Marcellus shale wells was more than three times higher than brine collected from conventional oil and gas wells.

Yep, it's just salt water no big deal...

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Feb-09-14 8:39 PM

ask not and Josh- You know what- I am wondering if all these people(including all the professional protestors) just cant wait to start suing because you know all oil & gas workers are not trying to pollute your area-There have been offshore wells for years in Texas Louisiana and fracking in green states like Colorado and Wyoming -and get this its been a profitable industry for years!

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Feb-09-14 4:13 PM

seamstress Tell You what contact the oil/gas drillers and have them spray down your driveway and sidewalks with their special brand of "Brine Water" even have them fill up your swimming pool with it so you can have a salt water pool.I promise everyone will come visit you when you get cancer from it. ExGINam If people are making money it's okay to make them sick and kill them ? So let's say she get's $1k a year in royalty's/lease out of pocket cost for cancer treatment is anywhere from $10K-$100K to treat.

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Feb-09-14 3:59 PM

Ask this lady how many gas wells were drilled on their property. I do believe they were fracked right beside this little bridge. I'm sure she is enjoying her free gas heating and the royalty checks they receive every month.

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Feb-09-14 3:50 PM

brine is salt water. why are you not complaining about the millions of tons of salt they are dumping on the roads? all of it will end up in the water table.

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Feb-08-14 11:04 PM

Dorothy: If you 't make the "Hicks" comment attributed to you, could the reporter just made it up to rile the general population? Surely a retraction would be in order if the notes of the conversation didn't jibe with what was printed. Seems the value of property in Washington County is rising according to the assessor's tax estimates mainly based on increased mineral values of the land. Same thing happening in Wood County with twenty percent increases not that uncommon. Nothing else but the mineral values have changed that much in recent years. While the taxes have increased yearly by 7% or so, a one time 20% increase is really piling on.

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Feb-08-14 8:00 PM

whatdifferencedoesitmake So as long as there are jobs it's all good to make people sick and kill them? So how much is a family's health worth in the valley? The oil/gas drillers are destroying the valley and they will walk away when they are done pillaging it leaving only billions of gallons of toxic waste water behind and dying family's

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Feb-08-14 7:36 PM

See, just look. I told you so.... The fact that it is destroying property values, communities and has potential to kill makes no difference to these people.

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Feb-08-14 3:00 PM

Brine means jobs which is actually a cover for money for fat cats in Republican.

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Feb-08-14 12:48 PM

I can't wait till the City& Oil/gas driller tries to do this in the city limts it's going to be payday for a lot of people!

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Feb-08-14 12:45 PM

If I lived in that area I would talk to a lawyer about doing a class action lawsuit. They need to get they're wells tested and need to take pictures of their foundations.I feel really bad for the people that live in that area having their property values plummet.

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Feb-08-14 12:35 PM

Don't worry folks the government says it's okay so that's good enough for me !

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Feb-08-14 12:19 PM

Dorothy Rader here -- I didn't make that last comment about "Appalachian Hicks" -- that must have come from someone else you talked to. Thanks again for doing the article. God bless you & be sure and go to Church tomorrow morning. Go with God. Dorothy

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Feb-08-14 11:22 AM


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Feb-08-14 11:18 AM

Hmmm....C8 levels....really? And Ohio legislature does not force these frackers to disclose the contents of the fracking fluids. It seems we should control and understand it if they are finding carcinogens. Shame on our elected officials!

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Feb-08-14 8:03 AM

Attention Josh!!!

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