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Oil, gas drilling lease: Yes or no?

Public opinion varies on proposal to City of Marietta

February 11, 2014

Should Marietta City Council approve the leasing of more than 35 acres of municipal property to Tulsa, Okl....

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Feb-11-14 6:58 AM

The noise pollution while drilling alone could be a deterrent, if a drilling site is around any homes. Of course this would only be a concern of people around a drilling site, the rest of the population wouldn't care. Where are the sites they want to drill?

I think putting something like this on a ballot is a very good idea.

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Feb-11-14 7:56 AM

Who cares anymore? We're being screwed every which way by our national and even local govt. Look at the Armory as to how wasteful our local govt is. How about all the "green space" Kalter and Mullen got us that we lose tax revenue on? How about giving Marietta Memorial Hospital free rein to build as much as they want without needing to go to council now to get permits or variances? How about the tax payer grant money now going to the Colony Cinema? (Oh, I forgot...The People's Bank Theatre!) We should all get free tickets to this place if it's ever done. A lot of that tax money goes directly into Hunt Brawley's pocket, if you didn't know.

So, no matter what, it doesn't matter anymore. As President Obama said, he can do whatever he wants. It doesn't matter what the little person has to say anymore...

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Feb-11-14 8:57 AM


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Feb-11-14 9:22 AM

The noise pollution while drilling alone could be a deterrent

I would think the noise would be the least of any ones worries...but like I've said before if it's safe enough to drill in the rural areas why not the city??...our health is just as valuable as you city folks health...drill baby drill ;)

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Feb-11-14 9:57 AM

I think if "they" are positive it will not affect drinking water or anything environmentally then go ahead and drill. I just hope "they" are right.

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Feb-11-14 11:24 AM

Drinking water is just one of the many problems that will happen.Benzene will be one of the main problems as it come off the drilling sites and floats around the city.But I will be the first to file a lawsuit Cambridge was going to do the same thing till they talked to their lawyer and found out they could and would get sued.

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Feb-11-14 11:48 AM

I think they're going to drill and release explosive gases and BLOW US ALL TO SMITHEREENS!!!

Drill baby drill!

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Feb-11-14 12:23 PM

Liz maybe save the date of the explosion for when joshbrown and asknot are nearby protesting

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Feb-11-14 12:47 PM

Really Josh Brown? Where's the evidence that this happened in Cambridge? Name your source.

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Feb-11-14 12:49 PM

Josh and Ask..I am only offering info,not my opinion.First off..all of this polluted drinking water that is claimed to originated from fracking was caused by natural methane deposits and the water had been bad for CENTURIES before the first well was fracked.Gasland was the biggest hoax ever played out regarding drilling.If there were a dime to be made by suing the drillers..woulda been done a long time ago.Also,that is private property that is being drilled for..are you proposing stripping away the rights the owners have to sell their personal property?I am on wellsites almost daily..where is all this benzene supposed to come from?You are breathing mor Butadiene from Shell every bay than you ever will benz from a well.Do you fill up your car tank?You just breathed more benz right there than you ever will in a lifetime at a wellsite.I personally dont believe injection wells should be legal.Fracking however is comp different.Josh,you made the statement that aALL earthquakes north of her

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Feb-11-14 12:54 PM

were caused by inj pressure.Poison pilled your stance right there.The USGS NEVER said that.They said that the most recent quakes could be tied to that site.NOT ALL.Weather the city signs this lease or not has nothing to do with the ability to drill that formation.They are going to drill it doesnt sign..they will drill it anyway and send a check..however it will be without the $4500/acre lease $$.This drilling under this area is going to happen even if the city does not sign.

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Feb-11-14 12:56 PM

lighten up ask not its called sarcasm

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Feb-11-14 1:00 PM

If you want to be outraged by this action..go thru the articles in the times leading up to this one and see what information disappeared and has been INTENTINALLY removed by the Times reporting staff.Noone is asking WHO locally will benefit from this municipal lease agreement finacially.

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Feb-11-14 1:26 PM

ask not: i would never wish death on anybody but i would wish a fatal computer virus on your's and josh's machine

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Feb-11-14 1:32 PM

slogoin Thank You pointing out the fact that everyday of lives we are bombarded with pollution and that the oil/gas drilling and storage of toxic cancer causing fractal fluid is just adding too it.

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Feb-11-14 1:35 PM

Lizard I like "Sue Baby Sue" over "Drill Baby Drill "

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Feb-11-14 1:40 PM

a good fracking job goes aprox 80' from the well bore.. 1 1/2 miles below the water table thru 7 layers of concrete and steel and thru the big lime at that..calling BS on Dukes study.Deep methane has no different sig than shallow and they cant back that up as fact.Not defending oil/gas drillers..but it just aint so.

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Feb-11-14 1:43 PM

35 arcres cant hold up a block..its gonna be done even if the city doesnt sign.Just certain local people wont make as much $$ if the city doesnt sign

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Feb-11-14 1:49 PM

Lizard, Has Obama taken your guns yet? It was supposed to happen the day after he was elected. Is Islam the national religion? Again, that was also supposed to happen immediately. Has he seized and nationalized all the corporations and their assets? If so, he forgot to tell the Koch brothers and the heritage alliance. yep Obummer sure is a problem Huh?

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Feb-11-14 1:49 PM

The really sad part about all this is that a disaster is going to have to happen before people start doing anything about this. It's a shame that as a country that we are not more proactive instead of reactive all the time. GOD help us all !

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Feb-11-14 1:56 PM

Ohio Supreme Court schedules oral arguments for Feb. 26 in a case challenging ODNR's sole and exclusive regulatory authority over oil and gas drilling The Ohio Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on February 26, 2014, in a case involving a challenge to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' (ODNR) sole and exclusive regulatory authority over all of the oil and gas drilling in the state, The Stow Sentry reports (See our Sept 25, 2013, blog post for more information). In February, the Ninth District Court of Appeals (in State of Ohio ex rel. Jack Morrison, Jr. v. Beck Energy Corp.) concluded that the City of Munroe Falls' home rule ordinances attempting to regulate oil and gas well permitting could not be enforced because they conflicted with, and were preempted by, the ODNR's authority under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1509. The Ohio Supreme Court agreed to hear the case back in June. Let's Hope they win there case !

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Feb-11-14 1:57 PM

Josh,I agree with your last statement.Look up the history of ANWAR in Alaska.Then look at how the US GOV loaned billions to foreign countries to exploit offshore drilling while we were banned in the US.These locations wouldnt even be drilled if the gov didnt force this hand.Take a serious look at the location of the Bakken Shale and who owns the ground and you will see the the government IS the problem

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Feb-11-14 2:03 PM

We supply most of that data ASK.The correlated off of many diff sources.The isotopes mentioned are also found in the basements and crawl spaces of many homes and mines..Radon as known to many.All Duke does is maintain a data base and correlates research from that said base.Again..not defending..not sayin impossible****anic compounds containing trace amts of radiation from the Marc is nothing new.

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Feb-11-14 2:12 PM

Ask,those isotopes are found in MANY area's..not just deep formation.

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Feb-11-14 2:32 PM

I have that mine the wording is as follows"isotopes were identified that NORMALLY are found in deeper deposits containing" its all blah blah from there.Ask,you seem passionate about this.Please look at the geologic column and a hard look at the Big Lime and go WAY down the column to the Marc.Im not saying impossible.But not probable certainly.I do think its funny how the professors from the college have so much to say about this.I NEVER run into them on the jobs..and the so called educated I do work with are lucky to find their cars in the parking lot..that you had to give them a ride to.

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