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New iron giants

2 armored vehicles delivered to sheriff’s office

February 12, 2014

Two new towering armored vehicles capable of deflecting bullets, traveling in flooded areas, and detecting the presence of gas and chemicals are ready for deployment by the Washington County......

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Feb-14-14 8:55 AM

Ok, one but is two really necessary? Add to that they are not paid for, the second they received a grant but that did not cover the total cost of the Bearcat.

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Feb-13-14 7:22 PM

h ttp://w om/Rise-Warrior-Cop-Militarization-Americas/dp/1610392116

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Feb-13-14 7:19 PM

stick - I'm WELL AWARE of the nationwide militarization of our police forces. It seemed it really kicked in after the Rodney King riots. I'm not certain that wasn't an arranged affair as our CIA has used LA as a playground before.

I remember when some agencies were embarrassed because it was revealed that they had accepted BAYONETS from the military. Tell us the last time an officer had to 'stick' a civilian.

h ttp://w ww.thefreelibrary.c om/BAYONETS+A+REAL+STICKING+POINT%3b+POLICE+AGENCIES+DENY+SURP****WEAPONS...-a083890445

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Feb-13-14 2:35 PM

Konnect, the supplying of re-armored military rifles has been a longtime program. Just a year or so ago, there was a company selling off M-1 Carbines the military had given the Detroit Police Department after the issuing of them to troops ended with the introduction of the M-16. These are supposedly armored to only allow 3 round bursts on "select fire."

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Feb-13-14 9:53 AM

Interesting articles Konnect.

Greek, your posts last night reveal exactly what I suspected about you, lol.

Boys and their war toys will end up hurting the people of Washington County far more than helping them. The people of this county elected these goofballs so what's that say about the people who live here?

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Feb-13-14 3:43 AM

20 minutes go by and someone "disagrees" with the reporting of the Cato Institute's take on the Bonar raid.

How do YOU disagree with reported FACT?

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Feb-13-14 3:22 AM

"Botched Paramilitary Police Raids"

h ttp://w ww.cato.o rg/raidmap

Go to the interactive map, scroll down on the state of Ohio and right-click on the green balloon icon just above and left of the words "West Virginia".

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Feb-13-14 3:13 AM

"Local police boost arsenals with free military weapons"

"Critics say results deadly; cops point to well-armed criminals, budget cuts."

h ttp://w ww.daytondailynews.c om/news/news/local/local-police-boost-arsenals-with-free-military-wea/nPSGC/

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Feb-13-14 1:40 AM

Odd that dear Washington County, Ohio, feels they need 2 of these monsters. The entire county has around 61,000 people living in it. Contrast to Dayton, Ohio, and Montgomery County, where they are still using older models of armored vehicles (and have one). Dayton's population alone is 141,000 residents. And perhaps have a situation where the special weapons team (and their older, less armored vehicle is used) perhaps once or twice a month.

Larry's likely going to need those to assist the Mayor of Beverly clean up the Valley Inn, and rid it of the dangerous "gangs" that hang out there. Maybe he can end the insanity of them doing toy drives to benefit lower income families at Christmas.

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Feb-13-14 1:28 AM

asknot, clearly you're not following the story on DC & Chicago. They didn't willingly do away with their gun bans, they were ordered to after the Heller decision (DC) and the McDonald decision (Chicago) by the US Supreme Court.

And though the "reduced" their outright bans, the laws passed that make gun ownership near impossible for most people essentially keep their bans in place. If you can't afford the "hoops" they put you through, you're still legally disarmed.

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Feb-12-14 9:00 PM

Lizard may I point out that the sheriff is a republican while the president is a democrat. Perhaps you overlooked that while contemplating the 'takeover' which in your mind is bound to come

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Feb-12-14 8:57 PM

How far right is Washington County that its residents would take a humble public servant such as Sherriff Minks and turn him into some kind of monster just waiting for his chance to devour all those who would dare to disagree with him?

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Feb-12-14 4:57 PM

I keep hearing the John Astin character on Night Court, only now he is saying, " I'm feeling much SAFER now." Welcome to the Buckeye, er, I mean police state, Still think some are jealous of our freedom, Me, not so much....

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Feb-12-14 4:55 PM

At least this vehicle is big enough that I'm sure it won't be "lost" like the AR-15. I just wonder how many Larry decals will be put on this thing when it's in all the parades?? What a waste of my money!

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Feb-12-14 4:14 PM

I shudder to think how dangerous living here woulda been with Forshey..

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Feb-12-14 4:10 PM

Ask..the LAST lead smelting plant in the US shutterd in December.We now get to rely on corrossive,cheap chineese lead for our bullets WSJ December as far as this truck being used on the local population..Forshey was and woulda been a FAR greater threat than our current admin.When Parks was injured 99 times out of a hundred he woulda been getting swept up with a crime scene shop vac..but cooler heads prevailed and the shooter was taken alive.The Dept has shown restraint in my opinion

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Feb-12-14 1:01 PM

I have to agree with Oneil's last comment.

Anyway folks, we buy $500,000 fire trucks hoping we do not have to use them.

We build aircraft carrier hoping we don't have to use them.

We build helipads on top of the hospital for life flights hopoing we never have to use them.

But when you need these things, it is awful nice to have them.

When the Sheriffs department get a call to respond to a nut case of some other incident, I want the deputies to be safe.

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Feb-12-14 12:18 PM

@Charbar: I agree totally. This is a total waste of money.....And they are going to have monthly training! That means more overtime money or less time that officers are out on the streets doing what they are supposed to. They need to realize that just being reactive to crime is never going to stop it. You have to be proactive in the fight against crime. As you said, treatment facilities and drug awareness programs would go way further in the battle against crime. These armored vehicles are just more unnecessary toys. It goes along with the same idea of building more prisons but not wanting to spent money on education. IMO

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Feb-12-14 11:07 AM

It seems to me that having a reentry plan at the jail and an in-patient facility for drug users would PREVENT the need for these armored trucks. But why spend the county's money wisely when you can just catch the same meth addicts over and over? All while getting positive attention in the media for it...

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Feb-12-14 11:00 AM

asknot...If you can answer a question, you might help illuminate Obama's efforts in expecting and preparing for "civil unrest". Why has the govt been buying and stock piling BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition, much of which is only to be used domestically for deep penetrating wounds? That would be hollow point ammunition which is NOT used routinely for practice. In addition, the ammunition has been stock piled around the federal govt's various departments around the country including the DEA, NOAA, Postal Service, etc.


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Feb-12-14 10:22 AM

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail. They have a very narrow focus, and now that Mr. Cunningham will not have another set of eyes on the budget, we can expect more of the same shenanigans.

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Feb-12-14 10:20 AM

"The cold air and elements meant that perimeter teams were switched out hourly, he added." After the Ransom home was bombarded with tear gas canisters, the same cold air and elements helped to destroy what the tear gas did not.

Keeping the peace is the first task of the sheriff's office and that's where Mr. Mincks should concentrate his energy and resources. Instead, he and our Revolutionary War Reenactor commissioners want to militarize the Sheriff's department and play war.

Let's keep the focus local for a minute and stop blaming Washington politics and Mr. Obama for what is a decision made by Mr. White, Mr. Feathers and Mr. Mincks. This is an abuse of power as far as I'm concerned and it should not have happened.

To use the Ransom case as an example shows just how weak their necessity argument is. That situation was escalated by the people who should have deescalated it. They seem to live by the principle that when your only tool is a hammer, every problem becom

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Feb-12-14 10:07 AM

What happened to Chief Deputy Mark Warden??

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Feb-12-14 9:51 AM

NOW!! You better not mess with or **** off King Meeks...Lol

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Feb-12-14 9:45 AM

i think Mr. Minks is a fine man and a good public servant. But do we REALLY need these sorts of vehicles in our quiet little community?

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