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Propane prices, supplies a pain

February 12, 2014

The average price of propane in Ohio has increased by more than $1 since the beginning of the year, and nationwide the average retail price is up by $1.62 since October, according to the U.S....

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Feb-12-14 11:18 PM

Txbuckeye You are whats wrong with America you will do anything to make a dollar even if you have to kill someone to do it you are a sad pathetic person .Thank GOD fuel cells will do away with oil/gas!

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Feb-12-14 10:26 PM

sometimes I just have to chuckle at some of this. I think people like joshbrown are exactly the type they had in mind when they coined the popular southern phrase "let 'em freeze to death in the dark"

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Feb-12-14 8:36 PM

Random21 thank you pointing out the fact we are being bombard with pollution everyday and that the oil/gas drillers are just adding too it!

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Feb-12-14 8:30 PM

Too bad Josh wasn't living in the valley during the heydays of old. When plants and manufacturers lined both sides of the river and people had jobs that kept food on the tables, but the air certainly had an odor and smoke poured from every stack. He would appreciate how much cleaner and safer the area has become that allows all those workers to get to their service jobs at the multitude of eating places that have risen from the ashes of a once vibrant economy. Sometimes I miss the beautiful sunsets shining through the haze. No one gets out alive.

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Feb-12-14 8:19 PM

You'll have to complain to the Apple company for all their toxic products and all the sickness they spread, whether real or imagined. My computer has a virus right now and maybe I'll have to open GetaPriest and ask for last rites.

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Feb-12-14 7:47 PM

As long as there is jobs &money to be made it's okay to make people sick and kill them!

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Feb-12-14 6:23 PM

Unfortunately the Bakken lacks the pipeline superstructure to transport its natural gas to market resulting in the flaring of much of it. About $100million per month is burned off. What a waste, but until pipelines are built for the gas to be transported to distribution hubs, burning is the only alternative. Locally there exists more of pipeline network in place to move the products. Small cracking plants are being built throughout the area that will strip the liquids (propane, butane, isobutane, and ethylene) allowing the remainder to be used for homes and industries. The other products will increase in volume as more wells come on line. Those small plants are being built by local building trades as we speak. Good paying jobs and they aren't finished yet.

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Feb-12-14 4:18 PM

Well, while I still can, its time to stoke the wood burner, but it beats being at the whim of the subsidized oil companies, seems they should have a little more propane on hand with all that drilling going on in the Marcellus and Bakken fields,

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Feb-12-14 4:09 PM

Propane Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) **** › About the Agency › FAQ's A unique feature of propane is that it is not produced for its own sake, but is a by- product of two other processes, natural gas processing and petroleum refining .

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Feb-12-14 4:07 PM

Natural gas plant production of propane primarily involves extracting materials such as propane and butane from natural gas. Similarly, when oil refineries make major products such as motor gasoline and heating oil, some propane is produced as a by-product of those processes. It is important to understand that the by-product nature of propane production means that the volume made available from natural gas processing and oil refining cannot be adjusted when prices and/or demand for propane fluctuate

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Feb-12-14 3:49 PM

As a sacrifice to all mankind, Josh should strap himself to those trucks and absorb as much radiation as possible to expose the extent of the contamination. We may have to wait 20 or 30 years for anything to develop but in the mean time we can freeze in winter and die of heat prostration in the summer. More will die from both of these than having a truck pass by. Shutting down existing power without a viable replacement already online is not a good plan. Millions will suffer from the unavailability of power versus the few killing themselves with their smartphones held too close to their brains.

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Feb-12-14 12:50 PM

Greed is the downfall of man.

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Feb-12-14 9:47 AM

I wonder how much radiation we are exposed too from the fractal trucks driving down Washington street ?

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Feb-12-14 8:11 AM

Thegeek sounds like you would enjoy living in China they like smog they say it help protect the cities from the enemy.

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