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Good intentions land Waterford woman in jail

February 13, 2014

A Waterford woman was sentenced Wednesday to four months in the Washington County Jail for selling heroin to a friend who was acting as a confidential informant. Toni A....

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Feb-13-14 5:10 AM

I hope she gets sober from the H. Suboxone is not the answer.People abuse suboxone just as bad as methadone. You are just replacing the one hard drug for the other. Your disease is just staying idle waiting for the next big dose. Just another way for pharmaceutical companys to make millions.

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Feb-13-14 6:40 AM

Note to fiance: She would not be going to jail if she did not acquire and sell the drugs. Is it that hard to understand? You both sound like stupid criminals.

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Feb-13-14 7:52 AM

I kind of agree with the fiancé. Although what she did was wrong and she should be punished, I do think the punishment was a bit extreme. Like he said she has no record and gets 4 months. People who are repeat offenders just get a slap on the wrist. Come on!!!

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Feb-13-14 8:23 AM

You don't hear about the gas/oil driller workers getting busted but you see them buying the stuff at the local bars. I wonder if Marietta police has worked out a deal with them so they don't get arrested ?

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Feb-13-14 8:48 AM

@turk024: Although you are correct about people abusing Suboxone, it is the answer for many...along with meetings and therapy. Suboxone is an aide and a good drug for someone who really wants to quit. A person does not gain a tolerance for it. For someone who doesn't really want to quit you are right, it is just another drug that can be abused.

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Feb-13-14 8:55 AM

I hope she gets sober from the H. 

If you read the article it said she was addicted to pain killers, she never used hero!n...the friend most likely had prevoius drug charges and got them dropped for being an least she went to rehab and got help and is now doing her time instead of turning someone else in...

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Feb-13-14 9:08 AM

She should have stolen 14 years of social security worth $140,000 -- for that she'd get 30 days in federal pen plus "restitution" at $50 per month....gotta pick the right crimes!!

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Feb-13-14 10:38 AM

There are never any "good intentions" when it comes to drugs. I am just glad she finally got caught. She has exposed her kids to too much for a very long time. Toni used to be a hard worker, but turned to drugs for whatever reason, and they have taken over her life. Sad I hope she gets the help she needs and gets her life turned around real quick.

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Feb-13-14 12:44 PM

The wonderful world of rodents. (Rats)

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Feb-13-14 1:09 PM

She owned what she did, has sought help for her addiction and will now do her time...I feel she's doing the right thing, getting her life in order is more important than getting out of her charges and turning another addict in...she's on the right path, let's hope she stays on this path...

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Feb-13-14 1:58 PM

Last minute story, good try. Does the informant get to keep the H? Hope rehab works and she gets off the pills.

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Feb-13-14 2:27 PM

How you constitute committing a criminal act as "good intentions" baffles me. Didn't she know buying and selling (or supplying) controlled substances is a crime?

"Good intentions" would be getting the addict (or confidential informant) into treatment.

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Feb-13-14 8:06 PM

I'm surprised the fiancée said she was not a drug user and she did this to help a friend. He must be in deep denial. To buy ****** is against the law, and she is a drug user if she's addicted to pills ? I guess to drug users , they feel they are good because they are addicted to H.

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Feb-13-14 11:31 PM

Do people really consider four months in jail to be an extreme punishment for suppling ******.

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Feb-14-14 7:04 AM

I still think they are both stupid criminals.

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Feb-14-14 9:11 AM

Let me guess.....the same people that make the oxycodone are making the suboxdone? -or whatever the heck it is--what a scam! These prescription painkillers seem to be highly addictive, with no shortage of pusher doctors or "pain clinics" to dole them out like candy....

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Feb-14-14 11:33 PM

Isn't the road to Hades paved with "good intentions"

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