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Parents form new private school

Veritas Classical Academy to open next school year

February 14, 2014

Marietta will soon be the location of a completely new private school, as a group of parents and educators have come together to form and open the Veritas Classical Academy beginning at the start of......

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Feb-14-14 6:46 AM

Jade Thompson is Andy Thompson's wife. Instead of our elected official trying to fix our school systems, he is branching out and spending our tax dollar (yes, your tax dollars go to these schools too!), on charter schools. He has not done one thing to help SE Ohio Schools. Knowing his wife was a teacher, I voted for him thinking that would be his platform. Never again.

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Feb-14-14 7:19 AM

Getta..learn to read.NOT tax supported.As far as Mr Thompson goes,call ANY other rep from government and see if you get a response in a timely manner.Mr Thompson has returned my calls promptly all but once,and that call came early in the evening due to his schedule.

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Feb-14-14 7:53 AM

Warren has 80 students using a E-School system and they are using the public school buildings for class rooms. This just shows one direction public schools are taking. Only good part about this they don’t need a high priced teacher to oversee a class room. Teachers are supplied by the E-School system.

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Feb-14-14 8:05 AM

any threat to the educational momopoly machine will be dealt with and dealt with quickly. kudos to the folks that are stepping outside of the norm and doing more than just complaining about things or the wish and hope folks that do nothing, all the while expecting the perpetuators of the problems to provide improvement.

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Feb-14-14 8:13 AM

I'd love this option and I think it's a great thing for the students that are able to attend. The public school system has become a joke thanks to the federal government.

I'd love to be able to enroll my kids at the academy. I guarantee they would receive a better education than the public indoctrination system we have now.

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Feb-14-14 8:14 AM


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Feb-14-14 8:29 AM

We already have a great private school in Williamstown (WCCS) that is not using Common Core, whose academics are superior to public schools, whose environment is wholesome, whose campus is top-notch and other qualities that Veritas desires.

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Feb-14-14 8:39 AM

Isn't it about time? We've got to escape the mediocrity of public schooling. It is a real demotivator when it comes to excelling. Why don't the public school proponents see that? Just getting by is not enough for many parents. Why waste your time in any of our local schools, even the so-called best? They teach to the "average" student, but there is no attempt to cultivate a child's inate talents, gifts and abilities. Even worse, there is absolutely no motivation to "bring out the best" in each student. Much success to Veritas Academy. I truly hope you prove what can be done to improve education in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

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Feb-14-14 8:50 AM

Doulos, there's nothing wrong with having multiple private schools. The more we have, the more students have access to them. The "competition" will lower tuition and increase quality in all of those that are successful.

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Feb-14-14 9:01 AM

GettaGottaGood....have you not been keeping up with Andy Thompson???? He is strongly pushing for a repeal of the Common Core curriculum. He is working tirelessly to get it out of our education system. It is an uphill battle. While the battle is raging we are being offered an alternative to the present education system.

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Feb-14-14 9:30 AM

I think the public school system is great! It produces students who can't think on their own anymore, can't problem solve, don't understand govt, don't learn real history, learn about drugs and gender confusion issues, can't speak English, can't read or write and don't want to work.

But, they follow the progressive ideology perfectly and most vote Democrat!!

Go Obama! Go Common Core!

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Feb-14-14 9:54 AM

Pot, meet kettle.

"FFCadet: It's very discouraging that these young ladies have to get their opinion of our community from close minded appalachian hillbillys..."

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Feb-14-14 10:39 AM

For all those in the public education system who have (for generations) ran the school sytems for their own selfish gains, for their own convenience, to avoid any sense of accountabilty to the tax payer and to the students.... BEWARE

People are just fed up with you. People are determined to reinstall local control of educating our kids, to teach them real American history and pride in their country again, and to terminate those who spitefully refuse to be held accountable for doing a good job.

Bravo for Mr. and Mrs Ritter and for Andy and his wife for trying to make a difference. Slowly but surely a critical mass is being formed to transform eduation in this nation.

The ONLY people who could possibly object to this are those who fear what real competition could do to their own little miserable existence. And for that they should be afraid.

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Feb-14-14 11:08 AM

Some criticism of public schools is certainly in order. However, blasting them across the board and calling for a "privatization" that will only spend "wisely and economically" can and will lead to quality education for the elite and powerful. Public schools serve all. Though I realize there are shortcomings in many schools today, good public school will give everyone a chance. Remember the poor and underprivileged include children. They probably did not choose to be that way.

Turning government money to private/charter schools (I realize this school is NOT part of this system) appears to be making some very rich in Ohio, while not really serving students any better.

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Feb-14-14 11:21 AM

arearesident, good private schools will cause public schools to do a better job in order to compete. They can either slim down and offer a better quality of education or they can become a thing of the past. This is nothing but a better opportunity for future generations. It will finally be about the kids instead of a bloated, ineffective system that has dragged the education system in our country from one of the best, to slipping farther and farther behind each year.

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Feb-14-14 11:40 AM

I have one question. While memorization is very useful, I am finding as an educator that children can not apply the memorized skills. We have become poor problem solvers and simply "skip" those questions in the text. So while I agree that it is very important to memorize facts, if you can't apply that "memorized" item, how will the child deal with "real world" issues? So my question, looking at the concept if the school, how will they be ensuring that the children enrolled are being taught to apply skills?

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Feb-14-14 11:53 AM

public school systems do expose children to things they should be sheltered from,

Children shouldn't be sheltered from reality, exposed and taught right from wrong, good from bad...sending them out into the real world after being sheltered for years could not work out well for them...

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Feb-14-14 12:20 PM

I think Common Core is reactionary but many don't . If there is a movement toward it and it appears there is in the MOV, to each his own.

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Feb-14-14 12:38 PM

Sorry I meant those who are afraid of common core standards , typed too fast. I live in an area now with lots of charter school, about half have been closed.

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Feb-14-14 1:23 PM

There are shortcomings to every kind of education, but I'm glad I'll have different options to weigh when my son reaches kindergarten age.

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Feb-14-14 1:54 PM

Since two of the founders and/or directors are employed by Marietta City Schools, where Common Core Standards are used; will the Administration evaluate them on their use or lack of use of the Standards that is required.

Will Mrs. Thompson use the negotiated agreement the union has to help protect her? She hates the union but takes all the benefits that are offered.

I say start a new school. Blasting other schools is kind of low-life. Everyone has their personal reasons with the way they want their children raised and educated, but putting others down doesn't sit well ethically with me.

Whether one like religious based, Common Core based; or low life unethical based is up to each parent.

If you have to start a new school to get what you want, just do it.

Then there is Andy; what is he doing to help school funding???? Zip.

It is still unconstitutional.

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Feb-14-14 1:57 PM

Sweet!!! An option for my granddaughter when she gets of age. Certainly do NOT want her to be trapped in sub-par public education system if I can help it.

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Feb-14-14 2:18 PM

Once this has students up to the 12th grade I bet the older students won't have to put up with a teacher teaching German while being drunk a considerable number of days in the classroom, won't crawl on the floor under the windows and say the Germans were out there, they won't be taking their tests with open books and most importantly; can actually speak German when they finish the class, unlike my son when he had said teacher and subject at MHS. I've always wondered tho' if that is why MHS eliminated German as a language after that. No that was the first year the teacher behaved that way.

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Feb-14-14 2:20 PM

In case you misunderstood my post, I am all for starting a new school.

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Feb-14-14 2:22 PM

There have always been crazies teaching up there. I think John Birch was up there too.

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