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MC speaker outlines roots of racism

February 18, 2014

During Marietta College’s annual Black History Month dinner Monday, author and teacher Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie spoke about "the why" of racism and the history connected with it....

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Feb-28-14 8:17 AM

The point is that you are a sheep. A puppet. Your only recourse is the same old tired liberal drivel. The same nonsense that has been spewed so much by your "leaders" that the citizens of this country are finally seeing right through it. Not to mention ignoring the comments for a few days, then coming back to get the last word, theoretically "winning" the argument in your mind. We know your tactics, and they don't work any longer.

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Feb-24-14 8:23 AM

It's liberal logic, Stick. Playing victim is all they know.

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Feb-23-14 1:54 AM

You started it long ago, now you're really gonna play the victim?

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Feb-22-14 3:11 PM

Cont. I'm sure if you seek to find discrimination, even if only in your mind, you'll find it.

There's an easy solution to deal with it, too. If you feel you're treated badly at a certain place, just refrain from going there. Find places that treat you with respect.

There are places in the Dayton metro area where those of Appalachian heritage aren't appreciated by the local folks. But, I've found that the businesses in those areas aren't offended by us Hillbillies. They've discovered our money is just as green as the locals, and it spends the same.

UD is much like Marietta College. It's a private school, with the mixed bag of cultures most universities have. The only barrier to admittance is whether you can swing the tuition, and can handle the curriculum.

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Feb-22-14 3:01 PM

I did listen to the lady. And for the record, the only people I'm not civil to are those who started out being uncivil to me. For a list of those folks, look in the mirror, that person heads the uncivil list.

I saw the blog about the young ladies who felt Marietta treated them badly. I also saw one also claimed that after switching to the University of Dayton, she faced the same "discrimination."

Oddly, when people from our country are "guests" of Islamic countries, we're expected to respect their customs, and act accordingly. How is that we're supposed to be culturally respectful of their practices, yet when they come here, it's wrong if our citizens dislike them refusing to conform to our culture?

I call BS on the lady being treated poorly up here, as we not only have a fair sized Islamic community of people from the Middle East, we have a great many converts to Islam who dress traditionally according to their religion. I'm sure if you seek to find discriminat

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Feb-20-14 11:39 PM

Cont. But her parents had drilled into she and her siblings heads that, though they didn't own anything, and likely wouldn't, that they had their self respect. And that's something NOBODY can take away from you. You have to give it away willingly.

That lady was a dear friend of mine from that day forward until she left this world a few years ago. We disagreed on most anything connected to politics, but we respected each other as we had the shared experience of coming up working hard to lend what we could to keep our family fed & clothed. We were also able to disagree without throwing cheap "snipes" at each other.

I wish you'd have known her, you'd have learned a lot about intelligent and civil debate.

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Feb-20-14 11:27 PM

Freddy, I see you're still playing your same tiresome game. The fact remains, if Black liberals that criticize the policies of a White Republican aren't racists, then neither are White conservatives who criticize the policies of a Black Democrat.

One of the priceless moments of the day I was in that class was an earlier speaker, a Professor of Race Studies at Wright State. He and the younger Blacks in our session defended violence brought upon their community, blaming it on slavery, that being descended from slaves caused Blacks to lack "self respect."

One of the ladies in our group was an elderly Black lady, who was 88 back then. She was quite liberal, the typical "Church Lady." She was born and raised in Alabama, a lifelong FDR Democrat. She stood and addressed the group, taking all to task for such idiocy. She made it quite plain to them that she grew up dirt poor, with her parents and all the family trying to get by as "sharecroppers". But, her pare

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Feb-20-14 11:03 PM

The study was done by the Council of Christians & Jews, hardly a group considered to be prejudiced against anyone, and their members generally consider themselves to be progressives/liberals. The presenter of the class was a local African-American Pastor, and even he agreed that some people ascribe acts that annoyed them as racist, when they really are anything but that.

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Feb-20-14 8:14 AM

Oniell and his typical liberal argument for everything...RACIST!!!

You're not even worth a rebuttal to these ludicrous claims.

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Feb-19-14 8:34 AM

Who's the speaker at MC for White History Month?

By reading through these comments, I can safely deduce the following:

Liberals have no clue what "two-way street" means.

Liberals will use any tactics necessary to prove their point, even when their point is ignorant.

Facts are hard for liberals.


Too many liberals posted comments here.

Racism is what you make it, folks, and the modern Democratic party is making it a big deal. The sensical folk here are exactly right when they say the current administration/Dem party has set back race relations by decades.

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Feb-18-14 10:51 PM

I've told the story here before, I attended a class by a social justice group where they related the results of a study they'd done on racial attitudes.

They asked equal numbers of people in different racial/cultural groups the same question of how they'd describe the actions of a store clerk who was rude to customers. By and large, Whites, felt the clerk was just rude to them. By almost 100 %, Blacks felt they were discriminated against by a racist.

To me, much of what is seen today as racism is trumped up, to end the discussion. Witness what Obama supporters scream nearly instantly to any criticism of him and his policies.

This "race card" has been overplayed!

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Feb-18-14 8:38 PM

@beright.... Those are the people Republicans do not like.

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Feb-18-14 4:31 PM

obama has set back race relations 50 years in a short 5 years !

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Feb-18-14 3:55 PM

What's the benefit of having our country divided-black and white; man and woman; straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered?

Those are the voting blocks of the Democratic Party and how they develop their election strategy.

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Feb-18-14 3:24 PM

Discrimination on the other hand is a totally different subject.Our laws dont allow discrimination unless you dont belong to a union.I can be refused a job by not joining a union.Have my beliefs been stomped on..or have I made a choice?

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Feb-18-14 3:15 PM

The different reasons for racism are many.Different church beliefs,cultural practices that may upset another group, proven by the previous test article...even dress.The only way to remove bias would be in a world where everyone is the same.Since that will never happen,what is the point of her speaking.Wasnt this tried in the 60's? The words to Imagine by the Beatles comes to mind

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Feb-18-14 2:32 PM

It must be difficult to go through life with the belief that: "The sickness of racism is everywhere, just like the sickness of sexism." I believe that people usually find whatever they're looking for. We have such a diversity of worldviews in the world because you can find some evidence to support just about anything you want to believe. We should probably spend more time celebrating how far race relations have progressed in the world and devote less time to youtube comments about Cheerios advertising.

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Feb-18-14 11:45 AM

This racism whine gets old! We are the human race, and if a legal citizen of this country, we should be addressed as Americans!

The special labels ("African American"), forced hiring of applicants regardless of qualification, and a month long history celebration especially for one group of American citizen does nothing to narrow the "racial" divide.

Indian people were here before us. Do we have a native American history month? The Chinese and Irish immigrants were persecuted upon their arrival to America as well. What concessions do we make for them hundreds of years later?

If people keep crying for others to recognize their differences, how do they expect the nation to see "equality"?

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Feb-18-14 10:03 AM

What’s interesting nowadays is how “certain people or groups” want to rewrite history and shape it to fit their belief’s now. But what’s not getting attention is the part of history that those people or groups don’t want to come to the light of day. I will admit that there is discrimination, but it is a taught emotion. For example... Some white people are taught it in certain areas just as well as black people are taught it in others. Want to fight discrimination? Then let’s drop the quota system, any mentioning of racial, sexual, age or whatever and go with your social security number. Currently there are a lot of “Leaders” in certain communities who are only out for their own wealth and power. These people are whom keeping A LOT of the discrimination going.

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Feb-18-14 9:27 AM

The Race Card is only used when Democrats don't get their way !

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Feb-18-14 5:22 AM

This is nice historically but I'll bet they're not going to talk about the blatant racism demonstrated by Barack Obama and his chief law enforcement officer Eric Holder.

Remember Holder's dismissal of the Black Panther voter intimidation crime? And his selective prosecution of the white knockout criminal? And his ignoring all of the gun shootings in Chicago? The list goes on and on.

If they really wanted to end discrimination against all people, the president would be a leader and speak out against ALL crime, not just white crime. It's all wrong, regardless of color.

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