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Summer hunger

Officials want more sponsors, sites where kids can eat

February 21, 2014

During summer months, many area children are forced to confront hunger on a daily basis, when there’s no school and they might not have adequate access to food....

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Feb-23-14 5:37 PM

I would make the parents work in the kitchen or cleaning up the place to cover the cost for their child.

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Feb-21-14 4:58 PM

If you know of this abuse, go to child services and report it. If the parent or parents don't know how to get help, show them. With all the government programs no child should be hungry in America. The only way to stop the fraud is for individuals to step up. I don't care if they are your friend or relative, report them.

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Feb-21-14 2:42 PM

and Joebob - I agree 1000%. The problem is that some of these parents DONT take care of their kids. Is it the parent's fault? DEFINITELY. But the kid's fault? of course not. And now what do we do? "Sorry Johnny, your Mom's a loser so you're going hungry?" Part of me would like to at times, but I just cant do that. It's a pro-active problem, not a reactive. I feel a Christian duty to help those that are already in this situation. I just don't know how we prevent future generations of this without starting some kind of Orwellian socio-economic witch hunt.

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Feb-21-14 2:37 PM

""Doesn't Children's Services look into cases of neglect, which this clearly could be?"" - they might, if they could get a levy, but We the People have decided it's not a priority, so hey - you get what you pay for. School prevention WOULD have been re-instated.

I know, let's ignore the issue, watch TV, and maybe it will go away.

For the record, I think Harleyrider nailed it - restriction of food stamp spending. If the WIC program, for pregnant moms, can restrict it to healthier foods only, why cant stamps?

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Feb-21-14 1:39 PM

That's part of the problem,watchdog1. People see children as dispensable. They have them freely and then expect someone else to raise them or care for and feed them. When I was in school, there was no such thing as a free lunch, now it seems everyone gets or wants one. We have raised a bunch of entitled people who are spawning more to be entitled. Draw back the hand that is feeding the sponges. There are those in need, and those who are perpetuators of a viscious cycle.

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Feb-21-14 12:11 PM

There should be a government database that has everyone in it that gets food stamps in this county. If they already get food stamps, then they shouldn't be able to double-dip and get more free food.

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Feb-21-14 11:30 AM

Don't have them if you can't feed them! I for one am tired of taking care of those who don't want to be responsible!

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Feb-21-14 11:10 AM

I know a good source of food for these kids--a new concept--it's called their parents...since when is the Dept of Education responsible for children's nutrition other than making a lunch available? It does not take a village--it takes parents who are ready to take care of the child they created......

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Feb-21-14 10:57 AM

Another thing that sticks in my craw is the amount of people with food stamps trolling around with their expensive phones, tattos, piercings, etc. I say if you can afford to have all of those things, maybe you should re-evaluate your need for benefits. That's the trouble - with the money they save by draining the people that actually work for a living, they have the phone and expensive plans that I sure don't have. Unfortunately, with the cost of beef continuing to rise, hamburger (which is a staple in our house) may also be out of reach for most of us.

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Feb-21-14 10:07 AM

I think that food stamps should only be allowed to be used for certain foods too. No soda, no sugary cereal, no twinkies, no cookies. Beans, rice, milk, cheese, bread, fruits and veggies. No tv dinners. No steak. I have no problem helping to feed people, but they should not get junk or quality meat.

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Feb-21-14 9:55 AM

While I do not want to see children go without food, there has to be a better way. All you have to do is look in the shopping carts in grocery stores to see who has an EBT card! They have the ten bucks a pound steaks, cookies and junk food. If the parents were a little more conservative in their usage of the benefits, there would be no need for the kids to do without. We have always paid our own way, never had food stamps and our kids ate well without depending on schools to feed them. It's called a BUDGET and financial responsibility. Get rid of the junk, soda and expensive cuts of meat. I sure can't afford a $15.00 T-Bone!

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Feb-21-14 9:48 AM

Exactly, Harleyrider! With record numbers of welfare recipients across the nation, you'd think this wouldn't be a problem. However, welfare abuse is running rampant, coupled with the fact that many "parents" don't really care to properly care for their children. I know for sure that my kids would eat before me any day of the week. If there's someone in my house that's gonna be hungry, it's NOT gonna be my kids.

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Feb-21-14 9:19 AM

Ok, so we need a program to fight hunger for kids in the summer? Really? We have one, it is called food stamps. It seems to me, that we have a problem with is parents abusing their food stamps. Only the government would throw more money at a problem that they created in the first place. How about we take the money for this program and go after the dead beat leaches sucking from the rest of us.

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Feb-21-14 8:08 AM

I was wondering the same thing, greek. This is completely unacceptable. Doesn't Children's Services look into cases of neglect, which this clearly could be?

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