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Mayor works on veto message

February 25, 2014

Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews said Monday he still intends to veto legislation passed by city council Thursday that sets penalties for violation of the city’s property maintenance code, even though he......

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Feb-27-14 10:56 AM

The problem is less about new requirements in the updated code and more about enforcement. The 1998 code was almost never used because there wasn't a code enforcement person. Both the Matthews and Mullins administrations chose not to fund this position. So properties have languished and become derelict even more so because no one has been charged with enforcing the code violations.

There has been more than ample opportunity for the public and the administration to review what's in the code and to bring their concerns to council and the public at large. Delaying tactics are a foolish waste of time.

When and where is the inspector position being advertised? What are the qualifications needed to hold the job? Is it already sown up by former engineering project manager Mr. Rinehart? That was the rumor almost two years ago.

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Feb-26-14 9:10 AM

How about something plain and simple?

If your car wouldn't pass inspection and it has no current license; it's a violation.

If you live in the city and your grass can hide a cat or small dog; violation.

If your roof needs a tarp on it for more than 3 consecutive months; violation.

If you need a ladder and a harness to climb up to the front door; violation.

If you windows are laying on the street or sidewalk; violation.

If you have more junk outside than you have inside; violation. Let's amend that a little, if more than 40% of your yard is cluttered with junk; violation.

Now violators have a choice; fix it or the city will fix it and file a lean against the property.

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Feb-25-14 3:49 PM

wPs,, sorry I meant to say yes I saw the vote did pass narrowly but the mayor is now vetoing it, will council override it? Doubtful but who knows, ill leave the rest of the comments to you, as I am only a part time resident at best.

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Feb-25-14 3:30 PM

300 pages does not give you pause?

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Feb-25-14 3:15 PM

Wps and Harley the code will not affect my little piece of property I still own in the MOV. I am sure if I sat down at the courthouse and read every single statute that has ever been passed, I could read something scary into each one. I am not going to do that ill leave it up to you. I do still spend a lot of time in what used to be a lovely town, but as time goes by I tend to want to be there less . So I ll let you all hash it back and forth. Really I am done. But I do wish you luck.

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Feb-25-14 3:08 PM

Harleyand WPSI agree I should read it & did start it but 300 pages is too much for such a lovely day, plus glen beck has his conspiracy theory same named book. If the tea party and the republican national committee all have their dire-predictions, not the mention, the governors of both Alabama Kentucky, plus the nutty jan brewer of Arizona, And David Duke, all hate it so,I'll pass on it and do the shortcut,agenda 21 for dummies on you tube. I have no desire to actually have the mindset to read a conspiracy theory into everything. Maybe on a rainy day, Ill bring it out and read each line. But then I'd have to project my opinion into it, wouldn't I? I'd much rather save my outrage for those who believe the holocaust never happened, the Kkk was a jolly ole sort and the slaves were actually happy campers, plus the ones that believe we never landed on the moon, and that 9-11 was funded by the CIA . I prefer just to have another day in paradise. Ill let you take up the cause.

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Feb-25-14 2:56 PM

exofDevola, I will tell you this, this law is not exactly what you think it is. Why can't you get it that I am all for a nice tidy neighborhood. With that said, this law has to be crafted using common sense and plain language that is NOT open to interpretation.

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Feb-25-14 2:49 PM

"Ex", the current discussion in council is NOT whether to adopt the code or not....that has already been done. I DO suggest you read the new code - it is far from boring !

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Feb-25-14 2:48 PM

One man "Junk" Is another man "treasure"

Way to go Joe !!!!!

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Feb-25-14 2:45 PM

It is a Value Call !!!

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Feb-25-14 2:16 PM

Sorry Harley, that was pool , not poll . Too many political ads airing. Funny none mention The Agenda I am now reading in nice well kept yard, with no trash or junked cars in neighbors yards or driveways and no meth labs either.

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Feb-25-14 2:05 PM

Have I read law or agenda? Did not read law,'why should I do that it will be changed , and prob never see the light of day. Hope you never have to live near an animal hoarder of any sort .I have read the Wikipedia version of the agenda ,no not all of it Am I very scared? No. But if it makes you happy I promise to sit by the poll and read every last word , or until I get bored.

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Feb-25-14 1:51 PM

exofDevola have you read it?

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Feb-25-14 1:27 PM

asknot if the police are going to enforce the code until they hire an code enforcer and if it's considered a misdemeanor that means if the police do find you in violation of any of the code then by all means they would have the right to enter and search your property because by law you have committed a crime and they have to "investigate" It just depends on how far the police want to take it. Also the term "junk car" is any car that doesn't run or have a current tag. So you could have a brand new car in your drive way but you don't drive because you lost your license, or elderly and don't drive anymore but since the tags and plates aren't up to date that is considered a junk car. We're just not talking about cars sitting up on cinder blocks with the front end missing.

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Feb-25-14 1:25 PM

And while I'm still on my soapbox, I had a relative live next to a cat hoarder on third street, heard of the place? The stench alone from street was awful, not one thing was done till we started taking pictures of the dead cats! Then finally of two years of this crap,finally the city and cleaned out the place , 66 cats most of them barely alive. The cat woman who was in need of serious mental help, got some temporarily, but guess what then. She returned and hoarded some more. Another relative down on luck rented a place where the doorknob used to fall off in hand. The apartment maintenance accused her of being 'rough opening the door' and they would help when they got time. The furnace was ancient and worked poorly ( they claimed they fixed it) and the fire escape was rusted out. To this day it's still rusted out !

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Feb-25-14 1:14 PM

Harley yes I know about agenda 21 the UN plan that threatens your very being, and if that is your worry fine. It's way down on things I consider important.. I have never been a follower and don't plan on it now. However, I do believe in property standards and always have. If I had felt the need to have my sloppy junked cars , and trash everywhere, and wanted to have a beautifully painted fuchsia and green house , I'd move out to country on many acres of land so then I could do my own thing without being an eyesore. But since you think it's your American right to do exactly what you want with your property, it looks like in Marietta you can do it.

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Feb-25-14 12:56 PM

asknot you must be someone who believes everything your local government tells you. They will abuse this in any way possible if you think other wise you are living in a fairy tale.

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Feb-25-14 11:18 AM

exofDevola, I would suggest you quit being such a follower without having all the facts. Sure this law is harmless. It won't be used in any way other than what is put out there. I'm glad your crystal ball works so well. I am not saying that we don't need some common sense laws, what I am saying is this is not it.

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Feb-25-14 10:56 AM

exofDevola, I don't care who has what written in what, it is still agenda 21, that is where it comes from. Do you even know what it is?

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Feb-25-14 10:50 AM

Harley you really must give your agenda 21 a break, lord have mercy there are many communities in this country now that already have these standards written into their homeowners rules. Theses are called master planned communities ( no that does not mean we are controlled by the communist government ) that are usually in suburbia . And yes you can't have junked cars in the driveway, yes you need to keep your property mowed and maintained , and yes I can't paint my trim neon colors, andI also must pick up my trash can and roll it back out of sight til the next trash day. Do we say noo, our rights are gone? no we like it that way. Many people chose to this Way because it looks great.People are expected to keep up their propreties so when you go to sell , your resale value is good. If you don't want to be restricted, then you don't have to live in an area like that. This new code that is so scary to all of you it makes me laugh. But you all do what you think is best.

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Feb-25-14 10:08 AM

All you have to do to read this is go to Agenda 21 property codes. That is where it comes from.

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Feb-25-14 9:56 AM

Lizard Come your joking right this law isn't about "old people" it's about slum lords and people who think their better than everyone and don't have to clean up after themselves.

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Feb-25-14 9:54 AM

turk024 This has nothing to do with the invasion of Privacy of anyone's property. I and everyone else in this city could care less what the inside side of anyone's property looks like . But I do care what the outside looks like because it's costing me money!

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Feb-25-14 9:54 AM

I think that a smarter idea would be to take the $50,000 salary and benefit package used to "enforce" this Kalter annoyance law and put it in a fund used to pay for the city to clean up any place that would be considered a violation under the new law. I would vote for Roger Kalter to be assigned to walk the streets of Marietta and take pictures and notes regarding potential infractions and use this as a basis to pay the city parks clean up crews to go onto these properties to clean them up. This would save all of the trouble currently talked about and help the poor older people whom Kalter is targeting with this new law.

Kalter hates old people and wants a war on elderly because he thinks they all stink and leave trash in their yards.


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Feb-25-14 9:42 AM

The city wont let the times post it because they don't want the public to see all the fine print. They will abuse it. The government already sees everything you do on the internet, cellphones with no warrant needed. Snowden is not sitting in Russia for a family vaction. If you wanna know where I get my info just look at the nation we live in.

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