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Wanted: Tax cut details

Governor’s speech has local people talking

February 26, 2014

Lowering all Ohio income tax rates below the 5 percent threshold was just one of the many goals mentioned by Ohio Gov. John Kasich during his State of the State address Monday night in Medina....

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Feb-28-14 6:32 AM

For the record, every one of the naysayers here did not read my post, or inserted ideas that were not mine, erecting their own straw man and then attacking it. Some immediately called me childish names. Thanks for proving my point and providing immediate examples of my statement: " When a liberal activist goes extreme and absurd at first outburst, the dialogue is dead." Too easy. Too predictable. Grow up to a post-high school level of discourse, learn to read carefully and to not succumb to your own bias and talking points by obfuscating the original if you choose to respond to another person's statements.

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Feb-26-14 10:50 AM

Well a person has to eat so what do we decide not to buy so we enough food?

For starters internet or cable...

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Feb-26-14 10:39 AM does it fit into your progressive ideological mind that the IRS spent millions of our tax dollars on making a Star Trek movie for "training" purposes and bought tons of worthless gifts for hundreds of IRS employees as "work incentives"?? And then they got millions more in bonuses for, now get this,....DOING THEIR JOBS!! (That's what a salary is for!)

That's where a lot of our tax money goes to.

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Feb-26-14 9:24 AM

WDDIM - you realize that you are at a far extreme yourself. And why a County Home? Shouldn't those people have saved to take care of themselves? Why not hire your own security to guard your property? Don't we need police to secure our civil rights as well as our property rights? A fire department to put out fires? Would the policeman guarding your property turn a blind eye to an assault because he is focused on keeping your property safe? Would your courts to settle disputes of contract deign to hear a murder case? And who would lock up the perpetrator if they did? Our founders set up a form of government that addresses all these issues and more. I'm for keeping it.

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Feb-26-14 9:16 AM

I get so tired reading the right wing experts on here. If you'd believe them, everyone would have the best of everything and no one would pay any taxes. Things would just magically take care of themselves if taxes ceased to exist, I suppose unicorns will also inhabit this utopia, and anyone who want can hunt them in BearCats.

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Feb-26-14 9:06 AM

Whatdifference you are so right! Gasoline had doubled since 2008. Hubby has to get to work so what do we either cut back on or out to make that possible? Average inflation since 2008 on food is around 3-4% per year, some things like milk and meat are waaay above that!! Well a person has to eat so what do we decide not to buy so we enough food? Either a flat tax or a consumption tax is much more fair and could eliminate a lot of the other fees and hidden taxes we pay.

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Feb-26-14 8:46 AM

whatdifferencedoesitmake you are a nut in a peanut factory you won't be heard

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Feb-26-14 8:45 AM

They need to do away with all income taxes and move to a consumption taxes , you spend more you pay more!

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Feb-26-14 7:52 AM

Even common sense Conservatives and Libertarians support Constitutional and rational public amenities, but limit them to Courts to settle disputes of contract, limited peace officers to secure our property rights while we go to work to support ourselves and others, some roads for commerce (no overbuilt "memorial highways" to prop up signs for politicians and reward campaign contributors), the County Home, and locally controlled education for those who want to learn some marketable skills and become productive Citizens. Endlessly overlapping misconceived philanthropy and pandering regulations to punish political enemies is the result of political class hubris and "gimme voter" appetites for control and advantage. When a liberal activist goes extreme and absurd at first outburst, the dialogue is dead.

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Feb-26-14 6:18 AM

When did Ohio start taxing our work income and profit from honest business? How did we manage to run a strong State before this drain was attached to our bank accounts and piped to a bureaucracy in Columbus?

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Feb-26-14 6:16 AM

Kasich missed a wonderful opportunity to point out that reducing the tax burden on productive Ohio Citizens will allow us to give more to the private charity of our choice. Our local food pantry, our local hospital's charity care fund, the churches and their constant ministries to people in need, youth groups, private schools, and scholarships for students we want to support all deserve our money more than another central control "program".

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Feb-26-14 6:09 AM

Citizens! Stop thinking of your tax dollars that go to Government as Government "revenue" that has to be "made up" somehow. Our current Government, at SO many levels, is taking your money to do SO many things that are NOT CONSTITUTIONAL, and not "justice" nor "equal" nor even "moral" actions by a bunch of bureaucrats. Ohio Government can cut 2% on every line item today, and lower my taxes by that much. What do you think I have done the last 5 years?

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