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Safety hazard?

Worries about glass falling from 2nd St. building

February 27, 2014

Glass was cleared from the sidewalk and the window frame quickly boarded up after a window blew out of the building at 215-217 Second St. Friday, according to Marietta’s safety-service director....

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Feb-27-14 7:26 PM

The fear-mongering and Chicken Little mindset is laughable when considering how many of these predictions never come true.

Every day the news seems to produce a new boogie man for the masses to be wary of. Doesn't this routine get a bit trite and overblown?

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Feb-27-14 2:10 PM

These fruitcake comments are always good for a laugh.

"Straight out of the Alinsky playbook" and dramatic declarations of "crypto-socialism" are two highlights.

A picture of the building has one person lamenting for decades gone by. Doom is lurking around every corner.

I'll take first-world problems for $500 Alex.

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Feb-27-14 1:59 PM

I agree with you sounder, good post.I think it is wonderful to have a picturesque downtown/there are so many places in Marietta that look wonderful, and are beautifully redone. But if you have a building that might not be in good repair , so much that glass rained down and barely missed a man driving to his business,it should be looked into. To read all these comments about how this is all some big plot to make people spend money fixing their property and it all some kind of political drivel. That is disheartening. If a window an entire window, just falls out , do you just say oh well must have be the wind! Why would one not investigate? I am wondering if one the posters or their relatives were the person / persons who barely missed being injured by all the glass, that they would feel the same way they claim to in this posts.

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Feb-27-14 12:21 PM

Some of these comments--a tell tale sign of a place and an economy which landed on a slippery slope a very long time ago. The photo of this property in the Times; what a forlorn and sad looking place. Nothing like what I remember decades ago when we'd make trips to Marietta. Zoning regulations, building inspectors, municipal codes which are enforeced; those must only apply if you've actually got an economy to back any of them up. In Marietta--who would have any kind of power and for what purpose? What is this? Playground spats for 12 year olds.

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Feb-27-14 9:53 AM

"You can't use" sorry spell o

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Feb-27-14 9:52 AM

nutcase You use that type on animal on here because people might think it's racist ,yea I know it's good to be monitored by the PC police

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Feb-27-14 9:45 AM

Well, I guess I'm not allowed to use the name of the animal??

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Feb-27-14 9:43 AM

Talk about safety hazards!!!!!!!!!!check out the house at 708 Eighth Street - clearly dangerous and what is being done?? I'm told there is also a large hole in the back foundation and rac***** have gotten in and died on the second floor!

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Feb-27-14 9:31 AM

If someone got hit by a piece of glass the size of a window they would either be killed or have half their body cut off.

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Feb-27-14 9:17 AM

I think the article was written to point out the town has older buildings which may be a safety hazard. I have no idea if the windows in question have bad casings around them, but if one building has glass that has fallen out of the windows twice in the past year, could not that be a problem?Maybe the owner has fixed all the windows as was suggested in the article. He was not able to be reached for comment. Maybe it was just the high wind , but if that happened to my house , I think I'd be looking to see if it were a safety hazard. I don't know why this is perceived as a communist plot , and the democrats here are the safety nazis. If you have an old building and the windows fall out, you do what can to repair things. You don't think if the window fell on a person there would not be a lawsuit ?

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Feb-27-14 8:16 AM

It's Bush's fault.

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Feb-27-14 7:56 AM

I would almost bet money that the building owner is "persuaded" to install all new windows in the building before this is all said and done. Kalter needs to go, and he can take his commu-socialist policies with him.

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Feb-27-14 7:49 AM

Why hasn't Kalter or another self-appointed trash Kommissioner said anything about the horrible mess constantly at the recycling center on Colegate? Has anyone driven by that city property and seen the piles or trash laying around all of the dumpsters that keeps blowing around on the street? What about the rats scurrying around the piles of trash?

The difference is that this is already govt property and not privately owned. The Marietta Democrats in power want more control over everyone's PRIVATE property- forget violations on city or county owned property. That doesn't count.

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Feb-27-14 7:44 AM

This is the Saul Alinsky tactic to take an issue like this and blow it up endlessly to the public until the public starts to demand more govt control over everyone's property. It's classic and Marietta is falling prey to this junk. Watch for more stories about neighborhood blight and how the govt has to act to control it. It'll happen one way or another. Kalter is behind this because he wants the high paying job of being the "officer" who goes around town doling out tickets to people for infractions against their new "code"!

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Feb-27-14 7:29 AM

What is the point of this article? Do you want to destroy all of your historical buildings? Does someone in a place of power have their eye on this property?

Any building that has a window in it has a chance of glass being broken!!

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