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MC cuts 20 full-time positions

Short-term budget pressures cited in press release; college will save $1.1M

March 12, 2014

Marietta College announced Tuesday it has eliminated 20 full-time positions, a move officials attribute to short-term budget pressures and an attempt to ensure future sustainability....

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Mar-13-14 9:31 AM

1) This is a regional problem, the number of 18 year olds is shrinking across the Midwest and Northeast, and will continue to decline annually for at least the next decade. Other colleges are also shrinking, and these kinds of stories are going to become more and more common across the region.

2) Health Care costs increased at alarming rates for colleges in the ten years before the 2008 crash, and that was one of the primary drivers of tuition increases. Since then, they have stabilized. This has absolutely nothing to do with ObamaCare.

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Mar-13-14 12:55 AM

My oldest went to MC. graduated about 8 years ago. My youngest will be entering college this fall. After only academic scholarships she can go to Muskingum for half the cost of MC. Cost at MC like many colleges has double in the last 10 years. That is why enrollment is down.

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Mar-12-14 6:30 PM

Enrollments in college are down many places,mand it is only expected to get worse. While I think colleges need to continue higher teaching of the three r's, they just have to modernize and a lot of comfy, tenured faculty members fight such initiatives tooth and nail.

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Mar-12-14 6:26 PM

MC is a tuition-driven school. The operating budget is fully dependent upon the number of students who are enrolled in a given semester so the loss of 50 students makes a huge difference in the ability to meet that budget. That being said, either there is a huge problem in MC's ability to market itself or MC has not made itself relevant to today's prospective students.

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Mar-12-14 5:49 PM

Im sure the employees already had healthcare so obamacare is not a factor.

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Mar-12-14 4:02 PM

ha ha ha me and my cadre of leftist social justice warriors are the problem ive loved running the college into the ground!!! i think the college should partner with the city and tax all old people to keep our beloved socialist institution open!!!!

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Mar-12-14 4:01 PM

She had been a very loyal employee for many, many years.

And was paid for many, many years...

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Mar-12-14 3:23 PM

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Mar-12-14 2:16 PM

The new President is a class act as is his wife. They will preserve the academic reputation and remove some expense load. Over time, if fiscal sloppiness enters, cleaning up mandatory and obvious. More is needed. Pres Scott made bad people decisions, irritated alums and over spent ...Joe Bruno will make unpopular decisions that end up being the saving grace at MC.

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Mar-12-14 1:18 PM

It boils down to MC wasn't making enough money. Greed in America is like a cancer.

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Mar-12-14 12:57 PM

This is a comment to sister has always preached to her kids to give back to Marietta College and they have as well as her and her husband. They are very appreciative for what was given to them. She had been a very loyal employee for many, many years.

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Mar-12-14 12:39 PM

3 or her children graduated from there, and this is the way she gets treated.

her children attended at a reduced price as do all employees children, so don't even go there...

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Mar-12-14 12:21 PM

Marietta College has very high tuition. If I were a parent of a college age student, I would not consider Marietta for my children. Unless you are positive you will get a well paying job after graduation, why saddle yourself with that much debt? Once you start cutting that many jobs in a small school, something is wrong .It will make me pause before I write any further checks to the school. Cutting jobs may save you money, but in the long run if your product is overpriced , less and less people will buy it.

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Mar-12-14 12:00 PM

I'm a huge fan of MC but not on the inside of what's going on. When MC thrives so does downtown Marietta.

Murphy77 said the past president was the problem. I guess I had always heard that the school was in desperate shape before she arrived and that she raised the money to make it solvent and build all the new buildings.

Employees out there, what's the story? Is this short term or a big problem? Who's at fault?

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Mar-12-14 11:23 AM

My sister, an employee of MC for many years, was one of the unfortunate. Not only did she attend the school, her husband and 3 or her children graduated from there, and this is the way she gets treated. Some of the "big-wigs" should have given up some of their padded salaries to save some of these jobs. Because 50 students didn't come and were budgeted for, my sister and 19 others are paying the price. Doesn't seem fair to me!!!

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Mar-12-14 10:21 AM

Enrollment is down, donations are down, and all costs are going up.

Student Aid available for MC to hand out has been cut. Therefore they can give less financial help to each student. That makes many potential students go elsewhere.

This has been on the verge for several years. It is NOT solely on Obamacare.

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Mar-12-14 10:13 AM

The past President failed business management. She spent too much and managed too little.She ruined too much! The new President will correct all problems. Have faith in his ability to fix things. But Pres Bruno has his hands full and I have confidence in him but none in Scott's past decisions. The school must hang in with Bruno.

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Mar-12-14 9:51 AM

i am sorry about anyone loosing their job. but it wasnt too long ago they hired a Social Justice Director apparently necessary to enforce all the politically correct, freedom robbing socialist policies of the day.

Perhaps that position would be a good place to start this unfortunate reduction in force

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Mar-12-14 9:35 AM

A loss of 20 full-time positions across a campus the size of MC is a significant impact. There's quite a story in here somewhere; too bad the Marietta Times has zero interest in investigative journalism.

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Mar-12-14 9:18 AM

How much pay cut did this Bruno guy take? In a normal world, the buck would stop at his desk for a failed budget / enrollment model -- him and the finance dept should be feeling the most pain here, but I guess anymore most all failed CEOs get rewarded throughout painful performance periods.

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Mar-12-14 8:59 AM

So MC won't be purchasing the buildings on Putnam St and the price just went up for the land on Seventh St. for the new intersection??...

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Mar-12-14 8:38 AM

Enrollment is not stable....know your facts before making comments

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Mar-12-14 8:00 AM

Somebody made some boo-boos in their budgeting! Wonder how long til the pay raises begin?

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