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Drug damages

People touched by abuse wonder what’s taking so long to attack the issue

March 14, 2014

Belpre mother Amy Young was driving with her grandson on a Saturday morning in September when she got the call from the Washington County Sheriff's Office that her daughter Ashley had been found in......

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Mar-16-14 6:51 PM

"Tessie" you are so right don't forget the other "drug" of choice for many in the mid Ohio Valley......."Food" many obese people here use that as their drug of choice but we don't put them in jail when we are paying for their medical care because of diabetes!!!

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Mar-16-14 9:32 AM

 Every time some gangster thug rolls across the County line 

The courts let them bailout and they are on their merry way, just like the Fowler guy who was arrested at the motel last week...we'll have to wait and see if he comes back for his scheduled court appearance...

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Mar-15-14 10:32 AM

Stargazer, that's not an old saying, it's just Nancy Reagan's tired old meme.

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Mar-14-14 11:26 PM

Some of you are comparing apples and oranges. People abuse (insert your drug of choice here), because they want to change their personal reality, alter their minds, and get out of their otherwise stressful, unhappy lives. You can't compare them to people who have coping skills, those who are able to meet life on life's terms and get on with it. They aren't the same or they wouldn't be addicts/alcoholics/drug abusers in the first place. I'm not making excuses for them, just sharing what I know to be true.

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Mar-14-14 11:01 PM

Spare me the poor addict line. I know many of you have eard the old saying 'Fool me once time shame on you , fool me twice shame on me' drug addicts will do that over and over , they claim they want help and they need it from you, they have so many stories and the terms and the crying jags and the system had failed them. And of course they have no money because all of it wrnt up their nose or into veins or doen the throat so of course they claim to need your money for food or their rents due. / they have so m any good scenarios, but they eant your money because it all needs to go whatever drug they are hooked on. Until your poor sad addict wants to really get clean, he or she won't. They sell you a bill of goods every time about All the people they blame, and never is it themselves . Rehab , funded by you of course, comes in only at the last resort , when they are about to get arrested , but then it's really not their fault , it's the system.

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Mar-14-14 9:17 PM

Keep in mind these people are addicted!!! It is not an easy thing to over come. If addiction and just saying NO was so easy we would not have as many obese people in this world not to mention the alcoholic and drug addicted people. For me just quitting smoking was the most difficult thing I have ever done, I can't imagine how hard it is for them to quit drugs. As for jail, how are they ever going to get their life together after that? Would you hire them to work for you on their word they are an "ex" drug addict????

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Mar-14-14 8:01 PM

Sallie , prison and jails would be great if they could rehabilitate the criminals in their system. But why are the inmates there in the first place, because besides using, they broke the law repeatedly to feed their habit. Ive seen the judges , they don't send anyone to jail til their 4 or 5 th charge and its then it is usually not a very long stay long,.It isn't a country club or spa like environment that fils them by not offering quality treatment . They don't get to prison just because the judge , the police and everyone else has failed them . The drug addict has responsibility there, like mr homer pointed out first thing today. Maybe they need to stand up and get clean instead of complaining that the system has failed them.nit one put a gun to their head and insisted they needed to become drug addicts. That was their choice, and it should up to them to get the solution.

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Mar-14-14 5:13 PM

So according to some people the solution is to keep giving more and more of the taxpayer's money to people with drug problems who abuse the system, breed like roaches and will never get a job and contribute anything to society? I disagree. Stop giving them food stamps, put their kids in foster care, take away their medical cards and low income housing and the problem will get better. Starve them out or they will otherwise continue to abuse the system. People forget that we had a Care unit at MMH at one time that helped people with alcohol and drug problems. It closed because too many people were abusing their insurance and using treatment as a place to hide out and escape their problems. These people don't know how to live any other way. And they have help available to them already on a 24/7 basis. There are AA and NA Meetings every day in Marietta and a whole network of support. But these people don't want support unless it means they get babied in return.

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Mar-14-14 4:05 PM

Ask sheriff Minks what drug programs he has at his jail.He has funding for these type programs.What is he doing with these funds??

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Mar-14-14 4:02 PM

What became of Minks Executive Officer Captain Steve Summers???

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Mar-14-14 3:18 PM

Rip Ashley

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Mar-14-14 2:50 PM

You do not become rehabilitated in prison that happens before you walk in the front door. 75% percent of people incarcerated for more than 18 months will fall back into the system that has failed for so many.

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Mar-14-14 2:04 PM

In all the comments so far, I've only seen one that is the way I think on this subject. I knew a lot of people back in the day with drug problems / addictions. Most had good enough insurance to have a stint in rehab, claimed they were clean, and two weeks later, back on the drugs again. You can claim addiction and how it takes several times to establish sobriety, but in the end some people do not want to quit. They like the high their drug of choice gives them . Most of the time the druggie is going into rehab at the bequest of his family. They have given the person an ultimatum, but the person does not want to lose them so he / she goes off to the rehab never intending to actually stay clean. Then it's the same old cycle over and over, some lose jobs, families and all their money , but they still just want that high. And if they don't work, there is way too much time on their hands.

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Mar-14-14 1:39 PM

Adam states in the article that he finally got clean from the Drug Treatment Program in Prison. There you go...stop coddling the addicts and pushers and narcing them out. Put their arses in Prison where they belong so they can get Treatment.

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Mar-14-14 12:45 PM

How can you afford ****** if you are on medicaid?

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Mar-14-14 12:38 PM

Wish I could hit AGREE 100x to AaronL's post.....MANY careers made out of this in law enforcement, judicial, etc.

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Mar-14-14 12:27 PM

right on aarronl. The private ran prisons owned by Politicians would lose revenue. Its all about the almighty dollar not about rehabilitating anyone. Legalize Cannabis

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Mar-14-14 12:17 PM

If any-one believes that officials want this to end had best think again; they LOVE it,THRIVE on it since the drug problem is the never ending cash cow and will continue to be so until there is another drum found to beat.

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Mar-14-14 10:56 AM

I place a lot of blame on the Doctors in this area. My husband went into the ER for something he told them that he didn’t want any narcotic drugs that he was a recovering addict several times. But every time they came in trying to push them on him. He told them his pain level was only a 4. Then they wrote him a prescription for an antibiotic and a narcotic pain med. He told them NO and returned it to them. Going through the recovering process was hard we couldn’t find any place to take him because our insurance would not cover it. It was like 10K out of pocket. We don’t have that kind of money. Yes he goes to meetings but he needed a detox’s facility and a treatment plan. Doctors need to stop handing out pain meds like candy.

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Mar-14-14 10:20 AM

We all have our vices -- thankfully too much sex is not known to kill, or my epitaph would already be written.

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Mar-14-14 10:14 AM

asknot: I agree.

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Mar-14-14 10:12 AM

Law enforcement will never stop drugs. Never. The answer is education. A reactive approach to the war on drugs will not work. We will spend all kinds of money for new armored vehicles and whatever but that money could be used for much more effective ways of reducing drug use. More focus needs to be placed on awareness and stopping people from using the first time. IMO

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Mar-14-14 10:01 AM you have never made a wrong or bad decision? You must be awesome!

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Mar-14-14 8:58 AM

Guess the majority of these people never let the old saying of Just Say NO to Drugs! sink in. As Libertyforall said, they have to make a choice from the beginning not to do it. Too much easy access to drugs and not enough time spent doing something constructive (mostly working) to deter them from imbibing.

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Mar-14-14 8:57 AM

How come so many of these drug addicts are not working and on disability? Anyone think it might be a good idea to get people off disability if they really aren't disabled and make them work for their food and housing? That's the way it used to work in this country. Now, so many people are on disability for nothing and have lots of time and money to waste themselves away with drugs.

Hummm.....somethings wrong with this country....

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