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City Council members can file complaints on behalf of citizens

March 21, 2014

Marietta residents are sometimes ambivalent about filing property maintenance complaints, especially when violations of the city’s maintenance code may involve a close neighbor’s property....

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Mar-21-14 7:25 PM

As I've gotten older living in the city has crossed my mind but after reading comments in the MT about city life I think I'll just stay put where you don't have neighbors within an arms reach ;)

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Mar-21-14 6:56 PM

Harley, it is nice to say to have common sense and to have reasonable solutions. Sounds good, but as you can see the present system hasnt worked. I know it first hand as I had a relative who had to deal with the notorious cat hoarder woman. I'm with josh on this, it is a shame that are neighbors like Click here or mr homers that lazy or oblivious to the stench and slum looking conditions they live in. I think the city sending a registered letter and then if all by some chance the city steps in . that fixes the situation once. What happens the rest of the year? In my case, the hoarder was well known, and had a well connected sister who did the same thing with her 4thstreet home. Our problem ended when the people died and it was another 18 months before the houses were razed. That's not the way the system should work.

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Mar-21-14 4:49 PM

JoshBrown, it has noting to do with being paranoid it has to do with not using ones head. You can not take a standard for an international community at large and expect it to work everywhere. The world is simply to wide ranging and diverse. It is nuts to even try and do it. asknot, reasonable expectations of others is fine. Now we get into defining reasonable. Do I think you should be able to run a junkyard in your front lawn, no, but if you have a vehicle you are restoring or working on, fine. As to animal feces, yes I think if you have a dog you should clean up after it. Nobody wants to smell it. It is reasonable to ask to keep it picked up.

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Mar-21-14 3:45 PM

Harleyrider I understand your paranoia but I really don't think the UN cares about Marietta Ohio.It's a real shame we need any laws at all for people to take care of their own property.

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Mar-21-14 3:15 PM

exofDevola, cities come up with solutions that work best for them, not some arbitrary set of rules that the UN adopted. I do believe that some rules need to apply to property owners, but I also believe that you own it, you can do what you want within reason. The problem is in what is reasonable and where do lines get drawn, while keeping in mind someone will always be trying to push the line farther.

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Mar-21-14 1:57 PM

Harley, it's evident neighbors of click here or mr homer have no common sense or they would not live like pigs . So because nothing will be done to them to make keep their properties up , their neighbors suffer. So what do you suggest for them? They have done all that is required , so what is the solution?

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Mar-21-14 1:33 PM many people do you know that don't have any common sense or just don't give sh"@ about others or what people think? Unfortunately, I have come across many. I'm not asking for much, even if my neighbor moved the problem is still there. As the ground, shrubs trees anything a dog can hike its hind leg to has been saturated over the years with urine and feces.

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Mar-21-14 12:52 PM

exofDevola, the answer to the problem is use common sense approaches to the problems, not UN designed codes.

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Mar-21-14 12:21 PM

To all of you who complain about mr kilter and all the other councilmen who have complained on the offended property owners behalf, obviously you have never lived next to someone like mr homer or click here do. What about their rights? You are so anxious to claim its unfair and a communist plot. Well what is your solution , mr homers neighbor and click here's neighbors are not receptive to cleaning up after themselves, so this prohibits them from enjoying their own property. They have already done what the law allows.You may tell them to move, but who would want to live next door to the slobs and decrepit property they do?

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Mar-21-14 12:08 PM

Clickhere...for me it's a roofless caving in building, grass that was mowed once last year and rotting vegetation they piled up against my fence...the mosquitos and the smell let alone the sight is enough to keep me inside also. But if I were you I would call a humane officer about those dogs...their living conditions might be their ticket out.

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Mar-21-14 11:45 AM

Well, what about our rights, you know the property owners that do care and maintain our homes? One can only legally build a fence that's 6ft tall which only protects the eyesight when your standing directly in front of the fence line. Also a fence doesn't take away the offensive odors. After 10 years and 3 dogs having defecated and very little clean up, on warm days the stench is horrible. We also have full view of our neighbors unsightly mess from our family room. So I either give up and quit harassing my neighbor or......Hey, maybe I should move after living here for 35 yrs. problem solved!

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Mar-21-14 11:22 AM

With the first few warm days of spring the stench permeates your nostrils. Forget about opening your windows....between the obnoxious odor and sound of barking dogs, what once was an enjoying landscape is no longer! And dog feces is just the beginning of a LOOOOONG list. It's unexceptable! One can be without financial stability, on limited income and STILL BE CLEAN! It just takes elbow grease! As my blood pressure rises, our picked on harassed neighbor sits on their butt and watches TV and or surfs the net....trying to figure away out of picking up feces that infects our homes, yards and air! Because we encroach on their rights as a property owner.

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Mar-21-14 11:22 AM

DITTO....mrhomer. I too have made contact will my neighbor, we WERE friendly at one time. My complaint lies with animal feces. Why should any property owner have to continually file complaints, because of one ignorant, uncaring, selfish neighbor that doesn't have the common courtesy for their neighborhood? If your a dog owner just pick up after your dog(s). We love our neighborhood and enjoy our backyards. That's why we purchased a home with a yard so we could enjoy being outside gardening, porch sitting or dining outside. When you have a neighbor that WILL NOT clean up after their animals or mow only once every month (then they mow over the feces) and then turns around and claims your harassing them is BS! If your not physically able or just because of ignorance!!! to maintain your property MOVE!

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Mar-21-14 11:19 AM

Roger's middle name is "nuisance!"

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Mar-21-14 10:47 AM

If you take the numbers from the previous story, Mr. Kalter filed 39% of the claims for 2012. That seems extremely high to me. It also says that Mr. Kalter has an agenda. All I can say is the city should be a little more careful with its voting.

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Mar-21-14 10:25 AM

BigNapper I think you have been watching to much "Cops" You don't have the right to know who is accusing you. Because anyone can walk by your property and see it's a dump.

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Mar-21-14 9:23 AM

the health dept will do nothing unless it's a bag of trash. everything else (junk, scrap, tires, chemical totes, busted hot tubs, etc) is labeled 'personal property' and nothing is done. All you talkin smack about Roger Kalter are probably junk hoarders too. He's doing more than anyone else about trying to clean up Marietta. And all you do is put him down.

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Mar-21-14 7:38 AM

Roger files complaints on his constituents even when no one asks him to. The man needs a job...a real one!

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Mar-21-14 6:47 AM

Can I ask councilwoman Roger Kalter to turn himself in? Will he write himself an illegal ticket?

Kalter should apply to the sheriff's office to become a deputy. "Barnie Fife" Kalter then can write as many tickets as he wants legally and he can carry a bullet in his pocket!

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Mar-21-14 6:11 AM

Talked to my neighbor a LOT before filing...some people just don't think the rules apply to tired of the sight and smell so started complaining to city...don't remember what year that started because now when I walk in they just make a copy of the old complaint and refile it...that's how effective it is...realized it's not their fault after they explained how hard it is to make someone comply...but I just keep filing...and it would be silly to expect someone else to do it for me.

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Mar-21-14 4:58 AM

This is not what we elected council for and it is a right to know who accused you of a crime. I people would talk to their neighbors a lot of complaints would never need be filed period!

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