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More criticism of property code

Citizens speak up at Marietta City Council meeting

March 21, 2014

Marietta City Council on Thursday heard more criticism of the city’s property maintenance code that was adopted by council last fall....

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Mar-22-14 8:27 AM

I am not trying to make judgements on people. There is NO REASON to have junk all over a property. The hoarding excuse is not an excuse.

There are properties that have been junked up since I lived in Marietta. If the violation policy IS working; it is not working very well or effectively.

The poor lack of money thing is not an excuse. Lazy is more like it. The minimum standard for cleaning a property up is 100% clean, not just an attempt to skirt the law.

If its not 100%; it6s not cleaned up.

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Mar-22-14 1:00 AM

If you cannot afford to maintain your property or pay someone to do it, don't own any. Live in a nice rented place or condo where all the maintenance is done for you. It was nice of click here to offer help to his neighbor, it was a nice thing to do. It however is not his job. He takes care of his property while the neighbor next door sits on his hind end on the Internet or tv. Because of his American right to own property and let it become a smelly shambles , click here can't even venture outside. Who thinks that is good?

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Mar-21-14 8:15 PM

The code is crazy. People need to clean up their properties. Junk lying around is ridiculous

Do our neighbors have no pride. Drive down Colegate and see the junk in the yard on the corner of Wildwood. It's terrible. Now if that isn't a code violation that can be abated, close the city down.

How can anyone think that is OK? Neighbors kill themselves to make their properties nice and one person can run down the entire block. Seems insane to me for people to argue against cleanliness.

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Mar-21-14 1:52 PM

Don't worry about street maintenance because when and if Marietta's surface streets see a lot of heavy truck traffic from Marcellus Shale Gas Crews, you'll be lucky that pavement is your only problem; how about vibrations bringing down old poorly maintained brick buildings. That just happened this week in Cadiz, Harrison County where a century old brick structure on Market Street collapsed into a parking lot. A friend who lives in Harrison County sent me a magazine titled, "Pipeline" which covers Utica Shale gas activity in six counties....Wow. If Washington County sees what has happened in Harrison--there will be some shocked county commissioners.

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Mar-21-14 1:37 PM

I've done more for my neighbor than they done for themselves. Ignorance is bliss! I'm done complaining for today. Think I'll go get some fresh air. Oh wait I'll have to leave my yard and hood to find some.

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Mar-21-14 1:17 PM

clickhere, have you offered to help your neighbor?

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Mar-21-14 12:46 PM

Just like a vehicle it needs gasoline, tires and a oil change very few thousand miles to run properly. I don't understand, why one would invest in a home that usually takes 20-30 years of hard work to pay for and not do the routine repairs that are needed annually! We all dream of one day purchasing a home, some just don't get what being a home owner is!

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Mar-21-14 12:46 PM

"Our existing maintenance code works. If someone sees a violation they can file a complaint with the city health department," Brian Waller of Bramblewood Heights told the council members Thursday. Mr. Waller, it doesn't work! If the maintenance code worked the numerous complaints I have filed or my neighbors complaints would be solved. End of problem! People procrastinate about fixing up or maintaining their properties. Before you know it the damage is done and very costly. Ex.....eves or downspouts hanging loose and rusted out with trees growing from the gutters. You have any idea of the damage this does to surrounding homes? Living next door to all that water runoff the damage it does to my basement foundation. Not all people, but many don't look at the investment side of their property. When purchasing property what the annual cost of properly maintaining a home is. Priories usually don't include the general repairs every home needs yearly.

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Mar-21-14 9:00 AM

Kalter would be the first to write a ticket and then say he didn't do it. He is infamous for leaving notes without signing them. Kalter should be the first property code to be taken of, all the stuff stacked around the community garden on sixth street is his stuff.

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Mar-21-14 8:05 AM

Maybe we should start a petition that states that the seventh street project not proceed and to recall Kalter off the council!

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Mar-21-14 7:46 AM

Seventh St. redo is a WASTE OF TAXPAYER MONEY and they all know it. The only reason they are going forward with this mess is because they have the grant money. The project looks nothing like the original intent and will serve virtually no purpose other than a feather in their caps....because they can. Dumb reason to proceed. Mr. Kalter is such a PIA, if he weren't overstepping the law right and left, and annoying people 24/7, we could just laugh.

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Mar-21-14 5:56 AM

Forget the rebuild of seventh street and clean up the terrible city streets all over Marietta! It's a waste of money to redo seventh! Our council is made up of really, REALLY ignorant people who always want to find strange ways to spend tax payer money when there are numerous reasonable problems that need attention right in front of their eyes!

Bye, Bye Kalter! Go on welfare and close yourself in your house and save us all some tax payer money!

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