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Fort Frye rolling out new math curriculum for 2014-15

March 21, 2014

BEVERLY —Fort Frye Local Schools plans to roll out a new kindergarten-through-eighth grade math curriculum for the 2014-2015 school year as the administration and board of education weigh all the......

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Mar-21-14 7:13 PM

God, I wish the hypocrites would figure it out. Do you hate teachers because they're scheming, manipulative evildoers bent on world domination via their corrupt union, or are they incompetent fools who should be paid pennies a day and be thankful to scrape off the leftovers from the cafeteria to feed their urchin-like families? Because you can't have it both ways, even though according to some of you, no matter what the question is, IT IS ALWAYS THE TEACHER'S FAULT. It gets old.

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Mar-21-14 6:46 PM

exofDevola, i agree with you 100%. perhaps the "it takes a village" mentality was too successful. i think some parents have mentally checked out when it comes to many things involving their children. too many i am afraid depend solely on the teachers to somehow magically transfom little johnny into a genius all by themselves without any parental participation. it is appalling how many parents accept mediocrity simply because they also did poorly in school. i have actually had parents tell me that. that blew my mind. there is really no excuse for poor performance with all of the resources and information at ones fingertips. unless there is a learning disablility other than the "don't want to's".

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Mar-21-14 2:12 PM

Teachers cannot make a child learn, they can teach in the time they have allotted, but they can't do his homework , that is up to the parents , or is there something about that you don't agree to?

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Mar-21-14 2:00 PM

96-05, no multiplication tables were taught...I personally asked's no longer part of our curriculum... I asked each and every year that I personally attended teacher meetings. I can only assume you are a teacher....not.

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Mar-21-14 11:53 AM

So teachers don’t have all day to teach? What are they doing to earn that outrageous paycheck? It’s now the parents job to educate their kids and the teachers just check over their work? A person would think a teachers job was to teach, not just baby-sit! Sounds like your saying they are pushing fiction and not facts.

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Mar-21-14 11:44 AM

easily said newworld. Teacher's don't have all day to work on facts. Parents are the primary educators of their children.

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Mar-21-14 11:24 AM

RiverRat...who runs the class rooms, the teachers or the kids. Sounds like the teachers don't have what it takes to teach.

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Mar-21-14 10:55 AM

dillion - multiplication have never left education. They are included in Common Core, they were in the Ohio Academic Content standards. Many schools have to retreat to a calculator because most moms and dads can't take time out their busy day to reinforce the facts that are practiced at school. Why would a kid rely on memorization of facts when mom and dad give him a calculator at school. Most teachers get tired of fighting the battle and give in to the calculator.

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Mar-21-14 8:48 AM

please include multiplication tables....back to some basics please.

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