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Dream job: Jason Schob hired as MHS head football coach

March 26, 2014

Jason Schob has been promoted from offensive coordinator to head coach of the Marietta High football team, according to an email sent to The Marietta Times from MHS athletic director Rick Guimond......

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Mar-28-14 2:10 PM

CTownNo3 - I have been part of the program in many different forms over the last many years. I completely agree with you!!!! And the parents just need to sit in the stands and enjoy the very short time their son will be playing high school football. None of you know more than the parents, just playing football in your life does not qualify you as an expert. Quit questioning the coach, if you knew better than them, then you would be the coach. Just enjoy time you have a player.

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Mar-28-14 8:07 AM

He has never been a head coach how can you say that he knows how to win football games

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Mar-27-14 12:36 PM

Congrats Jason!

Have any of you actually been a part of the football program? I was part of it when it was a "winning program". The root of the problem starts in the youth league and continues into the 7th and 8th grade teams. Building a program doesn't start at the high school level. Winning at the middle school level should not be a priority. What should be a priority is playing all the players and keeping them interested. Most players won't begin to develop physically until 9th and 10th grades anyhow, which by then is when a lot of the kids have quit the program because they never got any playing time. This is the root of the problem.

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Mar-27-14 11:58 AM

"I no longer have a boy playing so now I don't have to follow"

That statement says it all footballjunky.

True fans don't give up, quit, or move on so quickly.

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Mar-27-14 9:44 AM

Agreed Murphy77. This is a great selection. Marietta High School Football needs consistency. Schob is orange and black through and through and knows how to win football games. He has invested interest in the program and in the community. There is such an emphasis put on winning football games, lets spend our time and energy molding upstanding young men. In five years when these young men are contributing members of society no one is going to care how many football games they won. Lets focus on the bigger picture. So much time is spent focusing on negativity, in case we weren't aware it is not needed.

Good luck to Coach Schob, coaching staff and the whole Marietta Tiger Football Program.

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Mar-27-14 8:52 AM

The coaches are the ones who teach the kids. Marietta does have the talent to go up against teams like Zanesville, Dover and New Philly. They also have loads of talent in the school who would play but don't because a winning tradition has never been established with the football program and that does fall on the coaches shoulders. Attitude reflects leadership. They miss pass routes and coverages and if the coaches worked with the kids better they might know how to catch a pass once in a while. Believe me the names that I heard who actually wanted the job know what a winning program is and how to obtain it even if the talent pool is not real deep. Marietta's loss, I no longer have a boy playing so now I don't have to follow and knowing that they could have completely turned the program around with the other canidates I am ashamed to be a Tiger fan.

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Mar-26-14 1:42 PM

I am not bashing, I am trying to realistic and realistic expectations.

Loads of talent?

There is no way someone who is good at evaluating talent could ever stand Marietta's players next to Zanesville, Dover, New Philly, Cambridge, Gallia, Parkersburg and say that the Tigers are playing with "loads of talent".

I watched 8 of the 10 games last year, the coaches did not drop passes, the coaches were not holding the Tigers jersies slowing them down making the too slow to catch the other team. The coaches did not pull there defensive line backwards when the ball was snapped. It was the opponents line pushing them back.


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Mar-26-14 1:26 PM

Just when you Back to winning, that implies that Marietta has been a winning program in the past. Although it has had winning season in the past 40 years, it has never been what people would consider a winning program.

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Mar-26-14 12:49 PM

Marietta HS has loads of talent just not enough skill at the coaching level to use it to their advantage. Marietta has not had a winning season in a few years unless you consider 500 and below a winning season. If that is the case then by all means they have done great.

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Mar-26-14 11:38 AM

Like Jason Schob, Adam Eichhorn was a class act and was treated in a first class way by the school administration. Adam, like others, could not win in the ECOL OR SEOAL due to a shortage of talent. No ones fault, just not enough skill. At the same time, per Eichhorn, Lehman tried to "buy" Eichhorn out of the job with money offers...Eichhorn did not accept but could not tolerate demeaning attitudes of parental leaders. God love Adam Eichhorn. I have seen this same parent game since I attended MHS, but never this bad. Good luck Jason.

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Mar-26-14 10:37 AM

Soooo...What happen to Eichorn? It may state in the article but I can't read it. Resign? Fired? "let go?"

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Mar-26-14 8:52 AM

footballjunky - can you explain "BACK into a winning team"?

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Mar-26-14 8:24 AM

Had a better candidate that wanted the job and would have been better for the program. Would have turned Marietta back into a winning team.

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Mar-26-14 7:56 AM

This is a great selection. His personality and caring are a perfect fit for Marietta. Go Jason! Remember to take your "lehman meds" daily.

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