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March 26, 2014

With the launch today of our electronic edition, subscribers of The Marietta Times now have a new way to enjoy the newspaper that has served the residents of Marietta since 1864....

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Mar-27-14 4:59 AM

You price of $12.50 a month (best price) is ridiculous for something that basically costs you nothing. If you had a more reasonable price I would subscribe, but I guess that is nor to be. Bye-Bye!

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Mar-26-14 9:42 PM

Worth every penny of it!! Super clear reading! Thank you Marietta Times!!

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Mar-26-14 8:05 PM

Well, I was hoping I could at least read the article about all the great things a digital subscription entails. I guess I'm left to comment on the lack of content, which, really, is business as usual.

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Mar-26-14 7:44 PM

I was hoping for a chance to pay for a digital version, to be fair. But these prices are shocking. Wall Street Journal charges near $300 now, but look at all you get.

Cut the price in half and you'd have a fair price that also has proper relationship to the price of print version.

Does the new digital version still have all the annoying pop up ads? If so, cut the price to 10% instead of 50%.

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Mar-26-14 6:41 PM

Yes, like Liz says, investigate things like how much Roger Kalter buys personal goods with his "tax exempt" cards in Wal-Mart, some real investigations!

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Mar-26-14 6:35 PM

Holy Smokes -- Within 6 months, Roger Anderson is going to have the only newspaper in town!! This is screaming trouble!

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Mar-26-14 6:19 PM

Why did they use a company way out in California for? Kind of ***** they didn't keep the money in the state.

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Mar-26-14 5:30 PM


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Mar-26-14 2:02 PM

Those prices. Talk about no bang for the buck.

If the digital only subscription is as high as the print! What a rip off.

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Mar-26-14 12:33 PM

Am I wrong or does the digital only version cost as much as having home delivery of the paper? Makes no sense!

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Mar-26-14 12:21 PM

I love it!! I love that people that can't see or read can hear the paper read to them. I have always wanted that for the newspaper. Way to go Marietta times.

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Mar-26-14 11:58 AM

What I'm hearing is 150.00 for a year, 84.00 for 6mo., 43.50 for 3 mo., 20.00 for 1 mo. and 10.00 for single article...all with credit card.

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Mar-26-14 11:23 AM

If you can't keep the paper solvent with the $'s from advertising and from subscribers I seriously doubt if this is going to keep The Times afloat! I agree with others...just what is the cost of this digital version? The info is really cloudy.

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Mar-26-14 10:59 AM

I might not understand but I like to say good idea change it look better that way. == I think I like it.

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Mar-26-14 10:48 AM

Not really a problem...the short teasers online just let me know if I want to waste my money...won't happen often.

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Mar-26-14 10:42 AM

Bad move Times. This is probably just a balloon floating effort to see reaction but you'll lose more than you'll gain. If you had good content, it would be worth it. All you provide is news about local sex crimes , drug arrests and made up story lines that you pat yourself on the back for and give yourself awards for to try to look good.

If you would do some good investigative reporting about, say, the waste of money done by our council, the farce of the Armory renovation with no business plan, etc, it might be worth it.

Count me out. I'll look elsewhere. Most news is free today. Only the good stuff costs.

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Mar-26-14 10:38 AM

JeffHess, great point..i was thinking the same thing. why in the world would we be required to provide personal information just to get a price quote.

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Mar-26-14 10:34 AM

I will especially miss the following:

Public and government information notices and events such as ... meetings and event schedules, voting and election info, county health dept., school and street closings, public notices and warnings, weather emergency contact info., local events and celebrations, etc.

I hope that our local TV and radio stations will expand their written information on web their sites.

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Mar-26-14 10:15 AM

How much????? can't even find out IF I want to pay......

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Mar-26-14 9:50 AM

OK,so web pages make money off of advertising, which is based on traffic to the web page. So, lock down the web page to pay only, and your traffic drops, and you make less advertising money, unless your content is so good that people want to pay for it, and the content can't be found elsewhere. Why would people pay for the web page access, when you can get breaking news and such from other sources (national new is free, local news can be found on twitter, facebook, TV station web pages, etc).

Is the thought really that all these people not getting the paper now are going to start, just to get the on line content? I doubt it, but we shall see.

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Mar-26-14 9:36 AM

The Akron Beacon Journal is also still free. As a small business owner in the area up here, I know how much papers charge for advertising on their online editions. It's a shame that the Times, if it isn't already, isn't taking better advantage of that to keep the access free. I'm sorry to see the free access go.

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Mar-26-14 9:20 AM

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Mar-26-14 8:59 AM

I don't like this change, but understand why it was done. People are buying less print materials. However, the News and Sentinal linked the sign up for computer access to their story. And most newspapers allow free access to obits, but not the Times!

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Mar-26-14 8:51 AM

I'm sure it was a necessary business decision. The Marietta Times likely lost subscribers because of the free online content. Why pay for what you can get for free?

I'm one of those people who likes to read a paper newspaper, so I've always been a subscriber. I do appreciate having the online feature as part of the subscription cost.

The Marietta Times is our hometown newspaper and I would hate to see it fold. Other large city newspapers are beginning to charge for reading the online content, so the Times is just following the industry trend.

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Mar-26-14 8:45 AM

I live 42 miles East of St. Louis. Grew up in Williamstown and moved over in '74. This was my link to local news there. A paper here will cost you a buck, but we get 4 full sections of news, sports, classifieds and entertainment. I understand why the Times did what they did and it should have happened a long time ago. . .Why pay for a paper when I can read it on line for free. . .BUT I've also seen the Times shrink to the point when I'm visiting there I don't even pick it up cept for the National News. Sorry to see it go but I do understand why.

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