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Ohio River Benchmarks, Current level

January 6, 2008
Marietta Times

During a flood, benchmarks are the point at which an area goes underwater.


East side benchmarks
32.6 feet: Hart Street at Eighth Street
33.2: Charles Street at Eighth Street
33.5: Hart Street at Sixth Street
34.2: Charles Street at Sixth Street
34.5: Ohio Street at Fourth Street
34.6: Wayne Street at Sixth Street
34.7: Charles Street at alley between Sixth and Seventh streets
34.9: Fifth Street at center of Don Drumm Field
35.0: Flood stage

35.5: Stark Street at Seventh Street
35.8: Pike Street at Wayne Street
35.8: Greene Street at center of Don Drumm Field
36.0: Basement of Lafayette Hotel
36.0: Pike Street at Elmwood Avenue
36.3: Pike Street at entrance to Phillips Elementary School
36.5: Ohio Street at Eighth Street
36.7: Third Street, between Greene and Butler streets
36.8: Stark Street at Eighth Street
36.9: Pike Street at Hart Street
36.9: Second Street, between Greene and Butler streets
37.0: Hart Street at Ash Avenue
37.1: Hart Street at Fourth Street
37.2: Stark Street at Seventh Street
37.2: Fourth Street at Butler Street
37.3: Second Street at Church Street
37.3: Third Street at Church Street
37.3: Jefferson Street at Seventh Street
37.4: Pike Street at Olney Street
37.5: End of East Eighth Street
37.6: Lafayette Street at East Eighth Street
37.6: Wayne Street at Eighth Street
37.7: Charles Street at Sixth Street
37.8: Greene Street at Fifth Street
37.9: Greene Street at Sixth Street
38.1: Elmwood Avenue at Ash Avenue
38.2: Hart Street at Seventh Street
38.26: Pike Street at Seventh Street
38.3: Charles Street at Seventh Street
38.3: Church Street at Second Street
38.6: Butler Street at Fifth Street
38.9: Ohio Street at Second Street
38.9: Ohio Street at Third Street
39.0: Pike Street at Lafayette Street
39.1: Greene Street at Fourth Street
39.1: Hart Street at Meigs Street
39.1: Pennsylvania Avenue at Lincoln Avenue catch basin
39.1: Pike Street at Court Street
39.3: Jefferson Street at East Eighth Street
39.7: Third Street at Butler Street
39.7: Greene Street at Third Street
39.7: Third Street, between Butler and Church streets
39.8: Second Street at Wooster Street
40.0: 10-year flood level
40.1: Wayne Street at Eighth Street
40.13: Greene Street at Seventh Street
40.3: Front Street at Monroe Street
40.3: Pennsylvania Avenue at Linwood Avenue
40.4: Front Street at armory
40.5: Pike Street at Greene Street
40.5: Greene Street at Second Street
40.5: Third Street at Scammel Street
40.6: Second Street at Scammel Street
40.7: Pennsylvania Avenue at Eton Avenue
40.9: Second Street at Butler Street
41.3: Southeast corner, Butler and Front streets
41.4: Front Street at Fair Avenue
41.5: Front Street at Ohio Street
41.65: Greene Street at Front Street
41.7: Adventure Galley at Second and Butler streets
41.8: Elmwood Avenue at Buckeye Avenue
41.9 Hart Street at Fifth Street
41.9: Front Street at Knox Street
42.09: Front Street at Putnam Street
42.1: Lower corner, Front and Butler streets
42.3: Front Street at Wooster Street
42.3: Front Street at St. Clair Street
42.3: Second Street, between Putnam and Butler streets
42.6: Colegate Drive at Muskingum Drive
42.6: Alley off Wooster Street, east of Front
42.7: Front Street at Washington Street
42.7: Elks Lodge on Front Street
42.7: Front Street at Butler Street
42.8: Second Street, between Putnam and Scammel streets
43.3: Butler Street at Seventh Street
43.4: Second Street at Union Street
43.75: 25-year flood level
43.8: Front Street at Lower Sacra Via
43.9: Front Street at Upper Sacra Via
43.9: Hart Street at Buckeye Avenue
44.0: Lobby of Lafayette Hotel
42.09: Front Street at Putnam

West side benchmarks:
33.2: Mile Run underpass
33.51: Gilman Avenue at lower ramp to Washington Street Bridge
34.4: Gilman Avenue at New Street
34.9: Virginia Street at Franklin Street
35.0: Flood stage
35.5: Virginia Street at Brown1s Alley
35.9: Gilman Avenue at Wood Street
36.1: Virginia Street at Ward Street
36.3: Virginia Street at Fearing Street
36.4: Virginia Street at Square culvert
36.6: Virginia Street at Gilman Avenue
36.6: Virginia Street at Harmar Street
36.62: Gilman Avenue at upper ramp to Washington Street Bridge
37.1: Gilman Avenue at Lancaster Street
38.9: Fort Street at railroad overpass
38.9: Maple Street at Fort Square
39.7: Gilman Avenue at Market Street
40.0: 10-year flood level
40.1: Harmar Street at Maple Street
40.5: Harmar Street at Pearl Street
40.9: Market Street at Fort Square
41.7: Market Street at Franklin Street
41.9: Gilman Avenue at Maple Street
41.9: Gilman Avenue at Groves Avenue
42.3: Franklin Street at Maple Street
42.4: Maple Street at Crawford Street
42.4: Gilman Avenue at Lot 325
42.7: Gilman Avenue at railroad crossing
42.8: Harmar Street at Market Street
42.8: Harmar Street at Clinton Street
43.2: Franklin Street at Lord Street
43.4: Putnam Avenue at Franklin Street
43.7: Harmar Street at railroad crossing
43.7: Gilman Avenue at Putnam Avenue
43.75: 25-year flood level
44.4: Gilman Avenue at Westview Avenue

Belpre benchmarks
35.1 feet: John at Walnut
36.0: Flood stage
38.6: Scott and Walnut
40.7: Sixth and Barcley
40.9: Main and Blennerhassett
41.0: Ohio 618 closed at Shell Plant
41.5: Campus Drive below Depot
42.0: Blennerhassett and Stone, Wirt and Congress Creek Road, Stone Avenue and Seventh
42.5: Elm and Blennerhassett
42.6: Walnut and Blennerhassett
42.8: Walnut and Sixth
42.9: Scott and Elm
45.0: Belpre Auto Parts 1¸4 Washington Boulevard
45.7: Florence and Washington Boulevard
46.0: Main and Matheny
47.6: Fifth and O'Neal

Article Photos

From Baker & Baker, then located in the first building on the left, Front Street businesses dealing with flooding in 1937 were the Katz family’s Marietta Garment Shop in the Wehrs Block, Neptune Shoes, Jahn’s Market, Wun-Der Shoes, Woolworth’s, Kestermeir Shoes, Kiger Flowers and Walter’s Auto Supply. Norm Baker reported 6 inches of water in the second floor of their building, where dentist A. Lincicome had his office.



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