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America’s health care system is in horrible shape

March 10, 2008
Marietta Times
In the recent past we have been overwhelmed by activists, the media and political leaders concerning the 50 million people in this country who lack access to medical care.

This is obviously an extremely grave and vital issue, but another, even more serious problem (a deadly nightmare) is an ongoing tragedy. It is the near total lack of quality within the health care system in the USA. It is truly a massive, miserable failure.

Here are a few rhetorical questions regarding the near total breakdown of quality in the curent health care fiasco in the United States.

Why is it that nearly 2 million people contract bacterial infections in hospitals and medical care facilities and nearly 100,000 of them die from the same every year in this country?

Is it because these institutions lack minimum standards of cleanliness and are, in fact, filthy, unsanitary and germ-infested?

Why is cleanliness such a low priority at hospitals and why are “wash your hands” campaigns treated like jokes?

Why do medical centers, especially in northeast Ohio, have millions of dollars for advertisements and propaganda publications, but no extra funds for cleaning up their dirty hospitals?

Why aren’t investigations done by independent agencies when patients contract bacterial infections in hospitals, especially if they die from the same?

When an insurance company declines payment of a bill, why is the patient expected to pay 100 percent of the bill, when the insurance company would have only paid 60 to 70 percent?

Why are billing departments at medical facilities invariably bureaucratic, confusing, and prone to double billing with hostile attitudes, especially when dealing with seniors?

Why are senior citizens forced to purchase Medicare supplements? Does it have anything to do with the outrageous over charging by the medical care establishment?

When a doctor orders a test or procedure, why can’t a patient get a reasonable estimate as to how much it will cost from the medical provider?

Why do the majority of doctors have the bedside manners of a rabid rattlesnake?

Why is it so unreasonable for incompetent, questionable doctors and mean-spirited, unruly administrators to be randomly drug-tested so patients don’t have to suffer any additional indignities?

Why do HMOs treat their members like dirt?

Why are emergency rooms more like crisis centers with bad management, incompetence, lack of cleanliness and long waiting times running rampant?

Why are medical care centers so over-staffed with under-worked administrators and have gross shortages of hands-on workers like nurses, aids, lab techs, and cleaning staff?

Why do mindless administrators continuously blame patients, insurance companies, and activists like myself for the failure of the present medical care system? Why don’t they look in the mirror?

In closing, there are many other questions of caring that the powers-that-be in the organized healthcare establishment don’t care or want to hear about, but welcome change is going to come, not because I say so, but because the situation regarding medical care in the USA today couldn’t get any worse!

Chet Hejduk



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