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School menus: Week of April 21 to 25

April 19, 2008
Marietta Times
Caldwell Elementary

Monday: Corn dog, baked beans, pudding, fruit, potato chips, milk.

Tuesday: Lasagna with meat, salad with ranch, roll, applesauce cup, milk.

Wednesday: Pepperoni pizza, peas, apple crisp, milk.

Thursday: Cook’s choice.

Friday: Popcorn chicken, fries, peanut butter sandwich, fruit cup, milk.

Caldwell High School

Monday: Hot dog on bun, tater tots, brownie, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Hamburger on bun, cheese, french fries, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Pizza, corn, pineapple, milk.

Thursday: Chicken patty on bun, au gratin potatoes, fruit, milk.

Friday: Taco stick, yogurt, green beans, fruit, milk.

Fort Frye High School and Beverly-Center Elementary

Monday: Pizza sub or pepperoni sandwich, corn, cookie, fruit and milk.

Tuesday: Sausage or turkey sandwich, biscuit with gravy, peas, fruit and milk.

Wednesday: Spaghetti or ham sandwich, carrots with dip, breadstick, fruit and milk.

Thursday: Chicken strips or bologna sandwich, cheesy potatoes, roll, fruit and milk.

Friday: Pizza or peanut butter and jelly sandwich, baked beans, pudding, fruit and milk.

Marietta City Schools

Monday: Chicken sandwich, green beans, peaches, bonus chips, hamburger on bun, milk.

Tuesday: Burrito, brown rice pilaf, corn, red apple, hamburger on bun, milk.

Wednesday: Pizza, corn on the cob, red apple, elf grahams, corn dog, milk.

Thursday: Chicken strips, roll and margarine, mashed potatoes, Jell-O and fruit cup, hamburger on bun, milk.

Friday: Meatball sub, carrots with dip, orange sherbet, hamburger on bun, milk.

Salem-Liberty Elementary

Monday: Chicken patty sandwich or ham sandwich, french fries, fruit.

Tuesday: Grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwich, tomato soup, cookie, fruit.

Wednesday: Turkey and noodles or bologna sandwich, mashed potatoes, birthday cake, fruit.

Thursday: Sloppy joe or bologna sandwich, french fries, cheese wedge, fruit.

Friday: Pizza, corn, fruit, cookie.

Shenandoah High School

Monday: Tacos, corn, lettuce and cheese, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, roll with butter, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Ham and cheese sandwich, peas, cottage cheese, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Subs, curly fries, fruit, milk.

Friday: Pizza, green beans, no-bake cookie, fruit, milk.

Warren Local


Monday: Chicken and noodles with biscuit, green beans, fruit choice.

Tuesday: Pepperoni sub, corn, fruit choice.

Wednesday: Taco in a sac, refried beans with cheese, fruit choice, cookie.

Thursday: Country fried steak with hot roll, whipped potatoes with gravy, fruit choice.

Friday: Tony’s pizza, vegetable, fruit choice.

Warren High School

Monday: Chicken strips with breadstick, green peas, fruit choice.

Tuesday: Lasagna with garlic toast, vegetable, fruit choice.

Wednesday: Meat and cheese sub, vegetable, fruit choice.

Thursday: Country fried steak with hot roll, whipped potatoes with gravy, fruit choice.

Friday: Warrior pizza, tossed salad with dressing, fruit choice.

Waterford Elementary

Monday: Hot dog, fries, applesauce, graham crackers, milk.

Tuesday: Hamburger with pickles, fries, fruit, Texas sheet cake, milk.

Wednesday: Turkey noodles, green beans, apple crisp, ice cream, bread and butter, milk.

Thursday: Chicken strips, fries, fruit, oatmeal cake, milk.

Friday: Nacho chips, cheese, pasta salad, fruit, cookie, milk.

Waterford High School

Monday: Turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, fruit, Texas sheet cake, peanut butter sandwich, milk.

Tuesday: Barbecue rib sandwich, fries, turnovers, ice cream, milk.

Wednesday: Grilled cheese, tomato soup, crackers, fruit, oatmeal cake, milk.

Thursday: Cheeseburger, fries, fruit, rice pudding, milk.

Friday: Nacho chips with cheese, pizza beans, fruit, rice crispy square, milk.

Washington County Career Center

Monday: Barbecue pork sandwich, corn, chef salad, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Beefaroni with roll, fruit, milk, or chef salad.

Wednesday: Soft taco with fixings, fruit, milk, or chef salad.

Thursday: CiCi’s pizza, carrots, fruit, milk, or chef salad.

Friday: Corn dogs, mixed vegetables, fruit, milk, or chef salad.


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