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Third grade

October 29, 2010
Marietta Times

First place

"Lost in the Woods"

by Noah Curry,

Article Photos

1st place artwork, Emme Bowe, third grade, Barlow Vincent Elementary.

Phillips Elementary School

When I was 2 1/2, I got lost in the woods. First, I had to climb over a tree that was cut down. My dog went further into the woods. I followed him. I got stuck in quicksand. That's what I thought it was at the time, but I guess it was mud. I got out, but it took my shoes. My puppy, Chance, stayed with me and we kept walking. I finally ended up at a house close to the high school. I was crying by then. I was scared and didn't' know where I was. A nice lady found me and called the police. The policeman took me to my mom and Nana. I didn't know at the time that my family, the police, a search and rescue dog, and fire department had been looking for me for hours. The newspaper wrote a story about me. Not only was I scared, my family was, too.

Second place

"My Bookreport"

by Ciara Hilverding,

Waterford Elementary

On a spooky night, my mom took me to a spooky old high school. There was a bus parked in front. I did not want to get out of the car, but mom made me. I went inside, the door closed behind me. The lights would not turn on. So I just walked down the halls. I was very scared. I heard a noise. I heard it again. I looked down the hall. Someone grabbed me! The next thing I knew, I was in an office. I saw a name tag, it said Mr. Blood. My mom heard screaming. She walked inside. She tried to turn on the lights. They would not turn on. She walked down a hall. Someone grabbed her. She got her blood sucked, too, just like me. She became a teacher and I became a student. Then I woke up in class while my teacher was reading scary stories.

Third place

"The Mummy's Revenge"

by Chloe Hooper,

Willilamstown Elementary

One misty day in a graveyard, I was looking around for graves. I saw one and on it was the name of Ghostly Mostly. He died on October 14, 1495. The next day I went back to the graveyard. But Ghostly Mostly's grave was dug up. At first, I was surprised. Then I was scared. I looked around but I didn't see anything. Then I said, "Hello! Is anybody there?" Nothing answered. I went back home. On Thursday I went to the old haunted house in the graveyard. When I went into the haunted house to look around, I saw a shadow. I went into a room and there I saw a mummy, a skeleton, and a ghost. At first I wasn't scared. Then I was. I ran out of the haunted house. I wondered what they were looking for? I went back into the house. I looked. I was alert for the ghosts. Then I saw the mummy carrying a gemstone. It was glowing. I went back to my house. I got my dictionary to look up gem stone. The dictionary said, a gemstone is a stone that can guarantee any wish. So I thought what would a ghost, a skeleton and a mummy be doing with a gemstone? Then I knew. The stone can grant any wish. So the mummy wanted to take over the world! I said, "I need to get that gem!" So I went back to the haunted house. The ghost, the mummy and the skeleton weren't there. I looked in the graveyard. There they were. I stepped quietly to them. I stretched my arm out to get the gem. But the mummy saw me. The mummy quickly turned around. I backed up. He started to chase me. When he was chasing me, he dropped the gem. I picked up the gem and ran into the haunted house. I made a wish that they were gone.


Barlow-Vincent Elementary School

Cassandra Hennes, "Halloween Night."

Gerald Jones, "The Dawn of the Dead."

Ethan Yost, "The Worst Nightmare Ever."

Sara Rowland, "Dragon's Castle," artwork.

Hannah JanKauskas, "Boo House," artwork.

Jenna Walters, "On Halloween."

Emme Bowe, "The Kitty Who Got Stuck in a Pumpkin."

Lindsey James, "The Monstrous Mansion."

Brock Kern, "The Monster of Woodland St."

Brody Weekley, "The Haunted Grave Yard."

Mazie Coe, "Rosie & Mazie's Halloween Adventure."

Kloe Kuhn, artwork.

Sardis Elementary

Kaitlyn Potterer, artwork.

Gavin Lallathin, "The Haunted Graveyard."

Raven Callahan, "Wolf Class."

Dylan Hubbard, "Zombies."

Colby Brown, "The Jackolantern Named Bob."

Brooke Johnson, "The Haunted School."

Cameron Groh, "The Halloween Night."

Rebecca Hauersperger, "The Haunted Classroom."

Rachel Hausperger, "The Misunderstanding."

Kaitlyn Dotterer, "The House."

Olivia Romick, "The 'I'll Never Golf Again' Castle."

Keanu Barkes, "The Scary Skeleton."

Livi Beard, "The Missing Horse."

Colton Lawrence, "The Old Haunted Manchin on Halloween."

Cody Tenley, "What is Under My Bed?"

Kyria Blough, "The Woods."

Have Blough, "Creepy Hollow."

Savannah Childress, "Haunted Castle."

Isabella Schaum, "The Day Food Tried to Eat Me."

Rachel Hauersperger, "The Misunderstanding."

Colton Lawrence, "The Haunted Mansion on Halloween."

Cameron Groh, "Halloween Night."

Dylan Hubbard, "Zombies."

Brooke Johnson, "The Haunted School."

Gavin Lallathin, "The Haunted Graveyard."

Rebecca Hauersperger, "The Haunted Classroom."

Kyria Blough, "The Woods."

Olivia Romick, "The I'll Never Golf Again Castle."

Raven Callahan, "Wolf Class."

Colby Brown, "The Jack-O-Lantern Named Bob."

Haven Blough, "Creepy Hollow."

Livi Beard, "The Missing Horse."

Kaitlyn Dotterer, "The House."

Savannah Childress, "The Haunted Castle."

Cody Tenley, "What's Under My Bed?"

Keanu Barkes, "The Scary Story."

Putnam Elementary School

Alyssa James, "My Baby Sister."

Ryan Mannix, "One Scary Friday Night."

Joe Mills, "Dinosaur Island."

Bailey Smith, "Bailey and the Fast Zombies."

Garrett Herb, "The Death Day."

Julie Lucas, "The Scary Ghost ? Cat."

Katelyn Roser, "My Scary Story."

Jessie Cline, "A Booarific Story."

Katelyn Cline, "A Spooky Adventure."

Baylea McKitrick, "Haunted House!"

Madison Heiss, "Graveyard Madness."

Allie Herron, "On the Night Before Halloween."

Lincoln Bolton, "Ghost Riders."

Kyle Waldron, "Kyle Loses Them."

Kristen Schamp, "Haunted House."

Isaac Seevers, "The Wanted Graveyard."

Derek Wheeler, "Bloody Murder."

Madison Lee, "The Haunted Graveyard."

Lindsey Hartline, "My Scary Sleepover Party."

Cameron Wheeler, "The Mummy in the Woods."

Reagan Zimmerman, "The Boneyard and the Skeletons."

Nick Simmons, "My Zombie."

Gabriella Grabow, "Frankenstein and His Wife."

Trent Neal, "A Walk in the Woods."

Caleb Townsend, "The Haunted Hotel."

James Demester, "Curse of the X-bot."

Aaliyah Murry, "The Haunted School."

Abigail Worstell, "Suzie and Antantonia."

Kelsie Anderson, "The Haunted House."

Abbi Westbrook, "One Halloween Night."

Sage Austin, "Halloween Graveyard."

Dominic Paul Eschmeyer, "The Big Wearhouse."

Hayden Constable, "Taking a Ghost's Toe."

Ellery Hollister, "Halloween Night."

Spencer George, "Bats."

Kari Bauerbach, "The Halloween Night."

Haley Dawn Betzing, "Halloween Night."

Andrew Garrett, "The Old Spider."

Maria Pfaff, "The Haunted House."

Sean Fournier, "The Haunted Block."

Jillian Hersman, "The GraveYard Night."

Cade Gandor, "The Trick or Treat Night."

Kaylee Ditterline, "One Late Night."

Sydney Westbrook, "One Halloween Night."

Wilson Sauls, "Don't Take Me Away."

Kristy Miller, "Trick or Treating."

Tyler Noel, "The Haunted."

Emma Grammer, "Trick or Treeeeeeeekkkkk,"

Kendra Erb, "Kendra and Daisy."

Bryan Hackney, "The Haunted House."

Washington Elementary School

Devin Potter, "The 3 Under World Monsters."

Ava Lesher, "Scary Story."

Kyle Brooks, "The Haunted House."

Sakara Moore, "Halloween Night."

Max Brooker, "The Haunted Warehouse."

Nathan Payne, "The Scary Story."

Alexus Carpenter, "The Haunted House."

Mason Hebert, "The Night in the Woods."

Taenesa Little, "A Scary House."

Maddy Ware, "Halloween Day."

Joel Neville, "Sleepover."

Marannda Keen, "The Walk."

Elyssa Williams, "Halloween Scary Story."

Oscar Hampton, "New House!"

Kya Lindsey, "A Very Scary Halloween."

Tesla Antill, "Scary Noises."

Jillian Middleton, "Trick or Treat."

Abby Myers, "Walking to the Park on Halloween Night."

Pamela Billy, "The Haunted Attic."

Isaiah Burkhart, "The Ghost in the Tomb."

Brent Joyce, "Scary Story."

Alex Cratzenberg, "Bad Gas."

Alyssa Myers, "Scary Story."

Nayana Burgin, "Scary Story."

Caitlyn Presley, "The Scared Halloween Night."

Haileigh Seevers, "Scary Story."

Seneca Craver, "My Trick or Treating Night."

Sean Tucker, "My Halloween Scare."

Emma Clark, "Halloween Scare."

Eva Herb, "The Five Ghosts."

Kelleyanne Voisinet, "The Haunted Castle."

Elyza Hall, "My Trick or Treat Scare."

Destiny Kittle, "My Halloween Surprise."

Jackson Macatol, "The Scary Surprise."

Bryce Reasoner, "My Halloween Scare."

Justin LaBarre, "The Scary Story."

Connor Arnott, "In the Cemetery."

Tristen Sealey, "The Halloween First."

Gabriel Villarrueta, "The Night of Terror."

Shayla Youngblood, "My Scare!"

Hanna Offenberger, "The Halloween Scare."

Hannah Kroft, "The Ghost Chase."

Tyler Jones, "A Scary Story."

Katy Lancaster, "My Halloween Trapping."

Waterford Elementary School

Blaze Berry, "Walking on the Road."

Shiloh Bond, "Molly and Zombie."

Torie Bosner, "The Spooky Cave."

Faith Clark, "The Zombie Was Chasing Me."

Nick Fouss, "The Spooky Green Creek."

Clayton Hansell, "Dead Man."

Ciara Hilverding, "My Book Report."

Aliyah Lada, "Vampire Days."

Olivia McCutcheon, "The Farmer's Dog."

Amelia Medina, "Amelia Medina."

Cadi Miller, "The Boy Home Alone."

Tyler Powell, "The Zombie and the Skeleton."

Haydon Reynolds, "The Mud Monster."

Miranda Sampson, "That One Night."

Zack Saunders, "A Weird Day."

Brooks Suprano, "The Cemetery That Was Haunted."

Kiara Wriston, "The Babysitter."

Joseph Zimmer, "Monster and Alien."

Taya Christopher, "Just A Dream."

Hayley Gorrell, "Spooky Town."

Meryan Hart, "Scary Story."

Zane Heiss, "My Imagination."

Malcolm Hinton, "The Ghost."

Jimmy Hitt, "My Scary Story."

Katelyn Huck, "The Vampire and the Devil."

Jasmine Lemon, "The Ghost."

Jordan Masters, "The Late Night Bite."

Marissa Neader, "The Spooky Teacher."

Cage Perdue, "A Scary Story."

Gabe Pritchett, "The Deathtrap."

Jeremiah Rankin, "Jack and Annie and the Haunted House."

Mason Schaad, "The Haunted School."

Wesley Schaad, "The Knight."

Adah Smitley, "On Halloween Night."

Buddy Stephan, "Jack and Annie and the Big Spider."

Isabelle Strahler, "Just a Nightmare."

Jon Wagner, "The Wolf Boy."

Jillian Weaver, "Vampires at Night."

Williamstown Elementary School

Samantha Sargent, "The Evil Twins."

Janet Staats, "The Evil Mummy."

Carley Jarvis, "The Haunted Slumber Party."

Kole Marten, "Williamstown's Haunted School."

Sydney Zide, "The Football Game."

Krystyanna Bules, "The Haunted Tree House."

Braden Waddell, "The Haunted Basement."

Maddilyn Morgan, "The Legend of Bloody Mary."

Alexandria Moore, "The Nine Year Old Vampire."

Grace Newbanks, "The Haunted House."

Kelsey Smith, "The Scary Mansion."

Nick Bondi, "Halloween Night."

Skyler Chancellor, "The Haunted House."

Cate Jarrell, "The Dead Come Alive."

Lizzie Rea, "The Girl."

Payton Buttrey, "The Halloween Scare."

Kayli Sauro, "Fire."

Brandon Kiger, "The Haunted Mansion."

Nicholas Harris, "The Living Room Ghost."

Lilly McMullen, "The Haunted School."

Alexis Adams, "The Haunted School."

Hallie Oblisk, "The Day My Parents Disappeared."

Heaven Clay, "The Haunted Road."

Josiah Stewart, "The Haunted School."

Taylor Newton, "A Scary Monday Night."

Kayla Deem, "The Deadly School."

Hunter Davis, "Devil City."

Sarah Grace Holbert, "The School Scare."

Trip Barkley, "The Wicked Werewolf."

Jylian Goddard, "My Monster Teacher."

Kyle Barker, "Who Are You Going To Call?"

Skyler Cross, "Halloween Night."

Arista Davis, "The Haunted House."

Joshua Erb, "What An Adventure!"

Jimmy Fauber, "The Scary Cat Rescue."

Austin Gordon, "Vampires Rock."

Brinna Hathaway, "The Wolves are Howling at Midnight."

Brittney Hooper, "Race Against Time."

Chloe Hooper, "The Mummy's Revenge."

Colin Hunkele, "In a Trance."

Jillian Leo, "HELP!"

Ty Moore, "Murder."

Elizabeth Newton, "The Halloween Night."

John Nicely, "A Scary Halloween Night."

Brooke Parsons, "The Vampire."

Morgan Pemberton, "The Haunted House."

Mara Rinehart, "A Haunting 48 Hours!"

Janie Beth Uhl, "The Haunted House Spooks."

Tessie Wells, "It Was a Dark Stormy Night."

Austin White, "The Scary Haunted House!"

Destinee Williams, "The Haunted House."

Caitlin Varner, "The Night Before Halloween."

Trenton Hunt, "Halloween Night."

Brendon Westbrook, "Believe in Ghosts Yet?"

Landon Edgar, "Zombie Attack."

Garrett Lamar, "The Haunted House."

Connor Rea, "Zombie."

Meadow Gates, "The Day I Met the Monsters."

Ethan Tawney, "The Mystery of Count Dracula."

Lea Strauss, "The Haunted Lighthouse."

Laura Ann Delancey, "The End of the Woods."

Drew Johnson, "The Super Secret Story."

Lakin Hall, "Haunted Graveyard."

Emma Rickard, "Scary Story."

Aliyah Moore, "Scary?"

Issac Cutright, "The Moth Man."

Kiteara Sinnett, "The Enchanted Forest."

Sierra Park, "The Enchanted Kingdom."

Nick Wasmer, "The Woods."

Sara Henrie, "Vampire."

Carson Huck, "The End of Me."

Belpre Elementary School

Isabella Gilbert, "The Happy Ghost."

KyAnna Coleman, "Allie and the Dragon."

Kelley Powell, "Night of the Living Pumpkin."

Dawson Newell, "The Junkyard."

Makaylee Deaton, "The Ghost Who Played with Me and Madison."

Nathan Deem, "The Boy Who Wus a Monster."

Allie Lemon, "The Library."

John Fry, "Pumpkin Attack."

Kynalyn Waderker, "The Mystery Ghost."

Ryan Wotring, "The Spooky Party."

Raven Guilford, "The Secret Ghost."

Eric Dotson, "Frankenstein's Friends."

Aiden Hasley, "Dracula's Invitation."

Maddison Smith, "The Haunted House."

Chris Adams, "Scary Ghost and Pumpkin," artwork.

Matt Cremeans, "The Basement," artwork.

Chloe Rader, "The Very Scary Ghost," artwork.

Tyler Lamp, "A Night in the Graveyard," artwork.

Chandler Cox, "The Haunted School."

Jaden Cunningham, "A Spooky Halloween Night."

Eden Hart, "Spooky Things in Life."

Kiser Windland, "Scary Night."

Madison Allman, "One Spooky Halloween Night."

Alana Brigner, "The Haunted Ghost."

Za'Naya Allen, "The Haunted Ghost."

Danielle Bishop, "The Missing Kids."

Lydia Arnett, "The Haunted Graveyard."

Molly Hasley, "Holly's Fight."

Nikki Hart, "The Haunted House."

Kailei Parker, "Is There A Ghost Tonight?"

Ryan Kerns, "Geremy's Gone."

J.T. McCay, "The Ghost of the Sumo Wrestler."

Austin King, "The Ghost."

Britan Sprague, "The Fake Ghost."

Foster Brand, "A Vampire's Tooth."

Kaleigh Eakle, "The Haunted Mansion."

Emily Anderson, "A Haunted House."

Patrick Copen, "The Scary Night."

Brianne Dalton, "The Ghost."

Brianna Dunaway, "Fox on the Loose."

Nick Godfrey, "One Night."

Mason Goss, "The Ghost's Bang."

Thomas Griffith, "The House on the Haunted Hill."

Kylie Hahn, "The Light."

Ryleigh Hannah, "The Cemetery."

R'Tiyana Jackson, "Haunted Gym."

Kody Koon, "Wrong Turn."

Abbey Lafatch, "The Last House on the Right."

Hannah McDaniel, "The Mummy, Zombie, and Ghost."

Emily McGee, "The Friends."

Jeffrey Moody, "Left 4 Dead 2."

Jackson Plummer, "Gator Man."

Hannah Sprout, "The Knocking."

Georgia Trus, "A Haunting at L Woodys."

Olivia Van Gorden-Brock, "Hannah Gets Lost."

Le Ward, "Thomas Gets Chased by a Zombie."

Rusty Weaver, "Zombie School."

Tabitha Webb, "Halloween Night."

Logan Adams, "Big Spider."

Devin Andermanis, "Story Imagination."

Nathan Bradford, "Big Squirrel Seeing If I Was a Big Nut."

Sarah Davis, "Halloween Night!"

Alyssa Deeter, "The Scary Scarecrow."

Madison Harrington, "Spooky Story."

Kandace Johnson, "The Vampire."

Savannah Knotts, "The Hunters Die."

Corey Koon, "The Spooky Story."

Katie Larimer, "The Haunted House."

Maggie Mahoney, "Tornadoes."

Braden McElroy, "Spooky-Story."

Bailey Miller, "The Camping Trip."

Kyanna Ray, "The Little Boy Who Came Alive."

Matthew Reid, "The Boy and the Bat."

Hannah Smith, "The Scary House."

Mary Ann Tanner, "Who Is She?"

Christopher Weaver, "The Super-Haunted House."

Jeremiah Weaver, "The Haunted House."

Lawrence Elementary School

Emily Beaver, "The Pumpkin Patch."

Mary Bunner, "Camp Scare."

Levi Cox, "The Four Boys Walking From School."

Corby Curtis, "Two Boys with a Chainsaw and a Gun."

Hayden Miller, "The Guy with a Gun."

Wade Smitley, "The Werewolf in the Night of the Howl."

Jacob Thomas, "The Halloween Guns."

St. Mary School

Braedon Ayers, "The Haunted Pumpkin."

Logan Ayers, "The Blood Diamond."

Ainsley Betz, "The Deadly Monster."

Clay Dexter, "The Old Indian Cave."


Garret Donahue, "The Spells and Potions."

Jacob Falter, "Zombie vs. Zombie."

Emma Gardner, "One Howling Night."

Nyla Harmon, "The Haunted Castle."

Madeline Huffman, "Henry and His Spooky Vacation."

Victoria Humphrey, "Growing Up Creepy in College."

Zuly Marquez, "The Haunted Bathroom."

Elisa Masselli, "The Ghostlong's Story."

Calum McGuinness, "Attack of the Zombie."

Helena Nayak, "The House."

Bailey Owens, "The Boy Named David."

Emma Pfeiffer, "Attack of the Jack-O-Lantern."

Carli Robertson, "Halloween is Here."

Brett Saffell, "The Spookiest House Ever."

Natalie Tomasch, "The Haunted Castle."

Clara Voogt, "The Suck Up."

Jackson Wesel, "The Hamster Army vs. The Mummy Emperor."

Salem-Liberty Elementary School

Cole Shafer, "The Knock."

Jack Zalmanek, "A Very Big Mystery."

Jack McElroy, "The Werewolf Ghost."

Mahela Mankins, "All Hallows Eve."

Dylan Kirkbride, "Halloween Rally."

Stephanie Camden, "Graveyard on Halloween Night."

Mitchell Carpenter, "Rally on Halloween."

Jakob Carpenter, "The Scary Woods."

David Ritchie, "One Spooky Night."

Phillips Elementary School

Eerie McKitrick, "Home Alone."

Jacob Cline, "The Haunted Farm."

Taylor Clum, "The Haunted House."

Peyton Williams, "The Graveyard."

Noah Curry, "Lost in the Woods."

Jaidyn Dearth, "One Night I Saw a Ghost."

Bella Hughes, "The Evil Vampire."

Payten Dye, "The Ghost Who Haunts the School."

Emily Baldwin, "A Dead Doctor."

Bethanie Brooks, "Vampire."

Charles Walker, "The Zombie."

Alec Howell, "The Zombie."

Liz Neill, "All About Werewolf."

Justin Thompson, "The Ghost Attack."

Reed McKinney, "The Halloween Nightmares."

Kobe Nicholson, "The Car."

Lacey Hays, "Ghost Red Eyes."

Peter Thomas, "Ducky Killer."

Brandon Wright, "Zombies on Halloween."

Brooke Copenhaver, "The Vampire."

St. John Central Grade School

Collin Bauerbach, "Haunted House."

Ethan Brooker, "Flashers Dashers."

Lindsay Heiss, "The Scary, Bad Haunted House."

Maggie Huffman, "The Haunted Places."

Brooke Pottmeyer, "Ghost Gashers."

Zachary Raines, "The Scary Zombies."

Christian Schwendeman, "The Vampire and Witch."

Dalton Stanley, "Scary Store."

Caldwell Elementary

Darion Baker, "The Haunted House."

Alexandra Greenhoe, "The Weird Guy."

Drew DeLong, "The Lost Vampire."

Britney Clark, "A Haunted House on Lake Street."

Shenandoah Elementary

Kameron Colebank, "The Creepy Castle."

Natasha Carpenter, "Trick or Treating."

Lorrin Wiley, "The Girl in the Haunted House."

Amanda Shock, "The Spooks."

Sara Canter, "The Jack O'lanterns."

Felicity Craft, "Bear Attack."

Matthew McClay, "The Crazy Chicken."

Monica Griffin, "The Three Witches."

Katelin Griffitts, "Halloween."

Dalton Boyd, "Dalton's Mansion."

Lindy Reasoner, "The Zombie Bride."

Jason Flaitz, "My Dog."

Cheyenne Kirk, "The Trap."

Katelyn Turner, "The Haunted Castle."

Alex Meade, "The Three Monsters."

Maximos Danaher, "The Trip."

Gage Reed, "The Trail."

Lane Eschman, "The Haunted Mansion."

Kaydene Adkins, "The Kittens That Didn't Listen."

Bryce Wallace, "The Haunted Mansion."

Hunter Wallace, "In a Graveyard."

Edynn Roberts, "Halloween Night."

Mya Stahl, "The Porch light -Mare."

Ashlee Fry, "The Big Mansion."

Easton Hitchens, "Mario's Trip."

Hunter Watson, "One Scary Night."

Autumn Phillips, "The Halloween Night."

Lindsey Thompson, "The Spooky Night."

Skyler Porter, "The Ghost Attack."

Raegan Flood, "The Ghost."

Whitney Dixon, "The Spooky Night."

Branson Van Fleet, "The Chase of the Werewolf Zombie."

Ryan Bartoe, "Halloween."

Olivia Zalar, "The Spooky Graveyard."

Kade Varhola, "Help Me."

Madison McVicker, "The Candy Haunted House."

Briggs Schafer, "The Haunted Mansion."

Madison Schafer, "The Living Dead."

Beverly-Center Elementary

Gilly Baker, "One Scary Night."

Payton Brooker, "The Scariest Story."

Amanda Cooper, "A Creepy Day In The Grave."

Quentin Doak, "A Scary Story."

Kaylee Fraley, "My Scary Story."

Zane Greenleaf, "The Scary Night."

Camden Huck, "My Spooky Tale."

Chazmin Powell, "Dreaming Of Ghost."

Brady Schilling, "What I Dream Comes To Life."

Kadin Six, "Happy Halloween, Or Is It?"

Maddie Webb, "The Big Chase."

Zach Wilson, "Left 4 Dead."



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