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Faith and religious beliefs are a light to guide

June 14, 2012
The Marietta Times

In response to several recent writers' letters opposing gay marriage and questioning where to draw the line, a marriage is a binding and legally recognized commitment and joining of two informed, consenting adults. That's the line. To view legalizing gay marriage as a "gateway" to legalizing pedophilia or necromancers is an insult to intelligence and common sense. (By the way, a necromancer is a magician who tells the future by conjuring up spirits. If people really could see the future, how many would still get married?) To label members of our society who do not favor banning gay marriage as unrighteous or intolerant of "Bible believing Christians" is reactionary, judgmental and divisive. Look at human history, up until recently, marriage was only between a man and a woman, and for countless generations there have been plenty of these straight "normal" couples who've made a mockery of it. Even people in the Bible. Homosexuality in no way impedes heterosexuality, and gay marriage doesn't affect straight marriage, but legislation to minimize or take away an informed, consenting adult's right to be married hurts everyone. Faith and religious beliefs are a light to guide our lives and should be a way to teach by example, not a shield to hide our prejudices or a club to browbeat others who don't share your views.



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