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Jarring experience for resident

July 14, 2012
Barbara Stewart , The Marietta Times

Well, the city of Marietta has had its first taste of how little the companies who are coming here to drill our land and extract our gas and oil care about us. On Monday, June 9, I was sitting in my kitchen contemplating a rare day off from the business I own with my husband. The house started shaking as though a convoy of heavily-laden coal trucks had passed by. I've lived on a double truck route (Ohio 60 and Ohio 7) for 20 years, so I know what a truck vibration feels like. During the next 20 minutes, the intensity of the vibrations escalated, even as it waxed and waned. I was convinced that we were having earth tremors. I stood underneath the door header, waiting for them to abate. Finally, all hell broke loose. Every glass pane in my house was rattling at top volume. At the same time a coffee cup and screwdriver vibrated off my kitchen counter (my counter has a 1/8-inch lip, so this is no easy task). The coffee cup smashed and cut my foot. I had been standing under the door header in the kitchen, but decided that I had to get out of the house as I was convinced that I was about to be buried in brick and plaster. I burst out the front door and looked towards the intersection of Third and Washington, which is about 125 feet from my front door. There was a wall of giant gleaming white trucks all hooked together with discs protruding from their bellies, vibrating the ground. I stared in disbelief - this madness was being caused by other human beings? I was immediately furious. I ran to the intersection where traffic was backed up both ways waving my arms like a mad woman. The drivers high above me with their dark glasses looked straight ahead and wouldn't even look down at me, the flaggers ignored me. The one Ohio State trooper sitting in the middle of the intersection said that she knew nothing except that they were doing this to all the state routes in Ohio. At that moment, having been convinced just a few minutes earlier that I was about to die, I felt like I had been transported to a different world, one where all the rules have changed.



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