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Hope for real change on Election Day, Nov. 6

October 25, 2012
The Marietta Times

Kindly allow this rejuvenated old geezer to share a few observations before we vote. By election day, we will have had about three years and 10 months of President Obama's "Hopey and Changey Thinghy." During this period, we've seen our grand old republic morph into pure ineptocracy. How's this worked out? Let me count the way: $16 trillion in debt; gestapo-like regulatory commissions that have run amok; foreign policy in shambles or non-existent; a justice department that knows no justice; a mishandling and curtailing of our military might that is an embarrassment; an energy policy that stifles economic growth and increases consumer prices; a war on terror that ain't (Muslim killers never brought to trial); a war on Christian values and the traditional family as we've known it; Obamacare that drives away doctors and creates "death panels" to "ration" health care; turning our space program over to Russia and China; funding our government with monies borrowed from the Chinese; record number of food stamp recipients, unemployed numbers, and illegal immigrants on welfare; stimulus programs that are like pouring sand down a rat hole; absolutely no respect for the U.S. Constitution, American exceptionalism, nor the unborn; political correctness, tolerance, and diversity have replaced common sense, morality, ethics, and just doing the right thing; etc., etc., etc. Come Nov. 6, I, for one, do indeed Hope For Change! May heavenly Father shower his blessings upon this great nation, and see us through these trying times.



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