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Guards at the gate honor veterans by stepping aside

November 16, 2013
The Marietta Times

In America we take many things for granted. Like those who have served our country bravely. In Washington, D.C., veterans rallied during the recent government shutdown. Popular media portrayed them as a few disgruntled white southern Tea Party hacks that were led by some polarizing political figures. Yet the truth is far from that. Sure, those polarizing figures as well as other prominent conservative voices participated, but the truth is that real, live American veterans, young, old, black, white, stood to be heard. But they are not honored with respect. They are not honored with acknowledgment. They are not honored with allowing to see their monuments. America shunned the veterans then. Our politicians did nothing to bow to the will of veterans who simply wish to honor their own, and expect a little honor in return. "No," is what D.C. said to them. "You march here, but none of this is yours. Your service was futile then, and even today you will not be heard." Yet that did not stop those vets. Trudging along those gray streets of Washington, across the Mall and to the White House, barricades that had blockaded those vets' monuments were piled peacefully before the peoples House; Where an executive continues to hide behind his titles and tinted windows, away from the veterans from then and now that came to stand; Futilely asking and petitioning their government to relinquish their forced shutter of the American facades that display the bravery of the costly wars and expeditions that led to an empire that was always involved and required service; Both voluntarily and involuntarily of the souls who died in payment for that empire to exist and grow.



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