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State politics

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86 days ago.
by Ohwiseone
What do union members make?

Posts: 73 - In this forum we'll disclose how much money state employees who oppose SB5 and other union reforms earn. Relax, it's all public information.

90 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

Posts: 47 - YOu will able to vote yes on SB2 as early as next Tuesday.

365 days ago.
by BobBarker
Chamber Viewpoint: Some important things to remember about State Issue 2

Posts: 20 - Business leaders know Ohio's future depends upon a vibrant econom.

653 days ago.
by BeRight
Media fails to report the news about Charlie Wilson

Posts: 1 - I don't remember local media mentioning what anyone can find in the Belmont County public records, that the defendant (Wilson) "kicked and struck" the plaintiff (his former wife).

653 days ago.
by BeRight
Reasons to not vote for Charlie Wilson

Posts: 1 - When Obamacare was being debated, old Charlie disappeared. No town hall meeting like the others were having. He was doing conference calls.

747 days ago.

Posts: 3 - Even with the defeat of the attempt to take congressional district make up out of the hands of the state assembly, does anyone think it is time for the voters to choose the candidates instead of th...